Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrities in Black Dresses!

I don't know why. But here are six famous ladies in black dresses. YAY!

Dita Von Teese
Dita in a dress she wore in Berlin recently. It's being referred to as a negligee dress but I love it! Her red nails and lips compliment this dress perfectly.

Julia Roberts
Here's Julia at a Fireflies In The Garden premiere. I dont mind the dress but the blazer doesnt really go. I would have liked to see it without the jacket. The shoes look stripperesque but I like them anyway!

Lindsay Lohan
Alleged crackhead hot mess LiLo at a Saints Row event in LA. Hideous. Her foul extensions look cheap and the dress is awful. The pockets don't help. Those (alleged) meth teeth have gotten a lot of publicity this week!

Charlize Theron
I love this Little Black Dress and the shoes are fantastic. Seriously, though, it's Charlize. She'd look good in a potato sack!

Felicity Jones
Felicity is an upcoming actress from new movie Like Crazy (she was also in Chalet Girl). I love this dress! Yes, it's busy but I like that there's a lot happening. Pretty!

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan at this years Emmy Awards in a gorgeous black beaded Eli Saab gown. Old school glamour at it's finest!

What are your thoughts on these dresses? Do you have a favourite?


  1. I have to wonder sometimes if these celebrities need to give their stylists the boot, haha, constantly seeing some real shockers hitting the red carpets of late, what are they thinking??? ;)
    If I had to pick one of these outfits I would have to say Julia's but that is only if I had to, hehe!!

  2. Evan Rachel Wood can do no wrong in my eyes. Hooray for six celebrities in black dresses without knowing why!

  3. Dita all the way. Love that frock! :)


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