Sunday, November 19, 2017

Taking Stock

After a full week of migraines last week, I have been forced to take stock, and look at my health. I definitely haven't been looking after myself lately, from the late nights, to the unhealthy eating and generally putting my health and well-being last. The only thing I'm really successful at is drinking lots of water, because I love iced water and go through a lot of glasses every day. So I finally listened to my body on the weekend, and got a lot of sleep, ate smaller, healthier meals, exercised, and cut out my bad habit of eating chocolate or lollies late at night. I already feel so much better and haven't had a migraine since I made these changes. I'm so glad I took stock and prioritized my health and I'll be continuing these new habits, because it feels so good to be pain-free and have more energy. Here's a quick look at what I got up to last week!

Monday we saw THOR: RAGNAROK at our local cinema and OMG, it's so good, you guys! It's really funny and entertaining, and probably my favourite Thor movie thus far! We went to Nando's for dinner beforehand, here's some of the food we ate!

Speaking of food, I finally started a foodie-themed Instagram account called @ImHungryMax so that I don't have to post meals all through my beauty/lifestyle Instagram account. I've been meaning to do this for a while, so I was excited to finally set it up. To establish myself, I've begun posting #latergrams with the exception of a few pics, just to get some content up. I would love some more followers if you're keen! 

I also painted my nails blue to cheer myself up in the midst of some hot weather. This is Bestival Blue from the Rimmel Rita Ora range. So pretty!

My cat spent all of Wednesday vomiting, and of course this was when the car was getting fixed for three days, so I had no way of taking her to the vet. Thankfully she was better by the next day, but thanks Pumpkin for tasking me with cleaning up after you for a full day whilst I had a migraine.

Thursday I went to town and met my husband for lunch. It was good to get out and I actually felt slightly better probably because I was walking around. I had Chinese and he had a laksa which, as usual, ended up all over his business shirt. Haha. Above is the cappuccino and carrot cake I also had that day.

Friday I felt like migrainey death, with absolutely no energy, and slept for three hours after dropping off my son at school. I had planned on cleaning the house for the weekend, but could barely walk from one room to the next. And this is what made me realize I really needed to listen to my body and start looking after myself. It's about time!

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How do you make sure you're looking after yourself?


  1. Oh no! I hope your cat is ok! My dog has spent most of this week doing the same thing. But it sounds like you had a lovely week xx

    Laura ||

  2. Hope your cat is ok.
    Love the blue nails

  3. I hope your migraines stay away now you're prioritising your health and looking after yourself.


  4. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and do somethings like paint your nails, go for a walk. So good for your mental health so glad your listening to your body all the best x

  5. Your husband sounds like mine, everytime, all over his business shirts!!! Haha
    It’s good to take a step back every now and again x

  6. go you! A healthier lifestyle is always a good idea and I soooo wanna watch Thor!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. I'm sooo excited to follow your foodie account and it's great to hear that Thor was great! I still need to watch it!

    Rochelle ||

  8. Yessss Thor! I've seen it twice already and fricken love it. Definitely my favourite Thor movie and in my top 5 Marvel movies! So hilarious!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  9. Oooh I like that shade of blue for nails. I have heard Ragnorak is good, one to add to the evergrowing list of things to watch! I need to take a leaf from your book and look after myself a little better x

    1. Yes it's the best Thor movie to date. Hope you enjoy it too!

  10. This was such a good read D. Glad you have made a few changes to help your health. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 45/52. Next week's prompt: Best Birthday Ever.

  11. It's so important to take stock sometimes and make a change. I hope you're feeling better for it. That lunch {dinner?} looks pretty great, I could totally go for a serve of that right now. ;)

  12. I'm glad you're feeling better and it's great you had the chance to pause and take stock - and make some changes as a result.

    I used to really love cold water and drank a lot of it. It was one of the only healthy things I did. Interestingly since my weight loss surgery I no longer enjoy it. It gives me reflux and makes me feel unwell which is depressing. I put some OJ in it to try to drink a bit but I'm drinking LITRES less than I used to.

    I need to rein in my eating habits as well and am far more dependent on my nightly chocolate treats than I'd like to be! #teamlovinlife

    1. Sounds like we have a lot in common Deborah! Those nightly chocolates are such a hard habit to break!

  13. It's amazing how food can affect your mood and how you feel. I hope you get your migraines under control. Love the nail polish.

  14. Somehow I totally missed this post when it came up, but well done you for taking stock & realising something had to change with your health. I did that just after my birthday this year after realising that bad habits had crept in over Winter & my clothes had really begun to feel tight. I've lost roughly 3 kgs & am now fitting back into some of those clothes that didn't fit before, although I'm not yet at the goal weight I set for myself. That's the next challenge, but it's not one I'm going to lose a lot of sleep over (I've already beaten myself up over gaining weight again, I don't want to do it a 2nd time). Just need to keep my butt moving & stay away from consuming too many treats.

    I hope your migraines disappear soon & I too love that blue nail polish!

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Well done on getting active and losing weight! I've let the bad habits creep back in after a week of publishing this and really need to step it up again. Yeah the nail polish is pretty isn't it? :)


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