Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Golden Unicorn

This gorgeous painting is Golden Unicorn by Sabra Scherer from the Epilogue website.  I love the detail in this intricate artwork. Gold acrylic paint was used for the flowing mane. This is the kind of piece that makes me sad I can't draw or basically do anything artistic. Love the colours used, especially the overall green hue. Aaaaaah. Unicorns.


  1. Definitely gorgeous. Also just wanted to tell you that I use Incredimail and only just realised that I chose (ages ago) a very attractive Unicorn as my 'skin'. So apparently I Love Unicorns too. How could you not? Do they get Hendra virus though?

  2. oh YAY a fellow Unicorn lover! I'm sure if they get Hendra virus they could just 'magic' it off?!


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