Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lush Goodies from the 50% Off Boxing Day Sale!

I know it seems like all I do is blog haul posts lately, but rest assured I have some interesting content coming up that has nothing to do with me buying shit! But for now, the Lush half price Boxing Day sale. Anyone remember? It was a while back. I can never resist bagging myself a bargain and eagerly anticipate the Lush goodies I'll be getting at a steal in their infamous Boxing Day sale. Completely true to form, I went straight for the shower gels and soaps. I was so excited to grab a few I'd never tried before. Here's what I got!

Rose Jam shower gel
So White shower gel
Hot Toddy shower gel
Sexy Peel soap
Bohemian soap
Sultana of Soap
Porridge soap
Yog Nog soap
Mask of Magnaminty Cleanser (free sample)

Rose Jam is a truly beautiful, very feminine scent! I love smelling like fresh roses, and this is one of my favourite Lush shower gels. I've talked about it before in A Merry Lush Christmas and Celebrate Christmas Cruelty-Free With Lush. It's Limited Edition and only available at Christmas.

I finally got my hands on So White, a 'sumptuous, shimmering shower gel as pure as the driven snow'. It smells like apples; fresh, crisp and clean! I'm giving So White a big thumbs up. It's as good as I thought it would be. Again, this one's only available at Christmas time.

I haven't tried Hot Toddy yet, but it smells very spicy, and I love the deep red hue. Obviously another product from their Christmas range.

Lush are more than happy to include free samples with your instore order, so always be sure to ask! I was interested in their cleansers, and ended up getting a sample of Mask of Magnaminty. This is listed as both a cleanser and a mask on the Lush site and is described both ways, so I'm confused! I think it's a 'cleansing mask'. Anyway it smells minty and refreshing. I applied it as a mask, waited a while then washed it off in the shower, rubbing it in as I did, since it contains evening primrose seeds to exfoliate dead skin cells. I'm really liking this one.

I'll go through the soaps from bottom to top because I'm a rebellious rule-breaker like that....

Bohemian soap is a square of lemony, invigorating goodness which has yet to encourage my creative streak to realise my masterwork, despite Lush's claim on their site. It's gonna take more than a lump of zesty soap to accomplish that, goddammit!

Sexy Peel is another citrusy-scented revitalizer, with lemon, lime and grapefruit ingredients designed to WAKE YOU UP. How much do I love citrus scents? A lot. The answer is a lot.

Sultana of Soap has been living in my fridge for a month because it's a delicate, melty motherfucker that barely lasted the length of the photoshoot. I jest (but it did start softening in my hands, and I was worried I'd only get three goes at it in the shower before it melted away). However, it's a lot more resilient than my last bar, and I still have the majority of it left. I LOVE the rich creaminess of this luxurious soap and the scent is divine. It has currents and chopped apricot pieces in it!

I have yet to try Porridge soap but it looks like another creamy one, contains oats and orange juice and is meant to be good for sensitive skin. Bring it!

Yog Nog soap (a Christmas product) is the most exciting to look at, with a decorative, patterned top encrusted with festive spices and containing moisturizing soya yoghurt. It smells amazing and I'm glad I got a huge chunk. Can't wait to try this one!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money. All thoughts here are my honest opinion.


  1. Some of those soaps look good enough to eat. I haven't tried Lush products for years. That sexy peel sounds good though.

    1. I wait til they have a sale and stock up! Sexy Peel is great if you love fresh, clean, citrus fragrances :)


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