Friday, February 4, 2011

Kublai Khan Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant

I'm going to post my Restaurant experiences on here. Keep in mind, we have a three year old, so these will not be trendy eateries or the latest hotspot, more so family restaurants or local places we like. Also, I'm not a Restaurant Connoisseur, so this will just be a simple look at some places to eat.

1/3 St Anns Place
Parkside SA 5063

This place is great for a different experience; we've dined here three times and still find it fun. Basically, the main course, the "Victory Feast", involves selecting your own meats, vegetables and sauces in a bowl, handing it to the Chef, and watching him cook it in minutes on a giant hotplate. You then take your bowl and top it with rice or noodles and there you have it, your own bowl of mongolian barbecue.
The meats are frozen and rolled up; you can choose from pork, beef, lamb or chicken (I put all but beef in at once because I'm a fussy-ass with the vegetables, but hubby only does one meat at a time!).
The vegies are carrot, celery, cabbage, onion, beansprouts, mushrooms, pineapple and tomato.

The sauces include soy, ginger water, vinegar, cooking wine, sweet and sour, hot pepper, sesame and parsley. There is a Sauce Guide to help you know how many scoops to put in for a mild or hot sauce, but I ignore this each and every time.
There are also unlimited prawn chips at the rice/noodle station.
AND you can return as many times as you like. I could only eat one and a half bowls last time we went but hubby had five. What a legend, lol. You can try different combination of meats, vegies and sauces every time. It's quite good fun.
For Dessert we had (and always have!) the "Special Steamboat Dessert Chocolate Hot Pot" which they mix at your table, stirring Tia Maria into the melting chocolate with large chopsticks. This is for a minimum of 2 people. You dip cut up pieces of apple and banana plus marshmallows into the chocolate. Fucking yum. Here's a hot tip: select a large piece of apple and put it aside on your plate. When you've finished the rest of your fruit/marshmallows, this will be your re-dipping piece. Only the apple has the structural integrity to withstand multiple dipping. You use this piece to finish the rest of the chocolate. Trust me it works :)

The decor is interesting. And by interesting, I mean shit. Just kidding. It's by no means modern, but with all the little lights and decorations, it kind of always looks like Christmas in there :)
T'was quite busy on a Saturday night (d'uh) and I thought the tables were a bit too close together, resulting in a few people having trouble moving around and getting to the food bit.

So we had the KUBLAI KHANS SPECIAL BANQUET (minimum 2 people) which is an Entree, the Buffet main course and the Chocolate Steamboat dessert. For an adult, this only cost $25.00 per person. Such a good deal!

Website which I don't think they've updated in years:

Have you been? Let me know your thoughts!

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