Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Favourites!

I'm loving so many products at the moment! Here are five of them .....

The Body Shop Eye Palette in Smoky Copper
This is a sturdy, well-designed flip-lid palette with a large mirror and four gorgeous shades that deliver. I'm a sucker for shimmery bronze hues, and this palette houses four highly wearable colours. The lightest can be used for highlighting, the next one for all over the lid, then the coppery shimmer for the socket and the darkest brown for the outer edges. I'm getting so much use out of this, it's really become my go-to palette. Ultra-flattering, great-wearing and gorgeous coppery bronzes and browns. LOVE!

Clinique Powder Blush in Iced Lotus
I used this every day for a long time until recently, when I graduated to a coral blush from BYS (which I'm loving). It's a highly pigmented very light pretty pink with a shimmer that I'm almost certain came in a Gift With Purchase (GWP), because I never buy individual blushes from Clinique. I think I'll start using this as an eyeshadow, just so that I don't use The Body Shop palette every single day.

Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer
This is a sample size I received from Ry as part of a bunch of review products, and you can read my initial thoughts here. The more I use this product, the more I fall in love with it. It really is one of the best Dermalogica products I've ever used (right up there with the Daily Microfoliant). It smooths the surface of my skin and provides a great base for makeup as well as mattifying and extending the wear of my foundation and/or concealer.

Innoxa Antioxidant Lip Glaze in Tangerine
This was given to me by a friend, and it has become a firm favourite of mine. This is saying a lot, because I will always prefer lipstick over lip gloss, and generally dislike the way gloss, or glaze in this case, makes my lips feel. However, the Innoxa glaze is light on the lips, non-sticky and a beautiful consistency. The tangerine colour is subtle and pretty and the fragrance reminds me of vanilla cupcakes! Also, I've been putting some on during my makeup application and by the time I'm ready for lipstick, it actually seems to have plumped my pout, leaving my lips luscious and healthy looking. Sometimes I even leave it on and forego the lippy, although this is really hard given my fondness for lipstick!

NAT Agebloc Eye Cream
I received this product to trial from Facial Co. and was expecting big things when I read that it's to be used as an alternative to Botox injections! (No, I've never tried Botox, but we all know the effects that has!). Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised when I massaged this white cream in and saw how smooth and tightened my under-eye area was. I have a few fine lines in this area, but NAT Agebloc reduces them significantly, pretty much to the point where I can barely notice them. I haven't had this kind of success with any other wrinkle treatment cream, so will definitely be buying a tube of this once I've finished my current one. Another plus is that it absorbs quickly and can be worn under makeup. Nothing worse than finding an awesome eye cream that makes you look younger but rubs off as soon as you dab your concealer on!

Disclaimer: The Body Shop I bought; Clinique part of a GWP; Innoxa gifted by a friend; Dermalogica provided for trial/review purposes; NAT provided for trial purposes. This is not a sponsored post (no money was offered or received). All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow!!! You def got great products here. I am interested in trying out the eye palette for it has great shades on it. These shades will def create different gorgeous looks.

    1. Yeah, the eye palette is great! Versatile, and from memory, a bargain because I think I got it from an online sale The Body Shop were having.


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