Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mani: Rimmel Port-A-Loo Blue + #Truthbombs Galore

Hi guys! Today I'll be dropping #truthbombs left, right and centre. You will know each one is a truth bomb by the handy #truthbomb hashtag immediately following each nugget of truth. Firstly, I am experiencing exactly zero motivation to blog lately (#truthbomb). You may have noticed posts have been a tad on the light side, and that's why. I don't know where my desire has gone or when it will return. I'm definitely not throwing in the towel though! We've also just started two weeks of school holidays here in SA, so there will be less time to blog, even if the desire strikes.

I picked this Mani post to write because it's the quickest thing I can blog about and I was starting to feel guilty about not blogging enough and honestly just wanted to 'get a post up' (#truthbomb). I picked this particular shade of polish because I knew I already had a few photos I'd taken recently of when I'd painted my nails with it but couldn't be stuffed blogging it. (#truthbomb). So basically I found some photos I could use of this shade from a few weeks ago, then painted my nails with it afterwards to match (#truthbomb). I did take a few new photos of my mani though, to add to the post.

Now hold on to your knickers, because I'm about to blow your mind with the biggest #truthbomb of all! Not everything is perfect when it comes to beauty blogging. Insane, right? Everything looks perfect on Instagram with the perfect angle, the clear-cut focus, the gorgeous colour, the perfect highlight, the perfect everything. Well those photos have usually been edited to within an inch of their four-squared lives. Case in point: I totally stuffed up and smudged one of my nails during this mani (#truthbomb). And normally I wouldn't show the stuff-up, but you know what? Fuck it. Let's keep it real, this shit happens. You just normally don't see it. I now wish I'd gone 100% rogue and not even edited these photos so you could see what they look like in real life, but I'm a creature of habit and I'd already edited them before I decided how truthbomby I'd get. Besides, I need something perfect to post on Instagram, right?

Products Used:
Sally Hansen Diamond Shine (two coats, 1 base + 1 top)
Rimmel Port-A-Loo Blue from the Rita Ora collection (1 coat)

Stuffed up my pinky nail!
My attempt to fix it

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