Sunday, February 25, 2018

LUSH Think Pink Gift!

Hi guys! I've been so excited about my Lush Think Pink Gift ever since hubby bought it as my Valentine's Day present, I just had to tell you about it! This isn't a limited edition Valentine's Day gift, so it's available all year round, despite it not being listed on the Lush website. Let's get into it!

First of all, Think Pink is huge! The octagonal box is honestly so feminine and pretty; it's covered in a pink and red floral design that's super cheerful to look at. I'll definitely be keeping the box to re-use, I only wish the cardboard was sturdier so I didn't have to worry about it breaking or losing its unique shape.

Inside is a whopping ten pink-themed products and a information booklet that details product info along with photos (which is just as well, because the individually wrapped bath products are not labelled). As it's a Gift, there's a gift tag with To and From areas to fill out for your intended recipient, and a quick guide to the products, as well as the quote 'banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige'. Indeed! And now on to the pretty in pink Lushness!

~ Think Pink Bath Bomb (200g)
~ Twilight Bath Bomb (200g)
~ Sakura Bath Bomb (200g)
~ Rose Jam Shower Gel (100g)
~ The Comforter Shower Cream (100g)
~ The Comforter Bubble Bar (100g)
~ Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (100g)
~ Pink Fun (100g)
~ Rock Star Soap (100g)
~ Bubblegum Lip Scrub (25g)

Left-Right: Twilight, Think Pink & Sakura Bath Bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb
Twilight is a light pink hue with white specks and features a star and moon design. With its comforting tonka and soothing lavender scent, I can totally see myself watching my bf Robert Pattinson in Twilight on a Friday night then dipping into a relaxing Twilight bath before bed!

Think Pink Bath Bomb
This reformulated bomb promises fabulous fuchsia foam, streams of sparkle and super soft skin. The ultimate in girly fun, it would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon pamper session!

Sakura Bath Bomb
This is a white bomb speckled with colour that was inspired by Japanese cherry blossom, jasmine and mimosa. With hints of citrus from lemon oil and orange flower, Sakura is a predominantly floral scented beauty.

The Comforter Bubble Bar, Rose Jam Shower Gel & The Comforter Shower Cream

Rose Jam Shower Gel
Aahh, one of my all-time favourite shower gels! I adore the rosy Turkish Delight scent of this gorgeous dark pink cleanser. I try to stock up every year in the Lush Boxing Day Sale (because half price is everything). You can read my review here.

The Comforter Shower Cream
'Cassis absolute knits together with sweet vanilla, wrapping you in homely blackcurrant comfort.' Although I prefer the Lush shower gels to their shower creams, I am drawn to the rich pink colour of this, and it smells ah-mazing!

The Comforter Bubble Bar
Hot damn, this fuchsia and white hued swirly bubble bar smells delicious! It's obviously in the same scent family as The Comforter shower cream, and the strong blackcurrant fruity fragrance is definitely my cup of tea!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Pink FUN

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
The Creamy Candy bubble bar has an orange flower set into its top and smells super sweet, like fairy floss! It's filled with Fair Trade cocoa butter and comforting vanilla absolute and is said to provide a higher level of moisturisation thanks to the addition of an almond and cocoa butter blend that melts onto the surface of the water!

Pink FUN
Because why should kids have all the Fun? My son always has a Lush FUN on the go (think Speedboat, Sea Monster and Rainbow) but this fruity, candy fragranced soft pink playdough-like soap is all mine! I'm going to feel like a kid again as I make shapes with my Fun before cleansing in its pink goodness!

Rock Star Soap, Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Rock Star Soap
This chunky baby pink star is a super sweet soap that I last tried back in 2013, when my blog text was as pink as this soap! (see here). Incidentally it also used to be a rectangle shape, but now the shape matches the name, although they could alternate as it's rectangular on the website! Rock Star contains coconut oil and vanilla absolute, and gives a lovely creamy lather.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Polishing your pucker is one of the funnest things you can do with your mouth (ooh-err!) and I'm super excited to now have this Bubblegum scrub in my collection! I'm a big fan of lip scrubs, and even though they are more fun than necessary, the sweet candy flavour of this will definitely have me reaching for it on the reg!

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Would you buy a Lush gift for friends, family or yourself?


  1. So much pink and so much to enjoy in that gift set - lucky you!

  2. What an amazing little gift box inside! I loveee the Comforter Shower Cream! It smells AMAZING! I just found one in the back of my drawer yesterday that I need to use.

    Laura || xx

    1. I can't wait to try The Comforter shower cream, it smells so good! xx

  3. Lush stuff always looks so pretty! If I ever get to live in a house with a bathtub again, I reckon my first stop would be for their bath bombs!

    1. For sure! When our bathroom was renovated we didnt have a tub and I really missed my baths!

  4. LUSH really are so creative! There are so many amazing products, its so hard to choose just a few faves. I like the sound of the lip scrub and the rose jam shower gel.

    1. Rose Jam is a personal fave of mine. It has the most amazing scent!

  5. I adore Lush products, they all smell so amazing it’s hard to choose. This is such a great gift box, I should send this post to my husband for a not so subtle hint haha.


  6. I have to get the Pink FUN! Love the look of everyhting in this collection.

    Amy |

  7. This is such an amazing set!! I really want it for myself but think my bestie who is having a baby girl soon would love it much more :)

    1. What a perfect gift for your bestie! She'd be so thrilled I reckon!

  8. Ooh what a beautiful gift you lucky thing!!
    Ebony x

  9. This looks like such a great gift!! I love Lush's bath bombs!

    1. Yes! The variety is extensive and the different fragrances always get me!

  10. the lip scrub is the best thing ever! I need this box in my life, amazing goodies and of course, PINK!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  11. That is such a good gift idea. Lush's bath bombs are my favorite.

  12. Just wow, I am loving all the pink in here, The Rose Jam Shower Gel sounds so delicious :) I love Lush products, definitely need to check these, great to have these all year round.

    1. You can never have too much pink, right? The Rose Jam is the best, one of my faves!

  13. It's all so pretty! I think Lush is a beautiful gift for a new Mumma who deserves some pampering

    1. Yes, a new Mum would really appreciate some pampering time in a bubble bath!

  14. What a fantastic gift. Enjoy it, I think it's awesome!

  15. I love all things pink and I absolutely love LUSH! I think I need to go Lush shopping to get this box!


  16. Wow. Now I can see why you liked Valentine's day so much!! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 9/52. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps 2.

    1. Haha, yes, I did love Valentine's Day and this pressie had a lot to do with it, haha!

  17. Ten pink products!! I'll get my friend this for her birthday next month... and maybe I'll pick one up for myself too hehe

    Iz -

  18. these look amazing! we were in Prague last week and saw the store and i really did not know these are that good since i read this post. i should have bought some! such an amazing little gift box x
    have a wonderful day!

  19. I got a smaller version of this for my birthday. The bottles or cream products are great for me but the bath bombs always trigger my hayfever!

    1. Oh no! I have hayfever too, but they don't effect me thank goodness!

  20. I see that they have changed the comforter bubble bar. It looks better now. And Twilight bath bomb is absoulutely one of my favorite.



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