Monday, July 16, 2012

The Body Shop Haul!

So The Body Shop were having an online Clearance Sale. Items were as low as $2.50, $4.00 and $5.00! Personally, the only time I've seen The Body Shop have a sale was when I was in Singapore (and I Hauled then, too). Needless to say, purchases had to be made. I use my own moolah for these sprees, but I still sheepishly approach the hubby afterwards and explain what I did. "I HAD TO!" I exclaim. He replies "that's the wrong use of the word 'had'". Then we both laugh. hehe. Here's what I got.....

Cucumber Cleansing Milk ($2.50!)
Cucumber Freshening Water ($2.50!)
Sweet Lemon Body Scrub ($15.00!)
Tailored Cheek Tint in Hot Pink ($4.00!)
Nature's Minerals Eye Colour in Radiant Graphite ($5.00!)
Nature's Minerals Eye Colour in Molten Bronze ($5.00!)

OK it was $8.95 for delivery, but even when you add that on, I still got all this for $42.95!



  1. Hope the postage wasn't too high? Your hubby sounds lovely. Enjoy all your 'stuff'.

  2. It was $8.95 for delivery, not too bad. Thanks, he is awesome to put up with me, lol. Enjoy it, I shall!

  3. awww such a great hubby you have! And who could argue with THAT haul!!

  4. That's what I thought! LOL, thanks Amanda :)

  5. Oops! Im tempted to throw open my wallet to cucumber based products..they are so light and effective.Thanks for sharing your post.

  6. Enjoy all the products!!!!!

  7. Thanks! That reminds me, I haven't even started on this lot yet :o/


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