Monday, March 28, 2016

Mani/Review: Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-In-1 Nail Treatment*

Sally Hansen Complete Care Nail Treatment contains sea salt. Freaky!

Hi guys! Today I'm talking about the Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-In-1 Nail Treatment* I was sent, but I'm also featuring a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel manicure, in Up The Ante* (which I've blogged about before here). I was excited to try out this new nail treatment, as I rarely apply any sort of treatment to my nails! I'm amazed they hold up as well as they do, given all I do is file them weekly. This product is designed to be used as a base coat, nail treatment and top coat. First up, here's what Sally Hansen say about the treatment:

"Whether your nail problem is dryness, ridges, dullness, breakage, peeling, or all of the above, Sally Hansen presents the solution: new Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment. This product helps restore dry, brittle nails making them visibly healthier and beautiful. After just 3 days, nails look shinier, stronger, mega-moisturized and brighter with ridges filled."

"The exclusive patented formula, with Avocado Oil, Sea Salt, Pomegranate Extract and Calcium, immediately protects and continuously nourishes nails, helping create the perfect foundation for any manicure. The product features a new brush for an even application and dries quickly to a smooth, hard finish."

The Complete Care treatment comes in quite a sturdy, pink, square glass bottle and contains 13.3mls of product. The treatment itself is clear and shiny, as you would expect with a top coat. I like that it's multi-use; this is great for people like me who can't be stuffed buying a top coat, a base coat and a nail treatment. Honestly, I would buy a top coat and that's it, the rest of my nail polish purchases would be on actual shades, as let's face it, that's the exciting bit!

I used this a couple of different ways. Firstly, I applied it as a base coat, then applied my nail polish colour as usual, then used it as a top coat to finish my manicure. I did this with two different manicures (including the purple Up The Ante one featured below) as I was really trying to test out the product. The other way was to apply two coats on its own. This is quite wearable and pretty on its own, given its shiny finish.

My nails with two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Care applied

I would say this treatment worked moderately well. As I said, I've used it on three separate occasions now, so its had ample opportunity to work its magic. I didn't see an immediate improvement in the condition of my nails, but over time they have gotten stronger. My nails are breaking less, but I'm still getting little bits peeling off the ends. They are much harder, appear brighter and seem like they in a good condition right now, so I'm thinking the effects of this treatment are cumulative. I'm going to keep using it and see if I get even better results over time.

This is a good product to get if you're a no-fuss person who can't be bothered with owning bottles of this, that and the other, and you just want one bottle you can use as a base coat, nail treatment and top coat.

Left bottle: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Up The Ante

You can buy Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-In-1 Nail Treatment for $19.95 from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Big W, KMart, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies.

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Do you bother with nail treatments? Which one do you use?


  1. I'm currently using this Sally Hansen 7 in 1 nail treatment & I completely love it. I did find my nails were healthy, no peeling, breakage. It works wonderfully well as base & top coat..

    1. Yay, that's great! My nails are stronger, I just need to use it for longer I think :)

  2. Sounds worth checking out; my nails are heaps more brittle and super ridgey after having my daughter. Love that Up The Ante colour!

    1. Yeah, it's mega pretty! And this mani is still going strong - must be the combination of miracle gel with this CC treatment as a top and base coat. Normally I'd have chips by now lol.

  3. I love this stuff!! I personally think it is a bit rubbish as a top coat but is a perfect base coat! Even better than my old HG base old the Sally Hansen Diamond strength nail strengthener

    1. I've never tried the Diamond Strength one. I don't have that many nail care products, which is why an all-rounder is great :)

  4. I need to try this! My nails are normally very thick but lately they've been breaking more often so hopefully this will give me the same effect as it did for you!! Great review!

    Jasmine :)


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