Monday, August 8, 2022

ColourPop Haul!


Hi guys! I'm so excited to finally have bought some ColourPop goodies, as I've been wanting to try their famous Super Shock Shadows for the longest time! They recently (and by recently I mean late May! - it took about six weeks for my CP parcel to arrive here from America lol) had a free shipping offer so I jumped at the opportunity to snap up some new makeup. Let's take a look at what I got:

Lippie Stix lipstick in the shade Parker, a matte, mid-tone warm nude. I'm always going to gravitate towards nude colours for the lips. I do prefer a creamier finish, so let's hope this isn't too matte for me. The website says the formula is long-wearing, delivers one swipe pigmentation and is 'creamy af'; it contains vitamin E, mango, avocado and shea butter, so fingers crossed I love it!

Super Shock Blush in the shade 360 Degrees. Actually it's 360 with the little degrees sign after it but there isn't one on my keyboard lol. This is a soft hot pink shade that I just couldn't resist. It's a creme to powder formula that has a bouncy texture. Exciting!

Super Shock Shadows. Here we go! I went moderately crazy and bought five shadows in the shades Party of Five, Aster, Kale Yeah, Low 70's and 2nite. It was so hard to narrow my selections down to just a few as there were so many really pretty colours! Luckily they are quite affordable, and I thought while there's free shipping I may as well get a bunch. Who know if or when I'll order ColourPop again!

Party of Five: warm burgundy with a ton of multi-coloured duochrome glitter on top

Aster: a metallic peachy taupe with silver pin points for fresh looks

Kale Yeah: metallic turquoise with a gold duochrome finish

Low 70's: dazzling metallic warm pink rose gold

2nite: bold burnt red with silver, gold and pink pin points

Do you have any ColoupPop? Which shade takes your fancy?

Monday, April 11, 2022

Oh Deer Sugar Haul!


Hi guys! Today's post is just a quick one (edit - turned out longer than I anticipated lol) to show you my recent haul from Oh Deer Sugar. I used to love going into their Adelaide store in Regent Arcade in the city, and smelling all their gorgeous products in person, but they've since moved interstate, so online ordering it is!

Oh Deer Sugar are the 'first non-edible bakery' and make divine smelling bath and body products such as bath bombs, crumbles, soaks and bubblebaths, and body scrubs, washes and shower steamers. Their products are really fun, such as the delightful waffle and donut bath bombs and the chocolate block soaps.

However my all-time favourite ODS products are the Soda Pop Body Scrubs and the Shower Moose Body Washes. Let's take a look at what I ordered!

Popcorn Soda Pop Body Scrub (250ml) $24.50

From the website: Smells like 'fresh hot popcorn sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled with rich caramel sauce (new scent)'

This indeed smells exactly like hot buttered popcorn. I don't know how they nail these scents, but oh boy, this smells amazing! I love the texture of the soda pop body scrubs. They also make straight up body scrub from sugar crystals and almond or coconut flour that's a dry mix and more abrasive, but I always gravitate towards the soda pop scrubs, as they have a more whipped, foamy texture that still gives a good exfoliation effect.

Some of the other Soda Pop Body Scrubs I've tried and enjoyed are the multi-coloured Love Is Love (smells like candy, rainbows and equality, lol) and the delicious cocktail inspired Pina Colada. I've also used several ODS Scrubs, but I don't like the texture as much.

Ocean Eyes Shower Moose Body Wash (100ml) $16.00

From the website: Smells like 'botanical sage and ocean waves.'

You can get these products in 250ml or 100ml; for the two shower mooses (intentional spelling, because it's Oh DEER Sugar) I opted for the smaller sizes because then I can try two different products instead of one big one, haha.

This is a gorgeous blue shade and smells really fresh and clean. It does remind me of the beach. I can't wait to try it and get the full ocean experience. Some of the other Mooses I've tried and would recommend (if they indeed still make these varieties!) are: Rose & Passionfruit, Peachy Keen and Confetti Fawn.

Lemon, Lime & Bitters Shower Moose Body Wash (100ml) $16.00

There's no fragrance description on the website for this one. But I can tell you it smells so good! It's a lovely pinky orange colour. I forgot to say ODS products are handcrafted, vegan and cruelty free. I'll give you a How To Use from the website instead:


They also included a little free sample in with my order, a small pack of Mylk Bath.

Which one of these takes your fancy?

Monday, January 31, 2022

Nail Polish Declutter


Hi guys! In my ongoing efforts to declutter the house and reduce my possessions, I have embarked on (and completed!) an epic nail polish declutter. Do you like numbers? I do not like numbers, but nevertheless, here are some fun digits for you:

Number of nail polishes I owned pre-declutter: 340

Number of nail polishes I binned outright: 21

Number of nail polishes I'm getting rid of: 128

Number of nail polishes I'm keeping: 191 (lol, send help). Half of them are photographed below.....

Do I need 191 different bottles of nail polish? I mean, probably not. Maybe I'll go through my collection again and be a bit more strict at some point, but for now, I am done with this.

Here are the ones I binned outright....

The 21 I threw out were completely stuffed, like either super old, smelled off or really thick and just unusable. The 128 I'm getting rid of are still OK, they are just not my cup of tea. LOL imagine having 128 nail polishes that are not your jam. That's a lot. I don't know whether to bundle these in groups of 10 and sell them or just throw them out too. It's hard to know what to do because some are new, some are used, they're all variously aged, etc.

Anyway, I'm glad I decluttered my collection. I've come to realise that reds, dark shades and pretty hot pinks are my favourite shades, going by what I've kept. And that I have a lot of weird arse shit to get rid of, lol. Although I am keeping a few nudes, neutrals and light pinks because they don't require as much time and precision when applying. I need something for when I'm short on time!

Tell me in the comments, how do you store your nail polish collection? Just in a box? Is there a nice way to display the bottles? I'm open to suggestions!