Tuesday, May 7, 2013

11 Facts and 11 Questions

It always scares the hell out of me to get personal, but I read this '11 Facts, 11 Questions' tag post on Suzanne's blog Don't They Know Who I Am? and I thought it would be fun. Besides, it's good to scare yourself every once in a while! I'm not tagging anyone, if you read this and want to do it too, that's great!

It simply involves revealing 11 Random Facts about yourself and answering 11 Set Questions. Here goes ....


1. I have no memories of my life before the age of 12 or 13, and even then I'm vague. For example, I only know I've had Birthday parties as a kid from the photos I've seen. I have the worst memory ever (except for song lyrics - see number 5).

2. I got blocked by actor Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) on Twitter for telling him he had a surprisingly nice face. He sent me an insulting DM first, then blocked me. It was a big deal to me and I went on the hugest Twitter rant about it. He clearly can't take a joke.

3. I'm a massive Trekkie, and I've been to over 10 Star Trek conventions, the best being the 40th Anniversary convention in Las Vegas, where I met William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy!

4. I like to buy cookbooks then never cook any of the recipes in them. I'm horrible at sticking to recipes, and love throwing ingredients in the pan and seeing what happens!

5. When I was about 12 my best friend and I put on a stage production of Grease for our parents. Actually, it was just us in costume in her lounge room singing all the songs to our bemused folks. I was Danny Zuko. I still know every song by heart.

6. I once had some Absinthe in a restaurant in Mexico. Everything seemed quite 3D, and vividly colourful objects seemed to pop out at me, but I may have been imagining it.

7. The second toe on my left foot is shaped remarkably like ET: The Extraterrestrial.

8. I used to have a pet frog. I still like frogs, but I don't want another one as a pet.

9. My signature dish is Spaghetti Bolognaise. The sauce is made from scratch and I am super-skilled at it. Sometimes I believe it may be my Superpower. :)

10. I'm really fussy about public toilets when I'm out. I always try to get the end cubicle, and hate toilets with big gaps under and either side of the door, because I feel like people are looking in.

11. I hate wearing sneakers because my feet feel claustrophobic in them. For this reason, I always get shoes one size bigger than my actual feet.


1. What was your first beauty product you can remember?
I can't remember (see number 1 above) but going by photos it was probably some fetching blue eyeliner!

2. If you could choose how the world ends, what would you choose?
We were all just characters in an intricate computer game. The game crashes and the whole world and everyone in it vanishes. It cannot be restored. (I think I copied some of this from the Matrix movies).

3. What is your best organisational tip?
I'm the most disorganised person I know, however I do multitask by checking Instagram while I'm on the toilet.

4. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
Ravioli Ricotta with lots of creamy Carbonara Sauce and parmesan cheese, with a side of Potato Bake, Hungry Jacks Bacon Deluxe burger, some more crispy bacon by itself, potato chips, onion rings and a Pan Pepperoni Pizza (large). Then for dessert, I'd have a slice of Banana Caramel Pie, followed by a slice of Cheesecake, Pavlova, Chocolate Mud cake and Carrot Cake because you've got to be healthy (and that's got a vegetable in it).

5. Have you ever been on TV?
I fucking hope not!

6. What animal would you choose as your “totem animal”?
I tried to pick Unicorn, but apparently it's not a Totem Animal. :( So I'll go with Butterfly, because I'd love to fly, and I'm always striving for beauty.

7. If you could have sex with any superhero, who would you choose and why?
I'm glad you asked. A threeway with Iron Man and Batman, please. (Christian Bale version). I dare not elaborate, for fear of getting super-filthy.

8. Can you fake any accents?
Yes, I can do American, British, Indian and Asian. Badly.

9. What is the first thing you can remember of me (Don't They Know Who I Am?)?
Your hilarious, quirky tweets! (@HogSandwich).

10. Choose one sense and one sense only. That’s it for the rest of your life. 
Sight, because I don't trust my ability to apply lipstick or watch a Leo movie without it.

11. Rollercoasters, yay or nay?
Oh hell no. Hell to the no.


  1. Ha ha ha. I will not believe Fact #7 until I have seen a photo. :)
    I'm off to see Star Trek tomorrow night so will let you know what it's like. I've seen ID Theft and Oblivion in the past month, both movies had bad reviews but I loved them both. Star Trek also got bad reviews.... I'll probably love it, not exactly a Trekkie but I do love the movies and most of the shows except Deep Space.

  2. hehe. I should have put an ET toe photo in this post.
    Yes please let me know about Star Trek. Can't wait to see it! I love sci-fi in general, but especially Star Trek. x

  3. #5 brought a smile to my face. I'm a Grease fan too and know all the songs by heart!

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2013/05/suigo-hair-review-and-giveaway.html

    1. Grease is such a classic. Love it! Thanks for your comp :)

  4. I like your "Death Row" answer ... it sounds awesome, and has made me hungry! Nice to have found you, from Alison @ Undertendollars

    1. I can't believe I forgot to put a block of chocolate in there. LOL. Makes me hungry, too. Thanks for visiting, Alison :)

  5. Awesome. I have a very long second toe. It must mean we're super intelligent ; ) Although I remember a friend remarking, after he saw my toes, 'Wow, if you were a bloke, you'd have a really long schlong.' This still makes me giggle x

  6. Loved your answer for have you been on TV! I'm really fussy about public toilets and would rather not use them at all. Problem with that is I passed the problem on to my girls - my 4 year old is now having problems going to the toilet at school and my 18 year old NEVER uses them! great post Di - I have learnt lots!
    Popping over from Blogs and PR

    1. You've probably learnt too much! LOL. Thanks for visiting :)

  7. Love 3 (live long and prosper); completely agree with 10 (social anxiety - can't tinkle if people are listening and public loos with short doors are the WORST); and #2 - dunno who Nick Frost is but he needs to get over himself!

    1. I'm glad lots of people agree with my public toilet quirk, now I don't feel like such a freak! LOL :)

  8. What a crack up Di - love that you're a trekkie fan - classic! I'm a Battlestar Gallactica geek! LOVE THAT SHIT! I always put a protective layer of toilet paper on public loos, just in case! Emily - visiting via TUST for Blogs and PR

    1. Ooh, I used to watch a bit a Battlestar, too. Gotta love a fellow sci-fi fan! :)

  9. I also suffer from foot claustrophobia! And here I've suffered in silence for all these years. We could have a support group.

  10. I love this post - I love finding out more about other bloggers (you can probably guess by already the fact that I host a confession link up each week!) I have a dream to go to ComicCon one year in San Diego to indulge my pop culture obsessions - I have been very well indoctrinated by my husband :) BTW, my dream superhero combo would be Ryan Reynold's version of the Green Lantern and Stephen Amell's version of the Green Arrow...I'll just finish there so I can fantasise some more! Thanks for linking up!

    1. I would love to go to ComicCom too! I'm loving your superhero sex combo; maybe they could have an abs-off! Thanks for hosting the confession link up, I'm glad I found it :)

  11. Your first random fact - I am exactly the same!!! I have the worst memory ever!!! I am also quite fussy about public toilets :-)

    1. High Five! Makes me feel better when others have similar foibles :)

  12. I always try to get the end cubicle too! Hehe!


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