Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook Comping: Recent Wins!

Entering competitions on Facebook often becomes so disheartening, with the bitchiness, complaints, arguments, underhanded tactics and blatant cheating, that I often forget how lucrative it can be. The trick for me, and a lot of like-minded compers, is to steer clear of voting, or 'like' comps, where the winner is decided based on most votes or 'likes' for their photo, comment or entry. Many a furore has been caused when some entrants use vote exchange sites to gain votes from strangers, or even pay for votes or invent fake Facebook profiles to vote for themselves.

Needless to say vote comps are not worth it for me. I stick to randomly drawn comps, tagging comps or skill-based (eg 25 words-or-less) ones. I've decided not to be discouraged, after realising a few of my recent wins have all been from Facebook competitions. See below!

General Urban Rituelle goodness!

* Edge Pizza Party (15 pizzas delivered) from a 25 wol on Dominos FB page
* $200 Toys R Us voucher from a 25 wol comp on People Places FB page
* $100 Bunnings voucher randomly drawn from Expect A Star FB likers
* $100 Urban Rituelle voucher randomly drawn from Urban Rituelle FB likers
* $120 iTunes credit (total, won in seperate amounts on different days) from Name Your Combo instant win on Subway FB page

If you want to give Facebook comping a go, start off with the easy ones. The Subway instant win is still running (tip: enter earlier in the day rather than later), as is the Urban Rituelle one. Some other great pages that regularly run comps are Moxie, Australis and Famous Magazine (every Monday).

Good Luck!


  1. Have to agree, voting comps stink. But on a better note - congrats on your wins! Especially the Subway one! Tried everyday here, not even $10 :)

  2. Totally agree with you. Voting comps is a bit of waste of my time for me. Happy comping and hope more wins to come!

  3. Ling - thanks, lovely!
    joey2608 - thanks and keep trying with subway! I didnt win for the first week then got consecutive wins :)
    alicee - a lot of us hate voting comps! Thanks and Good Luck with your comping too :)

  4. Thanks I was about to give away the Subway myself but will try early in the mornings and see how I go. I never enter voting comps any more. Complete waste of time unless you have a million facebook friends who will do your bidding.

  5. Sandy - yeah, and I feel bad hassling friends for votes, too. Voting comps are done & dusted for me. I mentioned mornings for Subway as I remember a note on their wall saying some people couldn't even get the red button because all vouchers had been won that day. So I figure, if you try early, at least you get the chance to spin! :)


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