Sunday, June 9, 2019

May - June Beauty Faves!

Hi guys! It's time to tell you about the products I've been loving lately. And for those wondering, yes I do need to blog about my May Movie Challenge (30 Netflix Movies In 30 Days Challenge) so you all know how I did, that's the next post on my agenda! Back to the faves - do you love any of these? Let me know what's currently rocking your world in the comments below, I'd love to know!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer
I've recently rediscovered this in my collection and I'm so glad! I was actually getting it confused with the similarly-named Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Skin Brightening Concealer (I'm not a fan of it), which is why I neglected this baby. I've been using it under my eyes to cover my dark circles and it's really effective, and actually giving me better results than the Revlon Photoready Colour-Correcting Pen for dark spots. I still have to use my Bobbi Brown Corrector as well, because that's how bad my dark circles are, but it's nothing a solid month of 10-12 hours sleep every night won't fix, hahaaa.

Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick in Nurture
I'm forever searching for my Holy Grail nude lipstick, and I think I'm pretty close with this product! Shade-wise I can't fault it, it's exactly what I'm looking for in terms of a my-lips-but-better, flattering for my skin tone shade. Texture wise, I love the creamy formula; it's easy to wear, comfortable on the lips and not at all drying. It wears pretty well too, although you do need to re-apply after eating, as you'd expect with this type of lipstick. Another plus is the magnetic close packaging. I'll definitely be buying a back up of this and expecting it to be discontinued imminently, as with most things I love!

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Unwine'd*
I am seriously in love with this shade and think it might be my favourite deep red ever. It's sexy and sultry, flattering and suits my skin tone perfectly. It's one of those confidence-boosting shades that just makes you feel incredible when you're wearing it. It looks great in photos and I'll often apply it if I know there will be a close-up on my hand in a shot. Added bonus; it's from the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range, which means it's treating your nails as you wear it. It's a win win! I've blogged about this and more shades in the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range which you can read about here.

Aveda Thickening Tonic
I got this in a BeautyHeaven Beautorium, so it feels like it's free even though I paid postage, haha. I feel like Aveda is a high quality brand, and definitely want to look at the rest of their range. This Thickening Tonic is so great on my fine locks. It really gives me great volume from the roots without that awful crunchy result many supermarket volume boosters will give you. I'm a little bit scared to look at how much this costs for when I need to replace this bottle, because I have a feeling it will cost a pretty penny!

Mario Badescu Anti-Aging Regimen Kit
This Kit contains:
~ Glycolic Foaming Cleanser
~ Glycolic Acid Toner
~ Collagen Moisturizer
~ Super Collagen Mask
~ Glycolic Eye Cream (bonus)

This is a great Kit that has allowed me to trial five products from Mario Badescu's Anti-Aging range. The only one I'm yet to try is the Super Collagen Mask, as I've just been too busy. I'm seriously impressed with the rest of the products though, and the only downfall is that I'm now going to have to buy some full-sized versions! After only about three days I started noticing my skin looking smoother, firmer and more refined. The Toner and Moisturizer are my favourites as they leave my skin glowing and looking bright and healthy. I feel like my skin is way less textured and my complexion overall looks so much better than before. I'm so glad I bought this and as I say, I'll definitely be re-purchasing the full size of at least the toner and moisturizer.

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What products have you been loving lately?