Thursday, December 14, 2017

REVIEW: Tropical Edition Peony Parcel!

Hi guys! I was lucky enough to win this beautiful Peony Parcel prize from The Life Of Laura, which happens to be the Tropical Edition. As soon as I opened the stylish black and gold box, I was hit with the most delicious scent! These products smell amazing! I was blown away by my first ever Peony Parcel experience. The box design is chic, with 'Hello Gorgeous' and 'enjoy me time' written on the front of the box in gold, giving a feminine touch.

The green leaf design printed wrapping paper is so cute, and the products themselves are of such a high quality. There isn't a single dud in this Peony Parcel, and if they are all this good, I'm seriously considering signing up! I'm so happy to have received the tropical edition, for that scent family is so my thing! Let's have a look at the contents!

Little Balm Matcha Natural Body Scrub
This cute little pot contains a grainy, dark green body scrub that smells like coconut! Little Balm is an Aussie small batch company that makes 100% natural skincare. This delicious-smelling scrub contains certified organic raw sugar, virgin coconut oil, Fair Trade green tea leaves and matcha powder. It's quite scrubby, I love the coconutty smell and it left my skin soft, smooth and moisturised due to the coconut oil.

Soapmaid Ocean Edition Artisan Mini Natural Soap
This delicious-smelling soap is my kind of product! It's natural and contains a lower layer of organic kelp flakes and has super-pretty golden Epsom Salts across the top! Other ingredients include olive, coconut, rice bran and avocado oils, cocoa butter and organic shea butter. This froths to a light blue medium lather and really does transport you to a tropical island with its ocean breeze fragrance. I didn't want to stop using it!

The Soak Life Tahitian Gardenia Tropical Glow Body Oil
Who doesn't love a good multi-tasker? This fragrant oil can be used on damp or dry skin to nourish and add moisture, or you can rub it into the ends of your hair for some extra TLC. The ingredients in this glow-inducing hydrator sound amazing! There's a delicious blend of tropical oils including coconut, watermelon, kukui nut, passionfruit and shea. Also in the mix are antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E. How ACE!

Sticks & Stones Candle Co Floral Pink Watermelon Wax Melt
You can't get any more Summery than watermelon! This wax melt is so pretty with its pink hue, and organic pink and red rose petal and glitter topping, and the watermelon scent is delicious! This jumbo-sized soy wax melt is meant to last at least 35 hours, and you simply place it into a melt burner or electric warmer to use. I don't have either of these at the moment, so I haven't started burning mine yet, but I can't wait to!

Lux Aestiva Endless Summer Hair Hydrator
I never get around to treating my hair to masks, so I'm really glad this was included in the Peony Parcel! This hydrator works to moisturise, repair and strengthen hair, as well as protect it from heat, seal in moisture, prevent damage and encourage growth. Whoa! All those things sound fabulous; if this delivers I may have found a multitasking favourite. Fingers crossed!

Cocobetty Coconut Oil Wipes
I've tried these before, having received a sample in a Good Green Box (reviewed here), so this is a product I'm familiar with. These makeup remover wipes are a great fit for a Tropical-themed box, with their coconut scent, which reminds me of an island paradise or a chocolate Bounty bar! The wipes deposit quite a bit of oil on the face and remove nearly all of my makeup. These are great if you want a change from your ordinary makeup wipes!

Sash Cosmetics Luminous Lipstick
I was so excited to receive a full-size Sash Cosmetics lipstick in my box! This is a makeup brand I'd heard of but never tried before. The black and gold packaging is luxe and stylish, and the click top opening method reminds me of high end brands. My shade is Last Dance, which is described as a dusty mid-toned pink mauve nude. The creamy formula is a delight to wear and although its a matte finish, this feels really comfortable on the lips. I'm impressed!

Rose Gold Hairbrush
I must be going crazy, but there's no information about this stylish detangling hairbrush in the The Tropical Edition information book and there's no label on the product, so I don't know what brand this brush is, or in fact, have any details on it! It kind of reminds me of a Tangle Teezer though, but with a longer handle and longer bristles. It's easy to hold and use and I love the shiny rose gold finish!

A few other things of note...
~ included also is a comprehensive The Tropical Edition booklet which extensively details all the products inside, with brand information, social media contacts and even an interview with Lifestyle Blogger Mim (from Love From Mim) to read!
~ the black Peony Parcel box itself is sturdy and stylish and can be re-used to store skincare, makeup or any other items you can think of!
~ I love how there's a pink hue running through this box. Everything is so pretty and girly, and I think they've done a brilliant job of compiling the goodies to match in colour as well as scent family!

Well, I'm thrilled with my first Peony Parcel and I'm sure I'll be able to use all the contents! Thanks once again to The Life Of Laura and Peony Parcel for the Giveaway, and a big congrats to me for being the lucky winner! Hahaha.

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Disclaimer: I won this box in a Giveaway, and there was no obligation to review it. I lust love it and wanted to let you all know! Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

What's your favourite subscription box? Have you tried Peony Parcel?


  1. Ok, you had me at the name...peony. I love the shade of that lippy though! #TeamLovinlife

    1. Peony did it for me too! Love the lipstick's name as well.

      Merry Christmas, Di!

      SSG xxx

  2. Oh, what a great parcel! As an aside I knew someone called Peony once (though I think her name was spelt with an 'ie'. Anyhoo, I particularly love the colour of that lipstick. It looks the perfect mix of not too light or too dark! #teamlovinlife

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I'm so happy you won Laura's comp Di! Also ENVIOUS that you got this box as I loved the sound of it when Laura spoke about it - tropical scented stuff is right up my alley. I swear one of these days I'll sub to Peony Parcel! That shade of lipstick is quite flattering too.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Thanks so much, Shell! Yes, tropical and fresh, fruity scents are my cup of tea too, so I was super thrilled to win! The lipstick is really nice :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah it really is, it's nearly my perfect nude/pink shade!

  5. I need that lipstick in my life - what a gorgoeus nude!

    Ebony x

  6. Yay!! I am so glad you loved the box, it is so beautiful and you've reminded me I have to resubscribe for next year haha but I agree, I love how it all matches in colour, but also in scents too!

    Laura || xx

  7. The packaging of the parcel is so beautiful, I like the variety of products in it. The lipstick shade looks so beautiful.

    1. The variety is great, all whilst staying on theme, too!

  8. Such a cute box!
    Is it a bit terrible to say that out of all the gorgeous things inside, I just can't get over that wrapping paper! Haha!

    Kez |

    1. Not terrible at all, I actually can't get over the cute wrapping paper as well lol!

  9. Anything called Ocean Breeze sounds good to me xo

  10. Congratulations on your win! Looks like everyone here is in agreement it is wonderful one! Thank you for linking up for the LAST #lifethisweek in 2017. I look forward to seeing you back linking up when you can, and 2018 prompts kick off on 1.1.18 and are already on the home page. Sending all festive wishes to you, Denyse xx

  11. What a fabulous parcel. I am in love with that hairbrush! Lucky you x :)

  12. I've seen this parcel around on other blogs and it does look like such a fun subscription boxes - how lucky of you to win it and it's awesome you loved it so much! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend! With all of the gifts bought and wrapped I'm enjoying a last quiet day before all the Christmas festivities begin, I'm so looking forward to it! Have a merry Christmas :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I'm glad you're having a relaxing break! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Mica! :)

  13. Absolutely stunning post as usual Di - what a gorgeous package, congratulations on winning it! The glow oil sounds amazing, as well as the lipstick - that shade is right up my street! xx The rose gold hair brush has definitely caught my eye too though! Have an amazing Christmas! x
    Marina x

    1. Thanks Marina! Wishing you a lovely Christmas too! Thanks for all your support throughout the year! xx

  14. Oh my! This is fabulous! I can get this for my sister. It’s her 16th birthday next month and I know she is young but she is really good at doing make up and styling. This is going to help her practice more. I am also planning to send a beautiful dress for her with the help of same day delivery Dallas. She is going to love it I am sure.


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