Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cute Overload: A Typo Haul!

All of the cute!

I'm a huge sucker for cute stationery, and wanted to share some pics of my recent Typo haul, from an online sale they were having. I think it was 40% off, or something around that figure. And when I say recent, I actually mean June/July. This year, at least! Anyway, I saved a lot.

So the box arrives, and look what's printed on the top!

Hello, yourself!

I couldn't pass up this cheeky Campus A4 notebook. It's really thick and there are brown paper pocket dividers throughout that are interesting. But obviously I got it for the saying on the front!

Type your favourite F word in the comments below!

I'm going to use this fancy Collage manilla folder to hold recipes I've cut out of magazines or printed off the interwebz. Are you dying of cute yet?

I'll never cook any of these recipes, though!

The only item I'm disappointed with is this iPhone case. I like the pink and orange ombre design, however the photograph and product description on the Typo site did not reflect its..... reflectiveness! I really don't like being scared by my own face every time I grab my phone, although I guess I could use it to touch up my lipstick. This is a crap photo because nearly every angle reflected our ceiling fan in the case, so I had to do gymnastics until nothing reflected.

Looks pretty until you pick it up & see your chins!

Love this little notepad with three different designs; a shopping list, days of the week, and general note design. It's called Make A List and comprises 60 sheets, 20 of each of the 3 designs. It says 10 of each on the back but that's a mistake. Here are two of the designs....

I sincerely hope I get around to using this Make & Create Album. It's full of blank pages, perfect for scrapbooking photos and the like, but I'm yet to decide on a theme.

Come to me, inspiration!

My 2014/15 Planner is getting quite the workout in my efforts to be a proper, organised person. Who doesn't love a gold lining?

By now, you're probably aware that I love pink. I use my pink flamingo (or Summer Collage as Typo like to call it) A5 spinout (what?) notebook every day. It's awesome (and cute)!

This reminds me of the John Waters film 'Pink Flamingos'. :-/

Where's your favourite place to buy stationery?


  1. I like Typo and also Kikki.k. At the moment I'm shopping my stash however as I have heaps of unused stationery at home.

    1. Don't think I have any KikkiK stuff! Won't need any stationery for quite a while after this haul though, so I know what you mean.

  2. OOh I love the orgasniser you picked up. What a pretty colour!
    Renee x

    1. Yes! It was hard to choose, they were all so pretty! x

  3. Love Typo! My favourite f word is food! :P


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