Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Face of Australia Colour Max Eyeshadow

Pictured above: Jasper (top), Lolite (bottom).

rrp $8.50

Shades available: Jasper, Lolite, Pearl, Quartz, Crystal

These are made with a gel powder formulation and are highly pigmented. So far, I've tried Lolite (a silvery blue shade) and Jasper (a light bronzey-brown shade, that I'm SO in love with). I continued to use Jasper even after it fell on the floor and broke up, salvaging what I could from the bits that didnt escape the little container. It's such an easy to use eyeshadow, gliding on easily and providing a richness of colour that doesn't wear off easily during the day. Jasper is a sparkly light brown that's great as a base over the eyelid, that you can then add richer and deeper browns to, towards the edge of the eye. I'm not as enamoured with Lolite, but think I will try Crystal in the future. These pots are incredibly affordable at only $8.50 each. Also, twice when I've visited Big W, they've been on special for around the $5.50 mark. Bargain!

FOA says: "The revolutionary liquid matrix process in which the colours are produced, create powder coated pearls which allow the colours to glide on for an iridescent silky finish that will have your eyes sparkling." I'm not going to write a fairytale, but I will say they are quite good for the money. If you are on a budget or just need a new eyeshadow and don't want to fork out big bucks, go check out Face of Australia. Obviously there are better eyeshadows out there, and maybe it's purely the shade that I love, but I know I'll be getting another Jasper in the future.

Face of Australia stockists are Big W, KMart, Priceline and selected Pharmacies nationally.

Have you tried FOA Eyeshadows?

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