Sunday, September 16, 2012

Half Baked. OK, Fully Baked (Out)!

I've been a tad busy lately. My son turned 5 last week, so I've been baking my arse off, with mixed success. I'm thrilled to bits his Angry Bird Birthday Cake turned out so well. Of course I made it for his Birthday early in the week, so I couldn't even show it off at his actual Party on Saturday! No, instead the guests got to sample my Chocolate Marshmallow Old Lady Wrinkly Skin Fudge (looks foul, but actually tasted OK, although was very melty and hard to move onto a serving plate) and Collapsy Chocolate Crackles (fell apart upon contact with fingers). I also made Coconut Balls with Drizzed White Chocolate and Blue Sprinkles (not pictured). At least my Vanilla Mars Bar Cupcakes and Chocolate Cherry Ripe Cupcakes were good!

Angry Bird Birthday Cake!

Chocolate Marshmallow Old Lady Wrinkly Skin Fudge. LOL.

Vanilla Mars Bar Cupcakes, Collapsy Chocolate Crackles.

Chocolate Cherry Ripe Cupcakes

Bird On Fire! I'd be Angry too!

Happy 5th Birthday to my gorgeous little dude! xxx


  1. Happy 5th Birthday Max! aww those treats look yummy you did well Di :) mandy x

    1. Thanks Mandy! Exhausted, but glad Zach enjoyed his Birthday. Love your blog btw! :)

  2. Wow thats a lot of yummy goodies .. they look really good and Happy Birthday to Zach ..

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Monnie! I was thrilled and shocked that it turned out, lol :)

  4. The angry bird cake is soooo cool! Well done.


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