Thursday, August 2, 2012

Banana Sherbet Smack Shrub Cocktail

Banana Sherbet Smack Cocktail, my favourite Shrub.
You won't find this baby at any old pub!
Lumia have modernised fruit and berry preservation.
Adding spirits to create drinks that need exploration!

Russian Standard Vodka is shaken, not stirred.
You'll feel like Bond as they add lemon curd.
Banana Skin Sherbet, Demerara shrub and lemon juice.
This beauty is fit for a Greek God like Zeus!

The Banana Sherbet Smack is laden with fun.
That's how I'm certain it's my favourite one.
Flavours that awaken my tastebuds. BOOM!
So elegant I almost need a fancy costume!

Party in my mouth combining sour, fizzy, sweet.
Fire up Twitter, Smack's worthy a tweet!
Suffice to say, Max won't be sipping on this.
Unicorns drink pink lemonade; not pure bliss!

*Disclaimer: This blog post is an entry for the Nuffnang 'post about your favourite Shrub Cocktail' competition. I haven't tried them (yet!), so I used my imagination, going by the flavours each cocktail contained, to come up with my favourite. Fingers crossed!


  1. Me too! Half price ones are especially fabulous.

  2. Excellent entry Di, good luck with it. Do I have to vote anywhere?

    1. Thanks Sandy! No need to vote, it's judged. Thanks for offering, though! xx

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