Thursday, August 16, 2012

Party Time Manicure: Purple & Aqua Contrast!

It's bright, colourful, exciting, and as close to a Party as I'm going to get (except for my sons upcoming 5th Birthday Party, but I'm not sure a bunch of hyperactive kiddies counts).  I have a disturbing number of Ulta3 polishes, so picking one out was a challenge. I then used another cheapie, BYS, as contrast on the ring finger. As you can see I forgot to put a ring on it; Beyonce would be pissed. I also did 2 coats of aqua over the top of the purple instead of by itself. I guess that's just me and my hardcore rebellious nature, always breaking the rules. LOL!

Products used......
Ulta3 in Purple Pumps
BYS in Hocus Pocus
Max Factor Nailfinity Glossy Top Coat


  1. wow beautiful mani :) both the shades are stunning !

  2. Thanks, Saumya! Yeah, they are very pretty shades, from inexpensive brands, too :)

  3. Very fancy! ;) I like the different colours, looks excellent!
    BYS and Ulta3 polishes are sooo amazing!

  4. Thanks, lovely! Yeah, so good for cheapies :)

  5. OMG i love the blue color!! it makes the pink stand out!! :)

  6. wow! this looks amazing! I love Ulta3 quality and prices are soo good!

    1. Thanks! Yes, Ulta3 is becoming a firm favourite of mine for those very reasons :)


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