Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Another Lazy LUSH Haul

I say lazy because I bought this lot back in December, at the rather exciting Lush sale. It's taken me this long to blog it, which is particularly sad because I couldn't use any of it until I'd photographed it! All of these products were half price (YAY!), because this bitch knows how to shop.

Enjoy the off-centreness of this photo. That takes skill.

Products bought:
Snow Fairy Limited Edition shower gel 250g
Snow Fairy Limited Edition shower gel 500g
Angel's Delight soap
Snowcake soap
Woweeee - containing.....
Whoosh Shower Jelly 100g
Ponche Shower Gel 50g
Red Fun
Honey I Washed The Kids soap

I present, the much-hyped stuff of legend...... Snow Fairy! A limited edition shower gel that's only available at Christmas time, I was determined not to miss out again. It's pink, pretty and smells ah-mazing. Like sweet fairyfloss or bubblegum. And that's just from flipping the lid, I haven't even showered with it yet!

So nice I bought it twice? Half price!

Snowcake soap, Angel's Delight soap

On to the WOWEEEE...

Woweeee has four e's. It's a fact.

Only 2 O's in Whoosh? You're not trying Lush!

Ponche is a strong-smelling orange juice, plum and cinnamon based shower gel with a hit of tequila  It packs quite a punch, but is fun and fruity.

I love Whoosh shower jelly. It contains lemon, lime, graprefruit and rosemary and is very ocean-breezy!

Honey I Washed The Kids soap is mild, gentle and subtle, and as the name suggests, perfect to use on your kids! It smells of toffee and honeycomb. Sweet!

FUN I've previously received as a PR sample (in blue) but I've never actually used it on myself, unlike the other products in Woweeee. Instead I let my son play with it in the bath, then washed him with it. I forgot to put it back in the wrap after though, and it kind of melted into a blue globby mess. This has four uses (soap, shampoo, bubblebath and malleable dough) so I'll be testing these out AND storing it properly this time!

Disclaimer: All products were bought by me.

What's your all-time favourite Lush product?


  1. Ah I love Lush so much!! I love their massage bars and all their bath bombs and soaps.
    I've always wanted to try the Whoosh shower jelly though! How is it?


    1. Whoosh is energising and refreshing, great for a morning shower! It's a bit odd rubbing a jelly on yourself, but it's a bit of fun. I love the smell of it! Thanks for visiting :)

  2. I love their lip colours!

    The Urban Ma blog -

    1. cool! I've never actually tried them (or any of the makeup range). I'm addicted to the soaps, shower gels, bath bombs etc though :)

  3. You crack me up the way up the way your 'talk'! Nice to see you around the traps again!

  4. I LOVE Snow Fairy!!! I really wish I had stocked up, I hardly have any left!

    I did a LUSH Haul on my new blog, I'd love it if you checked it out :)

    Hayley x

    1. I am using mine sparingly in the hope it lasts a while! Will check out your blog, thanks for visiting :)


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