Friday, July 8, 2011

Land Of The Lost

Starring: Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Anna Friel. 
Genre: Comedy

This remake is based on the 1974 Land of the Lost television series. Paleontologist Rick Marshall is stuck in a thankless, lowly job as the result of his sucky interview with Matt Lauer becoming a viral hit, which all but ruins his career. Along comes student Holly, his biggest fan, who encourages him to complete making his tachyon amplifier and travel with her to the cave where she found a cigarette lighter fossil. Things go haywire when Rick activates his tachyon amplifier thingy and they are transported through a time warp to fuck knows where, really. The middle of nowhere may suffice. There's Dinosaurs, lizard men, primates and numerous other things from all manner of eras. And they all seem to want to kill our hapless trio.

This movie was a box office failure, but to me, there's something insanely funny about Will Ferrell pouring a large bucket of Dinosaur piss on his head. I also love the Matt Lauer interviews that book-end the movie. And the casual, hilarious banter between Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) and Will Stanton (Danny McBride). It made me wonder how much was improvised. The great thing about Will Ferrell movies is, although there's a script, like many other talented comedic actors, a lot of his lines are improvised.

Interesting trivia; Actor Danny McBride frequently collaborates with Will Ferrell. Ferrell is an Executive Producer on McBride's HBO TV series Eastbound & Down, and also regularly guest-stars. Also, sci-fi buffs will recognise Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, as the voice of The Zarn, the telepathic alien. The original actors who played Holly and Will (Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure) filmed cameos, but they never made it to the final cut.

I could tell it was quite bad when I was watching it, but I didn't care. Will Ferrell entertained me and that's all that mattered. Watch it just to see him pour Dino wee all over himself. Awesome stuff.


  1. Just caught this movie myself last week. I'm a latecomer to the comedic talents of Mr Ferrell. Like you I enjoyed it even though I knew it was pretty bad and found myself snickering a few times at silly things. As a Star Trek fan I did recognise Leonard Nimoy's voice though. It annoys me when I can't pick a voice or a face so appreciate having somewhere I might be able work that stuff out. Cheers

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments! I'm a massive Star Trek fan too :) Also, it really bothers me when I can't pick a voice. I love looking it up afterwards to see who they all were.


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