Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ulta3 Lip Paints and Swatches!

I finally tracked down some Ulta3 Lip Paints at a nearby chemist recently. I love looking through the Ulta3 display because it's such a fun, inexpensive brand, meaning you can pick up quite a few things without going broke. Even though the products are cheap, they don't compromise on quality. I particularly love their expansive nail polish range and have a shit-ton in my collection.

These lip paints retail for only $5.95 each, and for that price tag you get 7ml of bold, 'super-intense' lip colour. These colours are bright, pretty and fun! I picked up Eclectic Orange, Manic Mauve and Radical Red, but there's actually six shades in the range. The others are Extreme Pink, Expressive Fuchsia and Loud Purple.

I feel like the squeezy tubes are slightly on the small side in terms of how much product you get, however at only $5.95 a pop, it's not really an issue. I adore the wand doe-foot spongetip applicator, which is angled for precision application. The product is easy to apply, smoothing on effortlessly. The formula of these lip paints is lovely. It's kind of like a thick, creamy colour-packed gloss, that looks more like a lipstick once it's on. It's not sticky; in fact the texture is moisturising, flexible and very comfortable to wear. You get a shiny finish, but there's no feeling of it sliding off. I found them to be quite long-wearing, as well. These lip paints have a pepperminty fragrance that some people may not like, but I found it OK. 

Apologies in advance, my Eclectic Orange lip swatch was a disaster and basically unusable. So I didn't include it!

L-R: Eclectic Orange, Manic Mauve, Radical Red

Manic Mauve

Radical Red

Eclectic Orange, Manic Mauve, Radical Red, Extreme Pink, Expressive Fuchsia, Loud Purple.

$5.95 for a 7ml tube

Where can I get them?
Ulta3 is stocked at Terry White, Chemmart, Bloom the Chemist, Good Price and other selected pharmacies as well as selected Target stores. This range was released a few months ago, and can be difficult to track down, so if you come across them in your travels, I'd recommend checking them out!

Disclaimer: Non-sponsored. Products bought with my own money and all opinions are my own.


  1. Wish these were available in the UK, i love the shades!
    xprincessjas | x

  2. I recently found these in my local pharmacy and picked a few up- I'll be doing a quick review of them on my blog soon. I was actually wondering how others would decscribe the fragrance of these as all I could describe it as is 'fresh'.
    Good work :)


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