Friday, January 19, 2018

Netflix Recommendations: The Good Place, Riverdale & More!

Hello guys! Nothing has changed, I am still watching a lot of Netflix, so much so that I'll be doing a March Movie Challenge in a few months, because I feel like I'm neglecting movies, and once upon a time they were my jam! This will involve attempting to see 30 films in a month, so stay tuned for that madness! Stop putting out so many great TV shows, Netflix, you're ruining my life! Haha. Here are my latest recommendations....

I watched the first season of this and loved it, and while season 2 isn't as good in my opinion, it's still worth a watch. Easy is definitely an acquired taste and won't be everyones cup of tea. It's an Amercian comedy-drama anthology series based around a group of intertwined friends based in Chicago as they explore sex, love, relationships and friendship. Each episode is self-contained and features different characters and a storyline that is resolved in that episode. That being said, there are a few recurring characters that feature in more than one episode, and these are the most interesting in my opinion, as I feel a connection and familiarity with them. Easy can be quite racy and sexual at times, with the connecting theme being relationships, of all kinds. Watch it after the kids are in bed!

Two words: Cole Sprouse. Haha, OK so this extremely popular show has more going for it than just Jughead, but still, he has to be acknowledged. New weekly episodes are being released again starting January 18, so your gang is back, baby! If you don't know, Riverdale is based on the characters from Archie Comics. You've probably heard of Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead and the all-girl band Josie and the Pussycats; well this is them modernised, for the kids of today. And it's done well! There's teen drama, romance and a ton of mystery and intrigue. It actually gets quite dark in places, which I didn't expect. You should definitely check this out, you'll be hooked after the first few episodes, and I guarantee you'll be Googling 'Cole Sprouse' in no time!

This is just some good old-fashioned trashy, soapy, deliciously ridiculous fun that you can put on and escape into. I never watched the original Dynasty from the 80's, but you really don't need any knowledge of that show to enjoy this. Eagle-eyed readers will spot Grant Show, of Melrose Place fame (anyone old enough to remember that 90's gem?) in the photo, and it's so great seeing him back on my TV. He's 55 now, and has definitely aged well! My favourite character is Fallon Carrington, who is brimming with confidence, bitchiness and the show's best witty one-liners. Marvel at the over-the-top antics of the filthy rich and watch in awe of the powerful force that is Fallon. If you're feeling down, Dynasty is the best show to escape into and forget your problems. And after a break, new episodes are being released weekly, starting January 18. So it's back on!

The Good Place
This is a really entertaining and funny comedy starring one of my faves, Kristen Bell, and Ted Danson. Hubby and I binged the first season and have now caught up. It kind of sucks having to wait for one episode a week, because you're not as invested in the story when you haven't watched six episodes in a row, but what can you do, lol. This tells the story of Eleanor Shellstrop who finds herself in the afterlife. She's shocked to learn that she's in the Good Place, since she wasn't the best person during her time on Earth. Turns out it's a mistake, and Eleanor must try to become a better version of herself, with the help of her soulmate Chidi and seemingly perfect neighbours Tahani and Jianyu. This is hilarious, endearing and really easy to watch. Highly recommended!

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What's your favourite TV show at the moment?


  1. Ohh the good place sounds fab for me and hubby to start watching

    1. Yes, I love watching it with my husband. Give it a go, it's pretty light and funny!

  2. I am obsessed with Riverdale! It’s fantastic!! I hate that it’s been on holidays though :(

    Laura ||

  3. I had forgotten Riverdale and Dynasty were back yesterday - skipping on over ASAP to catch up! I grew up reading mum's old Archie comics - the show still weirds me out but I love it!
    Ebony x

    1. I've been hanging out for them to return! I never read the comics, but the show's great. xx

  4. Oh dear, you happen to have found my guilty pleasure when it comes to TV shows and that's riverdale. I never thought I'd get into it but, due to peer pressure, I tried it out and it gave me instantly Cole Sprouse Suite life of Zack and Cody nostalgia! x
    Marina xx

    1. So many people love Riverdale! I've never actually seen Cole in Suite Life of Zack and Cody, that would be interesting to check out! xx

  5. I wrote a list of our fave Netflix shows this week since that's basically all hubs and I do together. We LOVED The Good Place and have just started on Riverdale, I'm not hooked yet but everything I've read has me certain I will be soon.


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