Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Flowers!

Last Friday, I cleaned the house. All day. This is such a rare occurrence that my lovely husband actually bought me flowers. To reward me, I think. He thinks he accidentally stole the vase, but that's another story. And this is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, so I will zip it and let you enjoy the.......


Monday, March 11, 2013

Manicure for Short or Broken Nails!

Hiding the thumb!

Recently, both of my thumb nails broke off painfully short, and after the initial horror subsided, I thought "not going to be able to do any mani's for a while!". But then I thought, why not? I'll adapt. Besides, I didn't want to have to look at my ugly thumb nails in all their short, broken glory. Best I cover them up.

So I clipped them all off relatively short (about end of finger length), so I didn't have a combination of short and long nails, then filed them straight across in a square shape. I filed the broken thumb nails as best I could to at least get an even shape.

You may want to use a nail strengthener/hardener if your nails take ages to grow, or break a lot.

On to colour choice. This is just personal opinion, but if some of my nails are actually shorter than the end of my finger, I don't really want them screaming "Look at me!" in any of the following colour options: black, red, violet, neons, hot pink, white, pastels or basically anything bright, dark, glittery or overly bold. Now is the time for nudes, earthy shades and light, flesh-coloured tones. You want something that is going to give you a polished (ha!) look that is demure and understated. This kind of manicure is also great if you are short on time, because mistakes will not stand out.

Product Used:
Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Yummy Mummy

Missed a bit!


Ugly thumb alert!

Butter London Yummy Mummy

Disclaimer: I won this nail lacquer as a prize a few years ago.

What do you do when your nails break?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

MAX MY MOVIES: February 2013

Here's every film I saw in February. My favourites included 50/50 (with the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Wanderlust (a pleasant surprise despite starring Jennifer Aniston), with the standout being Silver Linings Playbook, which we were lucky enough to see in Gold Class whilst sipping Chivas Regal whisky after I won a particularly fantastic competition!


50/50 - Making a heartfelt comedy about cancer is quite an accomplishment. Emotional, funny, brilliant performances. Bring tissues!

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK: Bradley Cooper gives an impressive performance in this enthralling dramedy about mental illness, however it was Jennifer Lawrence who won an Oscar. I loved it and can't wait to see it again!

MAGIC MIKE - This didn't really do much for me. I was expecting more given the titillating subject matter!

TAKE THIS WALTZ - independent relationship drama, featuring an outstanding performance from the talented Michelle Williams. Seth Rogen is wonderful in a dramatic role. It's a bit depressing, and really left an impact on me.

HARD CANDY - Ellen Page is brilliant as Hayley, the 14 year old girl serving up revenge in a twisted way. Hard to watch, but worth it.

HIT & RUN - Real-life couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard star in this entertaining, fast-paced action/car chase comedy that's ridiculous, over the top and a lot of fun. A guilty pleasure.

WANDERLUST - so much better than the flop I was expecting. Consistently funny, Paul Rudd shows what a great comedic actor he is. Jennifer Aniston's not as annoying as you would expect.

THE PROPOSAL - Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds romcom that's completely predictable. I basically spent the whole movie marvelling at Sandra's amazing hair.

COSMOPOLIS - annoying, pretentious, non-sensical dialogue-driven mindfuck that only becomes watchable when Paul Giamatti appears in the last half hour. And this is from a diehard Robert Pattinson fan!

BERNIE - Jack Black is wonderful in this intriguing real-life story. Hubby said this movie reminds him of me: a lot of talking, yet takes forever to get to the point. Ha!

ATTACK THE BLOCK - blah, not really my cup of tea. Funnily enough, I was BLOCKED by Nick Frost (he's in this movie) after he thought I ATTACKED him on Twitter. hehe.

SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD - poignant, engaging and kind of depressing, as you'd expect given the apocalyptic theme. Steve Carell is so likeable. Seriously.

MOONRISE KINGDOM - quirky and endearing romantic comedy about two enamoured 12 year olds who run away together, sparking a massive search. I quite enjoyed this eccentric tale, despite sometimes feeling it was weird just for the sake of being weird. Props for originality, though!

Moonrise Kingdom

What's the best (or worst!) movie you saw last month?