Monday, November 2, 2015

November Goals!

Look, it's the Organic Coconut Chips from the Native Box sprinkled on top!

Look how well I did with my October Goals! It was a struggle to write 10 blog posts and I still haven't bought new clothes, but overall, a successful month!

  • Publish at least 10 blog posts ~ YES!
  • Remove makeup and stick to a strict skincare routine every night ~ YES!
  • De-clutter emails by unsubscribing from as many unnecessary email lists as possible ~ YES!
  • Go out for a walk every weekday for at least 30 minutes ~ NO :(
  • Empty and clean the second Linenpress ~ YES! Finally completed on 25 October!
  • Finally set my overdue Doctor's appointment for a Pap Smear and just get it over with ~ YES. Suffered through it on 22 October.
  • Bake a Banana Cake and make Cream Cheese Icing for it! ~ YES! See the above photo
  • First-time watch 5 movies! ~ YES! (watched Pixels, Minions, Jupiter Ascending, The Way Way Back, Interstellar. Check out my review post here: Max My Movies - October Wrap-Up!)
  • Go through boxes and throw out as much rubbish as possible ~ YES
  • Buy new clothes! ~ Still NO :(

I achieved 8/10 of my October Goals! It really was the month for getting stuff done, and I hope to continue that trend with my November Goals. I still can't manage to exercise daily (apart from the school run) but at least I'm taking my makeup off every night without fail. This has become second nature now, something I'm very pleased with. My banana cake sank in the middle (booo!) but was still delicious-tasting and the actual cake itself was well-cooked, despite being concave. Here is the recipe I used from the Taste website, in case you're interested. And now for my...

November Goals

  1. Publish at least 10 blog posts again
  2. Create a Beauty Spreadsheet listing staples with prices and dates
  3. Finally change to my married name!
  4. Clean out and re-organise cutlery drawer
  5. Set up regular online grocery shopping and home delivery
  6. First-time watch 7 movies
  7. Clean out and re-organise makeup organiser
  8. Clear and clean my desk
  9. Be awesome (sorry, I wanted an easy one!) LOLOL
  10. Buy a 2016 Diary!

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What are you hoping to achieve this month?


  1. I'll never get around to changing to my married name LOL DF xoxo

  2. Yummmm, I love banana cake! Good use of the coconut chips!

    1. Yes, it was a great blog comment suggestion! I also sprinkled them on my Sultana Bran! :)

  3. I wish you to fulfill all your goals!

    xoxo, Nastya Deutsch


  4. be awesome cracked me up! hahaha that one you will achieve for sure!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Be awesome! Haha made me smile :) I love reading your lists, maybe I'll be inspired to do my own :D
    PS- that cake looks so yummy!

  6. I love your lists of goals! What an excellent way to motivate yourself! Best of luck to you, I am sure you can do this!!

  7. Oh, wow, I'm impressed that you set goals at all. I never do this, except perhaps for my business. Well done on 8 out of 10!

    1. Thanks Dorothy! It helps to keep me organised and I feel better when I actually get stuff done!

  8. How good does it feel to cross things off a list!!!

    1. Really good! I do daily To Do lists as well, mainly so I can cross stuff off!

  9. Well done. I need to change from my married name back to my single name. My single name is the one I use for life and work but is on my legal documents like passport and licence. It's soooo complicated though, I keep putting it off. And I need to go for a walk or exercise each day ...

    1. I've been putting off changing my name for ages too, it's such a hassle isn't it!?


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