Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Restaurant Review: Jamie's Italian

Hello guys! Recently, hubby had a week of holidays to coincide with our son's three day soccer clinic, so we used the time to explore the city's gardens, Glenelg and of course, go to some restaurants for lunch! This is roughly our fourth visit to Jamie's Italian, the restaurant chain of popular UK chef Jamie Oliver, and here's what we thought of it this time!

We always get the Homemade Lemonade and Lime Bitters (containing fresh lemon juice, lime juice & gomme syrup) when we come to Jamie's Italian. It's just a ritual we have and it helps that they are very tangy and refreshing to drink!

We ordered the SuperLunch offer of three courses from a special selection for $30 per person, which is pretty great value for money. For Starters, I had the Truffle Tagliatelle. This is described on the menu as 'Our famous handmade pasta served in a luxurious, silky black truffle butter with aged Parmesan, nutmeg & more shaved black truffle.' I thought this pasta dish was absolutely delicious and I was also pleasantly surprised by the generous portion size, as I was expecting a much smaller amount for a starter. I'd definitely order this creamy, perfectly cooked pasta again!
Hubby ordered the Tomato Bruschetta, described on the menu as 'Slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, whipped ricotta, basil & extra virgin olive oil.' He thought it was OK, but perhaps was overpowered by too much ricotta cheese.

It took a really long time for our mains to arrive, and quite frankly, they didn't seem put together with as much care as our Starters. I was underwhelmed with the look of mine and didn't even bother taking photos, as it didn't look great. I ordered the Gennaro's Chicken Club, described on the menu as 'A soft seeded bun stuffed with chargrilled, marinated free-range chicken, mortadella, spicy ‘nduja mayo, fontal cheese, tomato & rocket.' My main complaint; the piece of chicken in the bun was quite small, and calling it chargrilled is putting it nicely. When the underside is black and the main taste is 'burnt' it's taking 'chargrilled' to another (not so pleasant) level.
Hubby ordered the Fish Of The Day, which is a responsibly sourced market special that changes daily. When we dined, it was barramundi, which he thought was unevenly cooked, as some bits were firm, some were soft and the flesh colour ranged from grey to white.
The waitress did ask how everything was and when I said 'the chicken is burnt' she did offer to get me a new dish, but I declined as we were running out of time, given how long mains had taken to arrive and the fact we still had dessert to come!

If we thought mains took their merry time to arrive, dessert was either just as long or longer. We were seated at 12 noon, and at 1:50 we had to ask for our plates, as it was taking so long. Anyway, I ordered the Epic Chocolate Brownie, which is 'Rich chocolate sauce, salted caramel gelato & caramelised popcorn' with a square chocolate brownie. I've ordered this before and it's a favourite. It's deliciously chocolatey, the icecream is smooth and creamy and the caramelised popcorn adds a fun, crunchy element that suits the dish perfectly. Recommended!
Hubby ordered the Orange Blossom Polenta Cake which was 'served with whipped crème fraîche, fresh orange & pomegranate.' He said it could have had more flavour, but still this is a super-pretty dish that I'm bummed I didn't get time to photograph, as we were rushing at this point!

The standouts for me were the Truffle Tagliatelle and the Epic Chocolate Brownie. We have had better experiences on our previous visits to Jamie's Italian, but still the SuperLunch is a great deal and this is a fun place to dine. Make sure you check out the toilets, which are set downstairs in the old bank vaults. It's like being in jail!

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Disclaimer: We paid for our own meals and reviews are honest and unbiased. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Have you been to Jamie's Italian in your city? What type of food do you like?

Monday, October 16, 2017

REVIEW: Weleda KIDS 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash*

Hi guys! Today I want to tell you about a new range from Weleda, designed especially for kids, the Weleda KIDS 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash*! I was kindly sent the Happy Orange fragrance for my 10 year old son to try, and he's loving it. To be honest, it's a bit of a struggle to get him into the shower, so anything that's going to make the cleaning and hair-washing process easier gets the tick of approval from me!

I love that this is a multi-tasking product, because that cuts down on time and effort, and just quietly, the barrage of questions being yelled out from the bathroom. "What do I do next?", "Which shampoo do I use?", "Should I use conditioner now?". Kids can use this to wash their bodies and their hair; one tube = less confusion, more speed and less questions for Mum. It's a win win!

We received the Happy Orange fragrance. This is a beautiful citrus scent that's uplifting, refreshing and zingy-smelling (it doesn't make your body tingle though, thank goodness!). I'm really glad we got orange because my son is a big fan and I've always preferred citrus scents over most others. Tangy orange essential oil has been blended with vanilla to create this fruity, happy scent. Alternate fragrances in the KIDS 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash range are Lively Lime and Very Vanilla. In a world full of gender stereotyping, Weleda have strived to make this range gender-neutral, with their coloured packaging and cute animal-themed design featuring pictures of hippos, dolphins and seals that will appeal equally to boys and girls.

The wash is NATRUE-certified natural, cruelty free, vegan-friendly and free from mineral oils, silicones, artificial preservatives and harsh synthetic detergents. The detergents used in this KIDS range are biodegradable, plant-based and made from fermented sugar and coconut oil. Organic sesame oil helps to preserve the skin's natural moisture balance, since it's rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.

The formula is lovely and creamy and perfect for kids. Weleda have used carefully formulated ingredients specifically for kids, as their skin tends to be dry with an underdeveloped barrier function before the age of puberty. I actually can't think of anything negative about this product, which is always a good sign! In Mr 10's own words, he described this Weleda product thusly: "the smell of it is really, really good, like an orange lollipop". Hehe.

This is something I'd recommend if you have kids and are after something that's easy to use, multitasking, and smells nice. It may even make your kids enjoy shower/bath-time more!

Weleda KIDS 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash is RRP$14.95 and available from David Jones, selected health stores, pharmacies and from Weleda's online store.

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Disclaimer: Products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

What's your favourite multi-tasking product?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hints & Tips: Kids Birthday Party Food!

Oh hey everyone! My son turned the big 1-0 recently, and I really can't believe we've hit double digits. Where has the time gone? I thought I'd post about the food I served at his Birthday Party, just because I spent two whole days baking and I want someone to appreciate it, lolol. We have a party for Mr Now-10 every single year, so I am actually learning a few things along the way, that I can pass on and possibly help you out. Here we go! The most important lesson I've learned is....

1. Nobody Actually Gives A Shit
Yeah that's right. I spent a few years stressing and pushing myself and baking 'til 9:30pm on party eve, perfecting things so everything looked beautiful, then noone really noticed my attention to detail or appreciated it. See the photos below for the effort I went to one year FFS.

My son was too fussy to eat them and the kids barely noticed my beautiful tiny teddies in various highly-entertaining situations.  The parents didn't get to see them because most of them dropped off their kids and left straight away. Spending hours meticulously decorating stuff that will get destroyed in three seconds flat is an exercise in futility, and kids are just as happy with this (see below photo) which is what I went with this year. This is packet mix from a box, using the packet icing (I used to make my own from scratch HAHAHA), simply decorated. Which brings me to...

2. Chocolate Everything
Chocolate will always be a hit. My son suggested two batches of chocolate cupcakes but for some reason I insisted on one chocolate and one vanilla. The vanilla ones were decorated with green icing (I let my son put the colouring in) and M&Ms. Again, simple and fairly quick to do. Kids know best. The chocolate ones were demolished and I think someone took pity on me and ate one green cupcake. Needless to say we had leftover green cuppies for days!

3. Rocky Road Is A No-Brainer
I always make rocky road for my son's Parties. He loves it, it's quick and easy to make and it takes so little effort I can easily do two batches. I do a kid-friendly version that doesn't have nuts or coconut; if you're wondering about the recipe I follow this Planning With Kids one. I prefer to use the large pink and white marshmallows and cut them in half. This time I forgot, but usually I swap the M&Ms for Clinkers, which tastes far better. I just fill a large Glad Bag with Clinkers, pushing out any air, seal it then smash them up a bit with a rolling pin to expose the colours. I still got compliments on my rocky road though, so that was great to hear!

4. Jelly Shots Will Be Popular
I'm not talking vodka jelly shots, although they would be popular, but probably more so with the parents, haha. These are just basically different flavoured jellies set into these little plastic hors d'oeuvre spoons I got from a cheap shop. I've served them before and they were so popular I decided to do them again, because they're quick and easy and look good on the party table! They are a bit annoying to transport to the venue, because they slide around unless you jam them in tight next to each other and hold onto the container in the car (only if you are a passenger, not if you're driving!).

5. Pre-Packaged Treats Are Your Friend
Yes, you will be baking for your kid's Party. But you don't need to make everything! That's way too much work, your body will be screaming in pain and you'll be exhausted before the Party even begins. Showcase a few baked treats that look good, but don't be afraid to fill the party table with pre-packaged goodies as well. The three things I like to go with are popcorn, chips and party mix lollies. There are lots of different popcorn varieties these days; you can go with buttered, caramel, rainbow or one of those fancy flavoured ones. I found a cute popcorn container at a cheap shop and went with a big packet of buttered popcorn. Chips are cool because you can use one plain potato packet, then do flavours like barbecue and chicken. Burger Rings and Cheezels will also be a hit!

6. Don't Forget The Essentials
Now this is assuming you are holding the Party at a venue away from home, otherwise all this stuff will be on hand. We always have my son's parties at a game arcade or laserzone place, so it sucks lugging bags of stuff into the venue each time, but we usually get there 15 minutes early to set things up (ask the venue beforehand if you can do this, as they make have another booking). Inevitably, we always forget at least one of these things (this year it was the spoons, lol) but here's my list of things to take:
~ scissors
~ large knife to cut the cake (careful, there are kids around and you don't want a law suit, haha)
~ candles
~ matches/fire-lighter device (check it's working before you leave home)
~ napkins
~ paper or plastic disposable plates
~ plastic cups
~ enough drink/cordial/water to last the whole party duration
~ a texta to write kids names on the cups otherwise you will have 247 half-full drinks on the table, with noone knowing whose is whose and you will run out of clean cups. This happened to us this time lol.

7. Birthday Cake Cheat
I ordered my son's Birthday Cake from a Bakery, because honestly, who can be bothered after all the party food baking? Doing this saved me a lot of stress and allowed me to concentrate on my other baking and organising the food for transport. The funny thing was, my son's actual Birthday was the day after the party, and he wanted a homemade cake for his special day. I was suitably stuffed, so when he was at school I bought a chocolate mud cake, some ready-made Betty Crocker icing (a new level of lazy for me, lol) and 13 KitKats from Coles, and just decorated the store-bought cake, also using the left over M&Ms from the rocky road. He loved it and it literally only took 15 minutes to decorate, no baking required.

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What's your best tip for running kids parties?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Birthday Beauty Haul!

Another quick post today because although most of this month's plethora of events have passed, we still have a Birthday dinner, a show and lots of house cleaning to go. Last weekend we had two kids Birthday parties on the same day. Mr 10 is more popular than I'll ever be! Also, apologies for not being able to return every blog comment right now. Things will be less busy in October, thank God! Anyway I wanted to show you my quite restrained recent beauty haul. Let's have a look, and I'll explain as I go!

Priceline + Chemist Warehouse Haul

I received $10 Birthday credit in my account from Priceline and a bonus voucher for $5 off in the Gawler Place store, because the Hindley Street Priceline is closing! So I thought I'd treat myself to roughly $15 worth of goodies from Priceline, without being out of pocket. This lot came to approximately $17 (not the foundation, that came from Chemist Warehouse), so I only had to hand over a few dollars!

Facial Wipes are something I'll always use given how lazy I am, and I thought these Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleansing Towelettes looked like fun! I picked up the 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask purely because I love the smell of tea tree and I hadn't tried it before. Next up; lip balm. I've finished about three lip balms lately (!!!) and needed a new one. I prefer a tube, however Carmex works wonders on me, so I was stoked to see a twin pack of Carmex Vanilla and Lime Twist Lip Balm in tubes. Perfect!

Please be good. PLEASE BE GOOD!

I also wanted to take advantage of the Chemist Warehouse 50% Off Makeup Sale. The brands going for half price were Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, L'Oreal and possibly more but I can't remember now! Anywho, I'm pretty upset that Revlon have changed the formula of Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin as it was my go-to, everyday, Holy Grail (you get the idea) foundation. It now seems greasier and less pigmented, and in general, more sucky. It's disappointing, and as such I'm on the hunt for a new everyday foundation. So for 50% off, I picked up Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup in Creamy Ivory and L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh 24H Foundation in True Beige (which was a better shade match than the 'lighter' shade for some reason!). I'll see how I go with those!

Got all my bases covered as I try out the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Makeup!

Let me know if you've noticed a difference with Revlon Colorstay. I think they changed it a fair while back, but I had a stash of bottles so I haven't had to buy a new one in ages and have only just noticed the change. It's seriously killing me and I don't know what to do! I've even tried looking at various places in-store and online for old stock, but everyone just has the new formula.

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What's your everyday foundation? Have you noticed that Revlon Colorstay just isn't the same anymore?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Parties and Celebrations!

A photographic look into what's been going down lately. Enjoy!

Painted my nails with this L'Oreal Fuchsia Palace lacquer. Cheery!

Free Churros Birthday offer from San Churro!

Wedding Anniversary Special overnight stay with hubby in a Winery!

Nutmeg, ever the poser!

Free Cake for my Birthday month as part of Jamaica Blue's loyalty program!

Visiting the dogs at the Royal Adelaide Show!

Zach's 10th Birthday Party!

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What have you been up to lately?

Monday, September 11, 2017

New Release Rimmel #InstaSelfie Makeup!*

Rimmel are continuing to set the bar pretty high in the beauty world, this time with a picture perfect #InstaSelfie collection of makeup, specifically designed so you can get that perfect Instagram selfie. And while I'm not a huge fan of selfies, I enjoy looking at other people's (not in a creepy way!), and appreciate the culture and Rimmel's smart decision to cater to a growing phenomenon. Check out the camera-ready collection below, no flashback with these babies!

Insta Conceal & Correct Palette*
For those of us not blessed with perfectly even skin tone, Rimmel have released the #Insta Conceal & Correct palette. This little beauty contains three shades that address three areas of concern:

~ the peach shades is for dark circles. It neutralises dark under eye circles and illuminates face features.
~ the green shade is designed to cover blemishes and colour-correct redness.
~ the purple shade mutes yellowish undertones to correct dull and sallow skin.

The product is really creamy and easy to blend, and each shade contains chamomile, aloe and vitamin E. When I have the time I'll use a little of the green shade to correct redness around my nose, but I'm mainly enjoying the peach shade for my horrible dark under eye circles! I'm super-busy lately and not getting much sleep, which increases the severity of my dark shadows, so this palette is definitely coming in handy!

Insta Conceal & Contour Palette*
This palette has the exact same design as the Conceal & Correct palette, but instead it contains three shades for highlighting, concealing and contouring. Both of the palettes have a handy mirror in the lid, great if you want to touch up on the go. On first appearance these shades look a little dark, however when you rub your finger across the surface, the product is somehow lighter underneath. This was a welcome surprise for this pale ghost! Again, the formula is creamy and easily blendable, with the concealer proving most popular for me. The contour shade (the darkest) is to be applied beneath the cheekbones, along the jawline, edges of the forehead and nose, and of course, don't forget to blend well!

Insta Flawless Perfecting Radiant Skin Tint*
This is an existing product in the Insta range, and one I've tried before. This SPF15 product is described as a perfecting, radiant skin tint, that provides a natural looking glow, primes, perfects and gives 24 hour moisturisation. I was sent the shade Light Medium, which at first seemed a little dark for my colouring, but it's actually not too bad colour-wise. However with only two shades available (light/medium or medium/dark) I think this is a bit limiting, and would love to see more shades released, in particular an Ivory. I love that it can be worn alone as a skin perfector, or under foundation if you're after a fuller coverage. I like wearing it for a natural, barely-there look on the weekends, and for those days where I just cannot be stuffed applying a full coverage foundation before the morning school run. The lightweight and hydrating formula helps to brighten the skin tone and gives a natural looking glow.

Insta Fix & Go 2 In 1 Primer & Setting Spray*
Like the Radiant Skin Tint, this Primer & Setting Spray is an existing product that I've tested before. It's a multi-tasker that's oil-free, quick dry and designed to lock in makeup, but you can also use it to prime the skin before applying foundation. It contains cucumber extracts which give it the most amazingly refreshing and delicious scent. It's so fresh I could seriously wear this as a body mist, haha. One thing I've learned with setting sprays is not to spritz too close to the face or you will end up very wet! You want a nice dispersed, even spray, not one concentrated wet cheek circle. LOL.

Insta Fix & Matte Powder*
This is a blotting and fixing powder that sets the foundation and mattifies the skin. It's also designed to control shine (my main problem!) and diminish oils. Even though the shade looks super white, this doesn't translate to the finished look, because it's a micro-fine translucent powder, meaning it has the benefits of a powder without depositing any colour. This product is camera friendly, so you needn't be concerned with flashback while wearing this! I'm loving the embossed hashtag design in the powder; it's not often you get to see a bunch of  ##### symbols in your makeup!

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Disclaimer: Products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Are you a fan of selfies? Would you try this makeup range?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Max My Movies: August Round-Up!

Hi guys! I didn't go quite so crazy last month, and only managed to see six films. July, however, was a massive movie month; I actually watched 20 films! If you want to read about them, you can check that out here. Just letting you know that I'm super-busy during September, with multiple Birthdays and family celebrations, so I may not get as much time to blog. Hopefully I get a few published here and there when I get a hot minute! For now, though, let's have a look at everything I watched in the August Round-Up!

My husband, ever the sci-fi fan, recommended this to me after watching it during a plane trip. I probably would have ended up seeing it eventually anyway, given it stars both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The cast is basically just Lawrence, Pratt and Michael Sheen for the most part, and some viewers may find this one slow going, but I was enthralled all the way through. Would re-watch!

This was a re-watch because when I saw this at the cinema (thankfully with free tickets) I was quite sick and not really concentrating, as I was just trying not to throw up. So I was happy to watch this properly with hubby when we saw it was on Netflix. This is a really good film; the action is amazing, acting is brilliant and the special effects are mind-blowing. It also peppers some witty one-liners throughout the intensity, which helps lighten things. I loved it.

Another re-watch, but at least I hadn't seen Cruel Intentions since its 1999 release! It was so much fun re-watching this movie after such a long time, mainly because I'd forgotten everything except for the famous girl-on-girl kissing scene, lol. Umm, how annoying is Selma Blair in this movie? I know she's playing a character, but god damn! Sarah Michelle Gellar is impressively evil and Ryan Philippe is pretty good, too. Such a guilty pleasure!

This is a mindless B-grade 'slacker' action-comedy that's mildly funny and even more mildly entertaining. What can I say, I have a weird obsession with Jesse Eisenberg, even though he seems like a complete dick in real life, going by the stories of how notoriously difficult he is to interview. Did you know he's the brother of Hallie Eisenberg, who played Little Miss Amanda in Bicentennial Man? This also stars Danny McBride, but let it be said, Aziz Ansari is the best thing this movie has going for it. It's pretty shit, but OK if you have a spare hour and a half and find Ansari amusing.

I was lucky enough to win a double pass to a Preview Screening of this, complete with free beer and pizza, which was pretty damn cool! American Made is based on the true story of Barry Seal, a TWA pilot, who was reportedly a drug smuggler turned DEA informant and is basically about the Iran-Contra affair of the '80s. Tom Cruise gives a great performance as Seal, and kept me intrigued in this fantastical tale, 'based on a true lie'. Well worth a watch!

I'd been wanting to see this film ever since it was released in 2014. It was certainly weird, artistic and captivating, but I still don't really know what to think of it? Michael Keaton is amazing in the lead role, and Edward Norton, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts deliver great performances as well. There's a near-constant jazzy back-beat to this film, which gives it energy and urgency. Also of note, the extremely long scenes where the camera follows a character, so that parts of the film play out like it's shot in one take. I've seen Birdman and yet I'm still not sure I understand it?

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Have you seen any movies that have made an impression on you lately?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Havana Home Giveaway!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my Havana Home Candles/Reed Diffusers Giveaway! I love collaborating with companies to bring you amazing Giveaways, and I'm so happy with the overwhelming response this promotion received! These Havana Home candles and reed diffusers really are beautiful and I'm grateful that Havana Home could provide three products for some lucky readers to win!

The Prize:

3 x Havana Home Candles or Reed Diffusers (winners choice of fragrance) valued at $60 each!
(each winner will receive their choice of fragranced  candle or diffuser)

And our 3 lucky WINNERS are.....

Hayley Moore

Jane Gardam

Anna M

CONGRATS Hayley, Jane and Anna!! I'll email you shortly! Don't worry if you didn't win, because I'll be holding more Giveaways on Max The Unicorn in the future!

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Barry M Molten Metal Mani + New Releases*!

Hi guys! Today I want to show you a few new releases from Barry M Cosmetics and feature my latest manicure, the stunning Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in Blue Glacier*. This will be a super-quick post because I've been really busy for the last three days, and time is not my friend right now! Let's have a look at the mani!

This is two sparkly coats of shiny goodness, and although I would have liked more of a blue tinge from this 'Blue Glacier' shade, it's still really pretty. It's predominantly silver-hued with lots of tiny silver glittery particles, and applied easily and smoothly, becoming completely opaque in two coats. Thank God, because I don't think I ever have the time and/or inclination for three coats of anything! If you like the look of this Nail Paint, definitely check out the website for the rest of the Barry M Molten Metal range, they have some gorgeous colours such as Copper Mine, Gold Rush and Bronze Bae. These new shades of Molten colour are available at BeautyNext now and are launching in Big W soon. Yassss!!

There are more exciting new releases from Barry M including new shades of the Illuminating Strobe Cream* (mine is in the new shade Galactic, but you can also choose from new release Baked, and existing shades Iced Bronze and Frosty Pink) and the Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit*. If you're new to contouring you needn't worry, because there are step by step instructions on the inside lid, outlining how to highlight, bronze and sculpt using the palette.

Lastly is the exciting Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette*. The packaging on this is super-pretty and 'out of this world'! I've yet to delve into the highlighting shades and give this a go, but I seriously can't wait! Here's a closer look inside the palette.

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Disclaimer: All products marked* were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

What's your favourite type of nail shade? Would you wear a metallic shade?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

LUSH Limited Edition Father's Day Range!*

Father's Day is fast approaching (Sunday September 3 to be exact!) and I haven't even discussed with Mr. 9 what we might get hubby yet! I'm also up for a gift for my Dad, which is very unfair because I've only just bought him a Birthday present. How dare he! Also, my Wedding Anniversary is the day before Father's Day, so I am just going to be in present-buying mode for the next forever if you ask me! Luckily for everyone involved (including you!) the 2017 Limited Edition LUSH Father's Day range has dropped! This collection is available in-store and online right now, and up until September 3. I was kindly sent a selection of goodies from the range, so let's have a look at these now!

Smuggler's Soul Multipurpose Cream*

'Go under cover of evocative, soothing sandalwood.'

This masculine-smelling multipurpose cream can be used on the face, body, hands, hair or even as a shaving cream! It's so good that it can do all these things, because some boys can be lazy when it comes to a 'beauty' routine, am I right? So the easier it is for them, the better! I wrote my hubby out a magnificent skincare routine and he stuck to it for a grand total of a week. *cries*. I've all but given up on him moisturising his face, but I've been using this as a hand cream, and I'm actually digging the earthy aroma and how fast it absorbs. I'm going to suggest hubby use it as a shaving cream, and if he doesn't, I will. I think this will work though, as he loved using the Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap a while back. This contains sandalwood, argan oil to soften the skin and fresh cucumber for its cooling properties.

Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub*

'Sandalwood takes the senses a long way from home as you buff and brighten the skin.'

This thick, creamy scrub is an absolute pleasure to use! The tiny abrasive bamboo stem particles provide a particularly satisfying scrub, and my skin afterwards is left so smooth and soft! This would be the perfect scrub for the man in your life (Dad, hubby, you know who they are!) because it's basic, yet fun to use, with a smoky sandalwood scent, and many beneficial ingredients. Organic shea butter moisturises, papaya juice brightens and refreshes the complexion and a delicious mix of oils (rosehip, argan, sandalwood and rosewood to name a few) work to repair, uplift, soothe, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

The Modfather Bubble Bar*

'This bubble bar is for the snappiest dressers and most discerning of bathers. Crumble under running water for luxuriously fragrant citrus bubbles.'

This refreshing and rejuvenating bubble bar is packed full of Brazilian Orange Oil, making for the freshest, most zingy, uplifting citrus scent! Designed to be crumbled under running water, this red, white and blue beauty hits the target if you're a citrus fragrance lover like me! So happy my Dad doesn't have a bath! Bwahahahahaha!

SuperDad Bath Bomb*

'Seek out those true heroes who have lifted you up and deserve a thank you. This super fizzing bomb is made for them.'

I love the hefty size and the DAD design of this Lush bath bomb. The smell is more masculine than that of The Modfather, which makes sense given the addition of guaiac wood and sandalwood as they create a sweet, woody and smoky scent. Sandalwood is uplifting and soothing, and SuperDad also contains Olibanum Oil for a soothing and toning effect. As always, Lush are against animal testing, but you knew that already, right?!

Dirty Styling Cream*

'A styling cream to spike it up or slick it flat, whatever mood takes you.'

I have fine, long hair that I'm forever trying to build volume in, so you'll understand when I say a spiked up or slicked flat look is not really for me. Perfectly understandable given this is part of the Father's Day range, so it's really designed for men, especially those with thick, unruly hair (although thinner-haired humans can use it, just in a lesser quantity). Luckily, my husband does enjoy using styling creams, so this will make a great addition to his gift. This is a medium hold cream with a matte finish and it's from the Dirty Gorilla Perfume family, so if you enjoy that pine and sandalwood scent, this may be for you! I really like the enticing scent, which also contains oakmoss absolute. Dirty Styling Cream contains organic illipe butter to condition and give shine and linseed mucilage to protect and nourish sensitive scalps.

You can purchase the Father's Day range in-store or online at LUSH.

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