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Kambrook Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker Review + Recipes!

I entered a Blogs And PR competition recently where you had to describe your worst ever cooking disaster. I had MANY to choose from, but went with the time I burned microwave popcorn to the point where smoke billowed forth and alarms were going off. I didn't win, but I think they felt sorry for me because Kambrook generously offered to send me a Little Chefs Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker to review. Try my Recipes at your own risk; I made them up and you know what I did with the microwave!

The box :)

The box and the Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker

The Kambrook Little Chefs Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker is extremely easy to assemble and use. Actually, I had barely pulled it from the box and removed the plastic bag, when my five year old had already fitted the chute and cup into place. Awesome, less work for me!

To use, you simply add one measuring cup (provided) of popcorn kernels down the hole, put on the chute and measuring cup, slide a large bowl under the chute to catch the popcorn and turn it on. That's it, the machine does the rest. Just hit the off switch on the side when there are no more popping sounds. Optionally, you can add two tablespoons of butter to the measuring cup that clicks into place on top, and the heat from the cooking process melts the butter. It didn't melt my butter completely, but I may have added a tad too much. The machine does get quite hot during the cooking process, so watch that your kids don't touch it.

The whole process takes less than five minutes, and you get a big bowl of popcorn, to which you can add the melted butter, or use to make any number of recipes. Some of the recipes suggested in the handbook include Madras Popcorn, Chocolate Corn Crackles and Honeycombed Crispy Popcorn.

1 measuring cup worth of freshly popped popcorn

What I Liked
- it's cute
- fun and easy to use
- very easy to follow, clear directions in the Instruction Booklet
- popcorn turned out light and fluffy and perfectly cooked. No burnt bits like you get with microwave popcorn (especially MY microwave popcorn)
- easy to assemble and clean
- doesn't take up much space on the kitchen bench

What I Didn't Like
- the butter didn't fully melt during the cooking time
- the maker gets quite hot while cooking, so make sure little fingers don't go near it
- if your bowl isn't big enough, popcorn will pop out and go everywhere until you can put a new empty bowl under the chute! This was my fault, the instructions did say 'large bowl' but I used a medium one. You should probably use a large bowl.

Cheesy Garlic Popcorn Recipe

Cheesy Garlic Popcorn

- finely grated Tasty or Cheddar Cheese
- Garlic Salt
- 2 tablespoons Butter
- 1 measuring cup of Popping Corn

Put 2 tablespoons of butter in the measuring cup and cook popcorn as directed. Add melted butter, grated cheese and sprinkle with garlic salt to taste.

Spicy Peanut Popcorn Recipe

Spicy Peanut Popcorn

- 2 tablespoons Butter
- 1 cup Peanuts
- 1 cup Nutri-Grain
- 1 tablespoon mild Curry Powder
- 1 teaspoon Mustard Powder
- Oil
- 1 measuring cup of Popping Corn

Put peanuts, Nutri-Grain, curry powder and mustard powder in a bowl and mix well so the powders coat the ingredients. Drizzle with oil and mix well.
Put 2 tablespoons of butter in the measuring cup and cook popcorn as directed.
Drizzle melted butter over the popcorn.
Pour in the peanut, Nutri-Grain, curry powder, mustard powder and oil mixture and stir through.

Disclaimer: This product was provided for consideration. No money was offered or accepted for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love the sound of the spicey peanut popcorn! Grownup Trail mix :)

    1. Yes, it's great! I adapted it from the Nuts And Bolts recipe :)

  2. I'm with Yvette! I love the sound of the trailmix - great one just for me. Wonder if it would mean I get to eat my own popcorn rather than the kids stealing it all!

    Thanks for linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  3. I love popcorn! Maybe I need one with these.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with We Heart Life yesterday!


    Carly [Creator of We Heart Life]

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