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REVIEW: Maggi Stir Fry Creations

This is a Product Talk by Nuffnang post.

Maggi Stir Fry Creations

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was able to try the new Stir Fry Creations range from Maggi, as part of Product Talk. This range introduces us to a unique two-step process where you first coat the meat in Infusion Paste, then follow up with the Finishing Sauce right at the end. This is designed to create a depth of flavour, so your mid-week stir fry can still be quick and easy to prepare, but also be balanced and delicious.

The five flavours in the range are:
- Honey, Soy & Garlic
- Teriyaki & Sesame
- Sweet Chilli, Ginger & Lemongrass
- Chinese Five Spice & Soy
- Garlic & Ginger

I like the idea behind the Maggi Stir Fry Creations range, because adding flavour layering seems to raise the stir fry to a restaurant quality meal. However, in practice, I found that cooking it took me a bit longer than it normally does on stir fry night, due to working with a Paste and a Sauce (as opposed to just one jar of sauce) and the addition of more equipment, as the recipe asks that you cover the meat in the Infusion Paste in a separate bowl while you prepare the vegetables. This was extra washing up for me! The great thing about the stir fry is that it's a one-pot wonder. Chuck it all in the wok, cook it and you're done. I guess I just want my stir fries to be quick, easy and hassle-free, and having to use a separate bowl made it a bit fiddly. I'm a fan of the packaging; the packets are perforated down the middle and pull apart easily. The instructions on the back are clear and easy to follow, and they've even put a little Simply Add section that spells it out in case you don't know what goes in a stir fry (lol).

I really enjoyed the flavour of the Teriyaki & Sesame Chicken. It was delicious and much stronger than the flavours I normally create! I kept this meal simple by just adding chopped carrot and onion, and some 'peas, carrot and corn' from a frozen packet in the freezer. You can accompany the meal with either rice or noodles, and I chose rice. See how it turned out below!

Teriyaki & Sesame Chicken

Sweet Chilli, Ginger & Lemongrass Chicken had a much more subtle flavour, and wasn't as impressive as the Teriyaki & Sesame, but was still very nice. Hubby didn't like it much because he's not a big fan of ginger, however I hardly noticed the ginger! I took the liberty of adding some orange juice and the finely grated zest of an orange, because I have a ton of oranges at the moment and need to get rid of them and I thought the flavours would go well together. Vegetable-wise, I added carrot, onion, sugar snap peas and choi sum (I still don't know what this is, but it sounds fancy!). Finished meal is below!

Sweet Chilli, Ginger & Lemongrass Chicken

I didn't receive Garlic & Ginger Chicken (probably a good thing, given hubby's ginger aversion), but can't wait to try Honey, Soy & Garlic Chicken and especially Chinese Five Spice & Soy Beef, because a beef stir fry will make a nice change from the chicken ones!

These products are stocked nationally in Coles, Woolworths and Independent supermarkets for $3.29 RRP.

Disclaimer: This is a Product Talk by Nuffnang post. This is not a sponsored post (no money was accepted/offered). This review is my honest opinion.

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  1. I love stir fry and I think I cook stir fries and Mexican food better then Lebanese food hahaha. I also love things that will make my life easier.

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