Friday, November 6, 2015

FFS Friday: The Week From Hell

Oh hi. The is my first ever FFS Friday post. After living through The Week From Hell and not being able to blog since Monday, I thought if ever I had enough material for a FFS Friday post, it's this week. Here we go.

Last Wednesday I had to have a Biopsy on my right boob to see if what they found in there was cancer. I was supposed to call the Doctor at the Breast Unit 10am Monday morning to get the results. I was told he would know I was calling then and would have my results with him to discuss with me. I rang but he wasn't available. FFS

I left a message and was told he would ring me back that morning. He didn't. FFS

I stressed all fucking day not knowing if I had cancer, then rang back late afternoon. He still wasn't available. I was told he would ring me back that day and don't be surprised if I got a call at 6pm as sometimes he does that. He still didn't call me. FFS

Guess what? No fucking phone call Tuesday either. Wasn't that Melbourne Cup Day? He was probably watching the race instead. Maybe he was busy working, but still. Have some fucking consideration and make the time to call someone to let them know if they are dying or not. FFS

By this stage I was an emotional wreck. I was stressed, annoyed, frustrated, angry, depressed and worried. At the same time I started getting a huge pain in my right calf muscle, for no discernible reason. FFS.

On Wednesday, hubby was home sick. I reached breaking point and had a bit of a meltdown. The husband rang the Breast Unit on my behalf for the results and was told the Doctor will ring me that day. Not FFS

I shit you not, within 5 minutes the Doctor called me. What a fucking surprise. The mammogram and biopsy both came back benign although they can never be sure with the biopsy. I won't go into the details, but the end result is I have to go back for a mammogram in 6 months to check on it again. Not FFS.

On Wednesday the pain from my calf had moved up to my thigh area. At some stages of the day it hurt pretty badly. Then it started hurting in my arse area. LOL. I CBF looking up the medical name for it. FFS

I wanted to get a couple of blog posts done this week but couldn't because I was so fucking stressed and not in a good place mentally. Which means now I'll be even busier trying to get shit done, especially reviews for brands/PR I'm working with. I will get everything done on time, it just won't be as relaxed as I expected. FFS

Earlier in the week, the guy assigned to replace our linenpress that was badly damaged from a bathroom water leak asked if he could start working here Thursday 8am. I suggested Monday instead as I had an appointment Thursday and Jim's Mowing was coming Friday. He agreed. Not FFS

I had a Doctors appointment Thursday morning for my Pap Smear results. YAY! Let's talk about those results first. Because of course they were fucking inconclusive. Not enough readable cells. So that means I suffered through my last pap smear for nothing. FFS

I have to get another pap smear done in 3 months. FFS

I told the Doctor about my leg pain and she pushed and prodded and asked questions, and then she was concerned it may have been Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). FFS

This is a fucking serious condition as the blood has clotted and if it dislodges and travels to your lungs it can kill you. FFS

I had to have an urgent ultrasound on my leg that day. In a suburb I can't drive to. FFS

I couldn't reach my Dad who lives 10 minutes away from the Doctor Surgery I was at, so I rang for a Taxi instead. I'd have to leave my car at the Doctors. Thankfully Dad called me back while I was on the phone to the Taxi, in queue. Not FFS.

I went and had my ultrasound and blood test done and thankfully it wasn't DVT. Not FFS

I finally got a bit of grocery shopping done. I thought after avoiding death twice this week I might actually cook dinner for hubby. I had been too stressed all week and had been letting him get his own dinner every night. I had still been making my sons dinner nightly because he's 8 and can't really do it himself yet. So I planned to cook dinner but by that stage hubby was so used to fending for himself he had already eaten in town after work. LOL. FFS

Now when hubby leaves for work in the morning he says "try to not die today, OK?" LOL. Not FFS

This morning we walked to school as usual, but in the rush, I forgot to bring the class teddy bear and journal that was due back. I couldn't bring it in at school pick up as my son wouldn't have been able to share his story with the class and choose the next student to take the bear home over the weekend. So I had to walk home, grab the bag with the bear in it and walk all the way back to school. In the rain. Also, this aggravated the pain in my leg and by the time I'd finished two return trips, my leg was really fucking sore. FFS.


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  1. That is definitely a hellish week and can only imagine the stress and anxiety you were going through, all because someone can't make a phone call??? I know it's just another day on the job for them but it's not like you're ringing to confirm a waxing appointment, is it. Glad your first lot of results are benign and will be sending best wishes your way that the rest of them are too.

    1. Thanks Beth :) I'm hoping for a nice relaxing weekend and I think a bubblebath might be in order.

  2. oh dear Lord! How shitty was this week for you :O Hope your leg is somewhat better? Your husband is funny :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. My leg is royally stuffed. I keep getting painful cramps in my calf and thigh muscles. At least I'm not dying though!

  3. Oh what a week! I hope everything goes okay for you babe. Tomorrow is a new day! DF xoxo

    1. Yes, tomorrow is a new day. I love that saying. Thanks, lovely! xxx

  4. Aww I'm sorry you had to go through so much crap this week :( Melbourne cup is now being treated as a public holiday in some work places, I tried to call our IT people on the day and they said they'll call me back in 2 mins and hung up, they didn't call me back until 2-3 hrs later.. after i've fixed my computer issues. I wouldn't doubt that the doctor's at the race bidding his money away! I hope you feel better lovely xx

  5. That definitely does sound like the week from hell! I hope next week is better!

    Ummm, showing my ignorance here but what does FFS stand for?

    1. Thanks Ingrid :) Swear alert! FFS means 'for fuck's sake!'. LOL :D

  6. There are some Doc's out there that have become muppets in their job. Removing themselves for what they are actually doing and dealing with. It has all become mechanical and they forget that what they are telling someone could change their lives. I have had a similar incident when I was booked in for dye tests with a grade 4 melanoma... to be then told "oh don't worry, the head guy said we got it wrong"... emotional rollercoaster!!

    1. Oh no, that's terrible Karin :( They really need to think what we might be going through don't they?

  7. Oh my, what a stressful week you've had, but I'm so glad it all turned out ok with negative results for everything.


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