Sunday, March 26, 2017

LUSH Limited Edition Easter Collection!

Lush lovers, beauty fans and humans of the world rejoice, because Lush have released their Limited Edition 2017 Easter Collection! The fragrances are next level, the products are fun and very eggs-citing! You can hop in-store (or online!) and pick up these cruelty-free Easter goodies until April 17. I was kindly sent a selection from the range, so let's get cracking!

Chocolate Easter Egg Soap*

'Rich creamy chocolate entwines with comforting, sweet vanilla and zesty citrus oils to create a feast of cleansing conditioning suds.'

It's pretty hard not to love a soap based on chocolate Easter eggs! This bar of Lush goodness is what I call a 'Happy Soap', because it makes me feel joyous when I use it. This is not just me being weird, it actually contains Sicilian Lemon Oil and Grapefruit Oil, ingredients known for their uplifting and refreshing qualities. This is a low lather soap, but the creaminess of the texture makes up for this. The colour is a bold, bright yellow/light orange hue with lime green undertones (I may have too much time on my hands, lol). Now I'd drawn all over myself the first day I trialled Chocolate Easter Egg, and the soap expertly removed a lipstick swatch from my wrist and the words I'd scrawled on my hand as a reminder. I love the glorious smell and the fact that it's creamy yet doesn't wear away super-fast, meaning great value for money. This soap also contains extra virgin coconut oil, vanilla absolute and vegan white chocolate.

Bunch Of Carrots Re-Usable Bubble Bar*

'Swish and swash this heritage bunch of bubble-makers for a mood-brightening soak full of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oils, and when you’re done pop it somewhere dry and safe ready to use again and again.'

I loved using this colourful Bunch Of Carrots, so much so that I used a bit off the end of each carrot, just to see what the bath water would do. I ran the pink carrot under hot water first and watched in delight as the bath water turned pink and lots of bubbles formed. Then I switched to the purple carrot, but the colour didn't really change like I thought it would. Lastly, I ran the orange carrot tail under the water and saw the water change to a slightly orange hue. I probably should have just used one carrot, but curiosity got the better of me! I've used about a third of each carrot, so I'll probably get at least three bubblebaths from my bunch, considering I used the narrow ends. It's so handy that you just leave your carrots out to dry and you can use them again. Another great value for money Easter treat, especially if you have kids or enjoy a bubblebath!

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt*

'Shimmeringly sensual, this sweet wild orange and cocoa butter jewel is the only chocolate fix you should set your heart on. Indulge your skin in a super-softening, skin-loving soak that's rich with luxurious butters, oils and lustre.'

I haven't had a chance to use this one yet, but I can tell you it's next level glittery! When you pick this up, you'll be covered in pretty gold glitter and shimmering like a queen! I actually just like rubbing it on myself and marvelling at my gold, shiny skin, lol. It smells absolutely amazing and I can't wait to indulge in a relaxing Golden Egg bath!

Chocolate Lip Scrub*

'Chocolate orange lingers on lips with this deliciously sugary scrub. Satisfy chocoholic cravings with dark chocolate, cocoa absolute and cocoa powder, just don't feel obliged to share. Tangerine and sweet orange oils mingle to give a juicy kick and leave your lips refreshed.'

This delicious lip scrub smells and tastes like Jaffas! If you're a fan of orange chocolate, you'll want to grab a pot of this. Ever eaten a Terry's Chocolate Orange Ball or tried the new Cadbury Orange Twirl? This scrub will take you straight there. This lip scrub is on a par with Lush Sugar Plum Fairy (reviewed here) and Mint Juleps for me. It leaves your lips super-smooth and free of dry skin, lumps and bumps. The perfect lip preparation for matte and long-wearing lipsticks and a great exfoliant for your pucker! It's also completely edible if you get hungry and eat a fingerful happen to accidentally get some in your mouth. This is such a fun product and one I'd highly recommend to chocoholics!

Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb*

'This sweet and zingy bomb is full of surprises, as well as comforting tonka absolute and refreshing bergamot oil to add a little spring to your step.'

This is a three-part bath bomb in the form of an egg that opens to reveal a cute little chicken! Although the inner surprise actually looks like it's stamped with a rabbit imprint, so I'm confused as to what it is. The important thing is that this is quite a large bath bomb that you could get at least two uses out of. I haven't used mine yet, as I'm saving this one for Easter weekend! The scent is fresh, zingy and citrusy, with sweet tonka, uplifting and cleansing bergamot oil, tangerine lustre and delicious vegan dark chocolate!

A number of Gifts are also available, such as the Bundle Of Fun and Golden Egg Gifts. There's also Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel and a super-cute Flopsy Face Wash Jelly which looks like a lot of fun, along with the Which Came First? Bath Bomb.

Click here to check out the full Lush Easter range, available in-store and online until April 17.

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Disclaimer: Products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post, links are for information purposes only. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

What's your favourite product from the Lush Easter collection?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Haul!

I don't even know where to begin with this. I had a rough wish list in my iPhone Notes and I got everything on that wish list and then some. LOL. Actually the only thing I didn't get were a few Bourjois Lip Velvets in shades other than the two I own, but after dropping an astonishing $160 (say WHAT?) I exited the store with my tail between my legs in shock and immediately forget about those lip velvets. I actually stopped and checked my receipt, for surely they had made a mistake, but no, everything was indeed discounted, I just vastly underestimated what my total would come to. 40% off is pretty much 50% off when you're as bad at maths as I, so I was just halving everything. Then I got sick of doing that and just stopped adding shit up in favour of putting pretty makeup in my basket, haha. Anyway, I was actually mortified that I spent $160 and felt sick for a good ten minutes afterwards. (During those ten minutes I went to the newsagent and dropped $10 on the latest Elle Magazine to get the free Benefit GWP, lol). Whilst at Priceline I also bought a few things for an upcoming Giveaway but I'm not posting them here, because I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Revlon Colorstay Makeup in Combination/Oily (110 Ivory) ~ repurchase of staple
L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Longwear Foundation (10 Porcelain) ~ excited to try this hyped base!
Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder (Light Beige) ~ second purchase of this, love it!
Australis Banana Powder ~ will be using this under my eyes to brighten dark circles

Australis Metallix Eyeshadow (Gold Gaga) ~ aah so pretty! If Guns n Roses wasn't sold out I would have got that too!
Essie Nail Lacquer (Play Date) ~ love this shade!
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (244 Mauve-olous) ~ had to have it.
Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener Treatment (not pictured, oops) ~ cheap as chips and my nails need it.

Natio Lip Colour (Flame) ~ I don't know why I got this, my mind was glazed over at this point.
Essence Lipliner (Honey Berry) ~ these are so cheap and so good!
Essence Lipliner (Femme Fatale) ~ as above
Maybelline Color Jolt (Orange Outburst) ~needed to try these newbies!
Maybelline Color Jolt (Berry Naughty) ~ this shade spoke to me (it said 'BUY ME!')
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Amsterdam) ~ "Vincent Vega's in the house! Our man in Amsterdam!"
NYX Intense Butter Gloss 3 Piece Set (Pink Macaroon, Summer Fruit, Cherry Custard) ~ love these and had to add to my collection. So happy to see a trio pack!

That's it, excluding the stuff I bought for a Giveaway! Safe to say I went a little overboard. Did you exercise restraint, skip this sale or go bat-shit crazy like me? Let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Favourites!

It's time for another round of Beauty Favourites, and I honestly feel like I don't write enough of these posts? Like I'm not going to start posting my favourites weekly (lol) but maybe I should blog them monthly? I do try a lot of things, so there's a vast garden of ripe fruits from which to pluck my juicy picks of the bunch. OK, this is getting weird, let's start!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet in 09
I won this as part of a Bourjois makeup prize in the recent Beauty Crew Birthday Giveaway, and even though I'd heard about these hyped up lip velvets, I'd never actually tried one. It took all of one swipe for me to confirm that the hype is indeed justified. The formula and texture of this liquid matte lip colour are amazing. It is so light and soft on the lips, yet it's full of pigment. So we have high colour payoff combined with an extremely comfortable to wear formula, that glides on effortlessly and has a long-wearing matte finish. Luckily I enjoy the colour I received, but at the same time, I'll definitely be snapping up a few more shades at the Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Sale (22nd and 23rd of March)!

Amie Petal Perfect Gently Cleansing Micellar Water*
I've been using this nightly to remove my makeup after receiving a duo of Amie skincare to trial, and the more I use it, the more I like it! I love that it's 'naturally kind' skincare, full of naturally-derived plant extracts and completely free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and pertrochemicals. It contains rose petal and argan oil extracts and smells so lovely, it's a real pleasure to use. My skin is left clean, soft and refreshed. This is an inexpensive Micellar Water that does a great job, and something I'd happily recommend.

Oh Deer Sugar (Oh) Peachy Keen Shower Moose
I love love love the texture and fragrance of these shower mooses (deliberately misspelt!) by Oh Deer Sugar. You can read my review of the delicious Rose & Passionfruit Shower Moose in my September Favourites post. I honestly thought nothing could compare to that amazing moussey delight, but the peaches and cream product is freaking brilliant. Think soft, whipped, mousse-like, fluffy af goodness that melts into your skin and lathers up luxuriously, whilst filling your nostrils with the gorgeous aroma of fruity peaches and sweet cream. I'm seriously in love and need to try all of the scents available!

Redken Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo & Conditioner*
It's amazing the difference good quality haircare products can make. I jumped at the chance to try this duo when I got the press release, because I'm always on the look out for volume-creating products for my fine, flat locks. As it stands, I already have quite an array of body builders (not that type!) in my arsenal; from thickening foams, root boost juice and extra volume dry shampoo to volumising spray and thickening treatment serums. And more, lol. But the Redken shampoo and conditioner set impressed me from the get-go, smelling delightful, providing a good lather and leaving my hair soft and healthy-looking. Weirdly, the conditioner is clear, which I don't come across often, but it did an amazing job on my hair, so the colour of it is inconsequential. During trialling, I used all my other products as usual, and only switched my shampoo and conditioner. So I scrunched through my thickening foam and blow-dried whilst scrunching as I usually would, and am pleased to say I did get bouncy waves and volume! I will definitely continue to use these products as I love the results I'm getting.

PuraSonic VIVA
I've been wanting to try a facial cleansing device for quite some time, but there are so many on the market now, it's hard to know which one to get! Well it turns out I didn't have to decide, because I won this little white baby from an Instagram Giveaway. This is so easy to use! It even came already charged up, and I haven't had to recharge it myself yet! I simply dab my cleanser of choice on my face, turn the PuraSonic VIVA on, and it literally does all the work for me. It fits easily into my hand, and it feels so nice when the brush-head is vibrating, giving my skin a much deeper clean than my fingers ever could. I don't know if you're supposed to exfoliate with it as well, but I did (but not for long, and gently!). My skin looked and felt amazing after the first go; it was so smooth and it felt cleaner than it had in ages. This also reduces the size of pores and decreases the appearance of fine lines. I am loving my new cleansing buddy!

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette*
You know when you forget you have something, then re-discover it and are wowwed by it? That's what happened with this gorgeous rose gold palette! I was sent this along with some other Rimmel makeup a while back, and have just recently started using it again. This is in the shade Coral Glow, and I'm deadset reaching for the blush every week day lately! I'm also using the highlighter, but not as frequently as the flattering blush. I really love that you can build the colour up and it blends like a dream. I actually put some contour underneath, blend that out, then put the blush over the top, then blend again. If I can be stuffed have time I'll go in with some highlight on my cheekbones. So glad I've given this multi-tasking palette another go! You can read my original review of it here.

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Disclaimer: Products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post, links are for information purposes only. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Do you love any of these products? What are you loving this month?