Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Max Factor Mini Max Effect Mani!

Another manicure! And this one's a tongue-twister. My Max Factor Mini Max Effect Manicure in Diva Violet. This cute little polish is part of a collection of mini's by Max Factor. You can see all the colours here .........

Are you meant to rest your nails from polish once in a while? Because, as you can see in the close-up photos, I have some bumps on my nail surface that weren't there before. I'm removing the polish properly with a herbal polish remover, but I'm wondering if it's stripping my nails. Time to buy a nail buffer!

Max Factor Max Effect Diva Violet is a really pretty lilac-hued colour. I'm loving it.

Disclaimer: I won the entire collection of Max Effect mini's. YAY me!


  1. So pretty! I spy Spock in the background. d:

  2. Right you are! And a crap load of toys sprawled everywhere, too :o/


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