Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dove Foaming Make Up Remover

rrp $10.99

**I was provided this product for consideration. This review is my honest opinion.

Dove says: "Works effectively removing even the heaviest make up, including waterproof mascara, eye make up and foundation".

I've been using this unique make up remover for a few weeks and it's really growing on me. It's so different from the usual oil or cream based removers, because this one is foam. The instructions say to dispense 3 pumps of the lather onto your hand and apply to your wet or dry face including eye area to remove makeup. It's a pretty yellow liquid in the bottle, which transforms into a white foam when you pump it. I was worried about rubbing this foam into my eyes when I first received it, as it just doesn't seem right, but I put this fear aside and tried it, with a tissue very close at hand! The remover does work really well, as my foundation and concealer dissolve into nothingness very quickly after a short time massaging it into my cheeks. It takes a bit longer with eye make up, but when I gently massage the foam on my eye area, everything does dissolve away quite effectively.

My biggest tip with this Dove Remover is to have a tissue on hand to rub the foam and make up off your eye area as soon as it has dissolved. I haven't had the displeasure of this stuff getting in my eyes, so I don't know how much it would hurt, but it is better to prevent this than to find out! Also, in my opinion, this is not the kind of Make Up Remover that you can use then just apply your moisturiser straight after. It leaves your face with a residue that needs a lot of rinsing, so this product is best used in the shower so you can rinse your face thoroughly straight after. I actually like to see what I'm doing with it though, so I have the shower running and ready for me to get in, use the Dove Foaming Make Up Remover in front of the mirror, then hop straight in and rub my face under running water until all the foam and remaining residue have disappeared.

Having said that, it is a unique and fun Make Up Remover, and I am enjoying it. It's quite good value for money, and it's good that the bottle is clear, so you can see exactly how much of the product is left. I would definately consider buying this after my current bottle runs out.


  1. Great review! I just bought this (as you saw, lol) and am definitely keeping your tissue tip in mind. (:

  2. I'm tempted to buy this, I love foaming cleansers so think this may work for me, but the residue factor sort of puts me off. I double cleanse though, so it might not matter.
    Thanks for a great review=)


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