Friday, November 15, 2013

My First Lust Have It Women's Box!

I was lucky enough to win a Lust Have It beauty box from The Plastic Diaries site recently (thanks Kimberly!). This is really exciting for me, because despite being a complete beauty nut, I don't subscribe to any of the beauty box services, such as BellaBox, Lust Have It or Violet Box. I'm already swimming in samples, and don't really like the idea of paying for them when I can get them for free. Of course, the easily-obtained freebies are usually the smaller sachet-type samples, not the full-size products you often get with these subscription services.

The box I was sent was a Lust Have It Women's Box (or Classic Beauty Box). It's a grey, sturdy floral-patterned box with a flip-top lid that closes magnetically. I can see myself reusing this box for storing makeup and samples, because it's pretty cute. They have recently changed their boxes to a more splashy colourful design, however the one I got, although pretty, was grey.

Paula's Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum
Seacret Pure Body Lotion
Nude By Nature Papaw Ointment
The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Lip Gloss in Wild Orange
TIGI Recharge Shampoo (sachet)
TIGI Recharge Conditioner (sachet)
TIGI Elasticate Shampoo (sachet)
TIGI Elasticate Conditioner (sachet)

The pick of the bunch for me is the Paula's Choice Retinol Serum. I haven't tried this brand, but I know lots of beauty bloggers rave about it, so I can't wait to give it a go. More Papaw (I feel like it should be Paw Paw) Ointment always comes in handy (I think I've got one of those red Lucas' Papaw tubes hiding around the house somewhere). I don't really need anymore body lotion, so I'm considering giving the Seacret away as a Christmas gift. To be completely honest, The Natural Source lip gloss looks really cheap to me, like it's worth about $2.50 (even though the info sheet lists it at RRP $12.95). I do love the TIGI range of haircare, so will definitely make use of the shampoo and conditioner sample sachets.

Overall, I'm glad I have a personal insight into the world of beauty boxes now (well Lust Have It, anyway), but I'm still not convinced I need to subscribe to any of these services any time soon.

Disclaimer: I won this box; all opinions are my own. This is a non-sponsored post.

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