Saturday, August 4, 2012

KURAHITO Face Toning Lotion Review + Discount Offer

Front of bottle. For sure!

I have a product review for you today, along with a Discount Offer you can use for purchases on the Choice Essentials website.

KURAHITO is a Japanese sake-based skincare range formulated to whiten the skin. Large amounts of Junmai-Shu (pure rice sake essence) is used, along with fish collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Together, these ingredients work to restore moisture and clarity and bring radiance and brightness to the skin. The entire Kurahito series is paraben, fragrance, colourant and mineral oil free.

And she doesn't realise she's photographing the wrong side of bottle!

KURAHITO Face Toning Lotion

Choice Essentials say: "Smooth-textured and lightweight skin lotion brightens and balances skin tone while restoring moisture. Formulated with large amounts of Junmai-shu, it promotes skin clarity and radiance."

I've been trialling this pleasant, refreshing toner for a few weeks, and I really like it. It's a clear, water-consistency toner, that you can apply quickly and easily with a cotton ball or pad. I'm not sure how it would go as a base for makeup, because I've been applying moisturiser over the top before concealer and foundation hit my face.
The bottle is a good size and I haven't been using much with each application, so it's going a long way. It feels slightly different to other toners I've used, sort of like it's softening and moisturising my skin, instead of clarifying it. With continued use, I have noticed my skin tone is brighter and more even. This is great for me, because I get so sick of my dull skin.
I was a bit sceptical of the whole 'skin-whitening' thing, but I haven't developed a pale ghost-face like I was worried I might! I basically have an improved skin tone, so that my red blotchy bits are less noticeable, and in general, my face looks brighter. I'm really happy with this product and will continue using it.

Still snapping the wrong side. Wonder what this says?

Reader Discount Offer
Choice Essentials have provided you, my lovely readers, with a 10% discount offer by using the code Max The Unicorn. There is no minimum spend and it's valid on any products at Choice Essentials. Valid only with payments made by PayPal. Please enter the code Max The Unicorn under 'Remarks' at checkout and (optionally) during PayPal checkout too, if you wish.

Here's a link to the Choice Essentials website

Disclaimer - I received this product for consideration. The review is my own opinion and no payment was offered/accepted for this review. However, if any sales are generated with the Max The Unicorn code I'll receive a small percentage. In purchasing from Choice Essentials and using the code, you will be supporting this blog.

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