Friday, August 14, 2015

A Beauty-Full Clinique Win!

Recently, I was very lucky to win a truly amazing prize from Clinique, which you may have seen on my Instagram. I'm so thrilled to have won these beautiful goodies worth over $1800! You'll notice there's a red theme and that's because it's the Passion Pop prize, based on the deep red Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer Lipstick of the same name. It's been ages since I've shared any of my competition wins on the blog, but I couldn't resist posting about this beautiful prize!

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Passion Pop
Stylish packaging, a classic deep rich red colour with an inbuilt moisturising primer and a demi-matte finish, this lippie sounds fabulous. I haven't played with it yet, because I wanted to ensure my blog post was done first in case I needed more photos (fellow bloggers will understand this!).

$500 Flight Centre Gift Card
I don't know what we'll use this for yet, but I'm excited to discuss the options with my family!

The Big Book Of Chic
This huge and very heavy book is stunning! It features the quirky, artistic designs of Miles Redd, an internationally acclaimed Interior Decorator. Flicking through the pages is a real eye-opener! With every new page comes more opulence, luxury and beauty. Inspiring designs but perhaps a tad out of my budget! I can't wait to have a detailed look through this gorgeous book. I've included some photos from inside at the bottom of this post.

Adriano Zumbo Zumbarons
I have Adriano's book 'Zumbo' (thanks hubby), so we were able to look up what flavour the cult biscuits were, by matching them to the photos by the recipes. It was a toss-up between Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Kalamata Olive. Of course they were the Olive ones which is hilarious because I hate olives! So I tried one and my husband got the other three.

Apple iPad Mini 2 (16GB) with Red Rotating iPad Mini Case
How awesome is it to win an iPad Mini! Hubby couldn't wait to set it up so he could play Clash of Clans on it instead of his phone. The pinky-red case is super-cute with a great design and it's really sturdy and well-made. Love!

Tamara Mellon Red Patent Leather Pumps
Jesus Christ, you guys. These shoes are worth a whopping $750! I'm pretty much in complete shock that I now own a designer pair of heels worth $750. These are the sexiest shoes I've ever seen. The colour is striking, the design's stunning and they just look amazing. It even says "I love you xx" on the inside. I'm too scared to try them on much less wear them. I need a solid month of just looking at them first.

Here's a peek at some random pages from Miles Redd's 'The Big Book Of Chic'...

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Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Clinique in any way. It was my decision to post about this win and I'm pretty sure Clinique don't even know I have a blog. lol. The last four photos depict the work of Miles Redd, taken from his book The Big Book Of Chic.


  1. Thosr shoes!!! Eee!! So gorgeous!! Safe to say, I love that lipstick! Lol! Lucky duck, what a fabbo prize!!

    1. I know! Almost too much gorgeousness! Hehe, I thought you'd 'love that lippie'! :D

    2. Fo sho! Lol 😊

  2. What a fabulous prize!! Congratulations, I'd be pretty stoked with it too!

  3. OMG !! this is such a fabulous prize !! The lipstick and the shoes stunning :) Love Zumbo , yumm !
    You should share other prizes too on the blog , its fun to see :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Saumya! I'm never sure if non-compers are interested in seeing wins blogged!

  4. you are so lucky!!!! those shoes, omg!

    Congrats beautiful! I hope you and your family can go on holiday somewhere real nice :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Wow! Nice one!!! That is one impressive win!!!

  6. holy moly!!! great win!!! congrats hun :) xx

  7. Congratulations on your amazing win!

  8. Those pumps are everything !!!! DF xo

  9. When I saw your photo of this prize on Instagram I thought the lippie and macarons were just pictures on the cover of the book! Lol!

    Wowsers! Those hot red shoes are so stunning! You are going to feel so amazing whenever you wear them! Enjoy!

    1. Haha, I didn't even think of that! Thanks Ingrid, yeah the shoes are stunning!

  10. Wow, what a fabulous prize to win! Congrats! I remember entering this on Facebook I think? Those shoes are gorgeous but I personally never wear heels much! Hope you rock them.


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