Saturday, November 12, 2011

Katie Holmes Can't Dress Herself, But Reese Witherspoon Can!

Welcome to the lastest edition of Celebrities in Dresses. So far I've only featured women, but I'm thinking of doing a post featuring men. Of course they won't be in dresses. But they will be famous.  Enough talk, onto the frocks!

Reese Witherspoon
Reese is wearing a black Cushnie et Ochs dress at the Gucci-sponsored LACMA Art & Film Gala for Clint Eastwood. Love this sexy dress on Reese, it's very adult and quite different from what she usually wears. Also loving the hairdo, red nails and hot shoes. Go Reese!

Katie Holmes
Katie is wearing a dress from her own collection, Holmes & Yang, at the LA premiere of her movie with Adam Sandler, Jack & Jill. This looks like a top and skirt but it's apparently a dress. A horrible one. The black skirt looks huge on her, and it's the wrong length, making her legs look bigger than they are. Also, look at the ill-fitting waist! Weird.

Michelle Williams
Michelle is wearing a gold Ocsar de la Renta frock at the My Week With Marilyn screening at the AFI Fest. This is lovely. Love her pixie cut and soft makeup, too. She pretty much always looks good!

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth is wearing a green sequinned Elie Saab gown and Annoushka necklace at the Bambi Awards in Germany. I don't really like the necklace and I'm on the fence with the dress. I like how it's all sparkly and the colour is really pretty, but I'm not sure if it suits her. What do you guys think?

Kate Hudson
Kate is wearing a gold Gucci cocktail dress at the LACMA event for Clint Eastwood. This dress is stunning and Kate looks amazing! Loving this look big time.

Which dress is your favourite out of this lot?


  1. That dress Katie is wearing needs to be burnt on the stake. What a joke.

    Gwinnie looks OK. I think this dress would have looked better on someone like JLO as opposed to a skeleton.


  2. LOL! Yes I was thinking the dress accentuated Gwyneth's lack of boobs. You're right, curves would have done the dress more justice. Haha! Thanks for your comment :oD


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