Thursday, April 2, 2015

Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Sale: What I Got!

Everything I got!

If there's ever a good time to re-stock your staple makeup items and even try out some products you've been umming and aahing over, it's during Priceline's 40% off makeup sale! This was a two day sale that occurred instore and online, so there were no excuses not to join in. Here's what I got!

Lipliners - Wish Me A Rose (top), Satin Mauve (bottom)

Maybelline Masterliner in Black - I use this every day, so naturally I bought two. I love everything about it (formula, colour intensity, ease of application) and at only $7.50 each it was an absolute bargain.

Essence Lipliners in Satin Mauve and Wish Me A Rose - I don't know much about Essence as a brand except that it's budget, but I needed new lipliners and these were only $1.20 each! Say wha?? I tried them before taking photos and happily, they are good quality!

Sugar Fix (the blue one, left), Pinky Promise (the pink one, right)

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes in Sugar Fix and Pinky Promise - I've been craving pretty pastel colours lately even though the weather is warming up and most people are reaching for plums and deep reds. Anyway, what a great opportunity to see what all the fuss is about with these Miracle Gels. I'd love my polish to last longer before chipping. Can't wait to try these over the Easter long weekend!

Love this foundation!

Revlon Colorstay Makeup (Combination/Oily) in Ivory - my current one is nearly finished, so this was a replacement purchase. I never have much luck with foundations, and this is basically the best thing I can find, so far, in my ongoing search. Great coverage, longlasting and the colour suits me perfectly. It's my go-to every day foundation and I will continue to buy it.

Face Of Australia Pencil Sharpener - I think I might have had my one and only pencil sharpener for a decade? No wonder it's under-performing. It was high time for a replacement, and this is it.

Now that I've got it, what do I do with it? LOL

Australis AC ON TOUR Contouring & Highlighting Kit - Well, holy crap, look what I finally got! To be honest, I don't even know if I need it, but it's been so hyped in beauty circles and so sold out freaking everywhere, that I just had to get it. Although in the last few months I've been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and experimenting with highlighting and contouring, so I will use this. Once I recover from the fact that I actually own it. (By the way, these are apparently much more available now if you want to get one.)

These are great

Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder in Soft Focus - I have this powder in Photo Ready and seriously love it, so I took the opportunity to pick up the other shade I had my eye on, Soft Focus. Definitely pick one of these up if you're craving an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, as they are very comparable, yet much cheaper (Models Prefer $10.19 with 40% off applied, usual rrp $16.99, Hourglass $59). I did buy an Hourglass one from Mecca recently though, so I think I'll need to do more of an in-depth comparison!

Australis Samba (top), L'Oreal Cherry Crush (bottom). 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

Australis Colour Inject Lipstick in Samba - I'm so happy with this purchase! The price came to $7.77 and that's lucky for me because the formula is creamy and very wearable on the lips and the colour I picked is flattering; the perfect nude I was after.

L'Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick in Cherry Crush - nope. This was a mistake. Way too Barbie pink for me and it looks pretty bad on. I don't know what happened, because when I order online I usually Google colour swatches first as there's only so much you can do with a rectangular inch of colour on a computer screen. This must have been towards the end of my order and I was frazzled and added something quickly to get over $100 and get my free delivery. Oh well, the rest is good!

L'Oreal Cherry Crush (top), Australis Samba (bottom).


  1. Lol after reading so many reviews on the AC contour & highlight kit I think I was a bit underwhelmed when I actually got it in my hot little hands. TBH I've had it since February and only used it 2-3 times. It's just ok IMO. I have been keen to try the MP soft focus powders and see how they compare to my beloved Hourglass powders.

    1. Yeah, two of the three contour shades look too dark for me in the Australis contour/highlight kit, but I do hope I find a way to use it. I totally just got it because of the hype. LOL. For the Models Prefer soft focus powders, I'm preferring Photo Ready to Soft Focus. The Hourglass Ambients oxidized on me when I swatched them instore (this is what the sales assistant said - waah!) so I got Mood Light to use as a blush. I really want to try swatching them again though, I haven't given up on getting one I can use as a whole face powder. :)

  2. Due to the hype I'd had my eye on that highlighting & contouring kit also but I might have a closer look at it first now after reading your comments.

    1. I used it today, it's OK, not sure if worth the hype though. I tagged you in my previous blog post in case you missed it! :)


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