Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mani: Blossom Fever with Added Sparkle!

Products Used:
Ulta3 nail colour in Blossom Fever
BYS nail enamel in Million Dollar Baby

For this manicure I wanted a nude look, but with a bit of sparkle, so I used my new Ulta3 Blossom Fever nail colour, with two coats of BYS Million Dollar Baby over the top. I am so drawn to Million Dollar Baby, I have to stop myself from applying it over every polish I wear. It looks amazing in the bottle, but when you apply it, the small and large gold glitter pieces are actually few and far between, so I usually find myself adding another coat just to get my desired level of sparkle. Unfortunately, capturing the true effect of sparkly glitter in a photo is really hard to do, so some of these photos don't do it justice!*

Blossom Fever by itself

* are crap!


  1. I swear I had a (young) aunt who back in the 1970s used to put glitter nail polish on me all of the time! I sorry I'd be constantly picking the glittery bits off. (Just for something to door forgetting they were supposed to be there.)

    1. Its funny how trends keep getting recycled! Thank goodness I'm not tempted to pick the glitter off. Hadn't even thought of that! LOL :)


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