Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ulta3 Watermelon Manicure

I'd heard a lot about nailpolish brand Ulta3 but had never tried it myself. This all changed when I saw a big container of polishes at the Chemist for only $2.25 each!

I snagged Watermelon and Party Shoes.

Check out my Ulta3 Watermelon manicure below! The first photo is without flash and the second photo is with flash.

What's your favourite Ulta3 shade?


  1. Love the Watermelon shade - it's the perfect summer hue.

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  2. I'm a big fan of Ulta and have Stardust on my toes at the moment. I love their eye liners too and was very put out when they (apparently) stopped making Taupe but have decided Blonde is a suitable replacement.

  3. I've never actually tried ulta3 polishes, though I've seen them around a lot. The colours don't really appeal to me but I'm quite curious about the formula so might just pick one up to have a sticky beak!

  4. CHECKS AND SPOTS - thanks :)
    Sandy - I've never tried their eyeliners, will have to check them out!
    becomingbeautiful - mine startind wearing off on Day 2. But it was only $2.25.

  5. Ooh lovely. I'm loving ulta3 Mermaid Green at the mo ;)

  6. It's funny how the camera doesn't pick up the true colour. 2 very different colours with and without flash


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