Monday, May 28, 2012

Funky BYS Hocus Pocus Manicure

I felt like wearing a bright, funky colour this week, especially since I've been driving myself mad with all the gold mani's of late. BYS Hocus Pocus is an eye-catching blue-green shade with miniscule shimmery particles throughout. It's coming off more blue than green in these photos, but it looks very aqua-esque on.

BYS is a budget brand, so you can pick this up for around $3.95 (or less) at various stores across Australia, including Gloss, Ice, Go-Lo, Sam's Warehouse, The Reject Shop, Cheap As Chips and KMart. The good thing about them being so cheap is that you can go batshit-crazy and get a multitude of different shades.

I'm wearing two coats in the photos below.

Do you have any favourite shades within the BYS range?

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