Wednesday, April 1, 2015

15 Facts About Me Instagram Tag!

So this is in fact an Instagram tag, but I thought I'd share it on my blog, because why not? I was tagged by Ingrid (@fabulousandfunlife) to share 15 Facts About Me so here they are!

1. Sometimes I exercise and eat KFC at the same time.

2. I once thought the hem of my pant leg was a hairy black spider that moved every time I did.

3. My greatest female role model and constant source of inspiration is Judge Judy.

4. I think pink flamingos are kind of awesome.

5. When I was at University I used the men's toilets for a week as a social experiment.

6. I've been bitten by a duck.

7. I once stole a slab of beer from a ski chalet balcony and attempted to ride it down the mountain with a group of boys I really shouldn't have been hanging out with. 

8. I favourite my own tweets if I think they're really good.

9. One of my favourite things to do is crack eggs on my husband's head when he least expects it.

10. I've been out to dinner with a black shoe on one foot and a pink shoe on the other. I don't know how it happened but I spent the entire night mortified.

11. I'm very good at imagining the most morbid of situations and often have nightmares where I get murdered.

12. Whenever I'm down I just remember that I have as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio and suddenly I'm happy again.

13. I've had exactly two jobs where I haven't understood what I was doing the entire time I worked there (and never said anything).

14. My strangest pet was a frog. I thought he would be less boring.

15. Years ago when I was telemarketing, I accidentally said 'OK. Bye. Love you!' to a complete stranger on the phone.

You can follow me on Instagram here @shinyglitterbug and see who I tagged to complete the challenge next!


  1. I was bitten by a duck as a child. The memory still haunts me lol.

  2. I'm dead curious about how your social experiment turned out and has it scarred you about sharing bathrooms with men!

    1. It was fun at first, but then got increasingly awkward, especially when some of the dudes used the urinal in front of me. lol. I'm not that keen to revisit the Mens to be honest!


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