Monday, May 21, 2018

NEW SHADES in the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Range!*

Hi guys! Today I'll be featuring some of the exciting new shades that Sally Hansen have released in their Color Therapy range! I've been sent eight beautiful shades that range from nude to perfect-for-Autumn deep wine red, with a bit of sparkle thrown into the mix too! The Sally Hansen Color Therapy formula is billed as colour that 'cares while you wear', because it contains nourishing argan oil that moisturises so your nails can become healthier whilst still looking fabulous!

The new shades are:

~ 210 Re-Nude
~ 192 Sunrise Salutation
~ 150 Steely Serene
~ 194 Burnished Bronze
~ 142 In My Element
~ 370 Unwine'd
~ 402 Plum Euphoria
~ 372 Wine Therapy

Now I do love these nail polishes, from the formula to the colour range and even the design of the brush (nice and flat for ease of application) so much so that I included them in last year's Mother's Day Gift Guide. So far I've worn three shades out of this new lot; Sunrise Salutation, Burnished Bronze and my absolute favourite, Unwine'd. Let's take a look!

Sunrise Salutation
Burnished Bronze


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Disclaimer: *All products were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Are these shades your cup of tea? Are you a fan of Sally Hansen nail polish?


  1. Unwine'd looks absolutely stunning on your nails! You've inspired me to wear this shade next too!

  2. Ooh Sunrise Salutation looks lovely! I really should stop buying nail polish though.... one day!
    Ebony x

  3. Sally Hansen always come out with such great shades! I love the nudes!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I love the formula and the shade Steely Serene is my fave.

    Amy | Her Quarters

  5. I have all these they are so amazing!! I have tried two and have been super impressed. Usually nail polish chips for me but these are fab

    1. Mine usually chips too - I have been using top coat lately and it makes such a difference!

  6. The shades are stunning, and the application looks so good! I think Sunrise Salutation looks gorgeous but so do the red tone nail polishes.

  7. I love the dark red shades. Sally Hansen was my favourite polish brand when I was young.

    1. I think it might be my favourite brand of nail polish!

  8. What a beautiful collection, really loving the collection of shades.

  9. They always look so enticing! Your photos do them great justice.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 21/52. Next week's optional prompt is "How Did My Blog Start"

  10. that red shade is truly stunning! I personally would go for more nude shades :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  11. I don't buy too much nail polish to be honest Di (I probably should, I never paint them and they end up looking gross because you can see every time bit of dirt when they're not painted) but these have me drooling. I am legit obsessed with Sunrise Salutation on you, as it really compliments your skintone! x I need to pick some of these up, thanks for an impeccable review as usual Di! x
    Marina Rosie x


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