Friday, November 2, 2018

Adelaide Event: CheeseFest + FERMENT Festival!

Hi guys! Last weekend I went to my first ever cheese festival, and after attending, I don't know why I haven't been until now! We had a 'grate' time at the Cheesefest + FERMENT Festival in Rymill Park (in Adelaide if you're not a local) on Sunday. The weather was beautiful, providing perfect conditions for an outdoor event. We were all handed a wine glass upon entry (even Mr 11 - don't worry, he only used his for water!), then were able to wander around the many stalls that were dotted around a closed off area within the parklands off East Terrace.

I was happy to see there was an area for kids, with games like Jenga, Snakes and Ladders and even a table tennis table set up, as I was a bit worried my son would get bored being at a cheese and wine event all day! He's quite fussy, so I was super proud when he tried a few meat, cheese and chocolate samples, and thankfully there was food he liked available to buy; think chips, ice cream and the yummiest chocolate brownies ever (yes, I tried some of his!). I'm sorry to say the brownie disappeared before I could even get a photo!

We were lucky enough to get an early seat for the live cooking demonstration by Masterchef's Matt Preston, as the area got super-packed. Matt was funny and entertaining and truly a larger than life character.

Unfortunately they had run out of the tote bags we were supposed to receive upon arrival, and it was a bit awkward sampling cheeses and buying food whilst carrying around a wine glass all day. I wanted to try a weird beer, so I got the apple and pomegranate: big mistake! Honestly, it was the worst beer I've ever tried! I made up for it by sampling a lot of Rose wine until I found one I liked, then bought a glass of that. Yes way, Rose!

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What's your favourite type of food festival?


  1. Omg! I really love cheese! Lol. Great post

  2. I was initially gonna say that I'm a bit meh about cheese but then I saw the biscuits and other food. And wine! Oh my god, as long as there's an allocated driver or public transport it sounds wonderful!

    I love also that there was an area for kids and might suggest that as something our local food & wine festival could look at adopting!

    1. Yes I had hubby as my allocated driver hehe. The kids area was so good and not too packed either!


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