Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ulta3 Blossom Fever Mani!

Ulta3 Blossom Fever is a gorgeous, creamy nude with fleshy pink undertones that has a lovely glossy finish. I used two thin coats. There were streaks after the first coat, but I was able to even it out during the second coat application. This shade is very flattering and forgiving if your nails are not in the best shape, as the nude tone is subtle and doesn't stand out like a bold red would. An added bonus is the optical illusion of elegant, elongated fingers!

I picked this baby up in my recent Colourful Ulta3 Mini Haul where it actually photographed as pale yellow?! Weird.

This would be a beautiful shade to wear to an office job or on your Wedding Day if you were trying to be conservative! It reminds me of my nude Zoya shade 'Diem', (which I blogged about here), but with a lower sparkle factor. I really love this colour and am chuffed that it has dried without me smudging it at all!

As always, Ulta3 nail colours are $2 each and available from selected Target stores, Terry White Chemists, Blooms the Chemist, Good Price Pharmacies, Chem Mart and other selected pharmacies.

What's your favourite nude coloured nail polish?


  1. That's a really pretty nude nail colour :)

  2. THis looks like quiet a classic and sophisticated shade on you. : )
    Renee x


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