Sunday, July 7, 2019

Challenge Completed: 30 Netflix Movies In 30 Days!

Hi guys! In May I undertook a movie challenge, namely my 30 Netflix Movies in 30 Days Challenge. Did I get anywhere near watching 30 movies? No I did not. As it turned out, May was kind of busy, and I was all over the place, with long movie-less stretches, then days I'd get multiple titles watched in. My grand total was 16, which is over halfway at least! So here are the films I saw and what I thought of them!

I started off my challenge brilliantly with this unsettling horror film directed by Jordan Peele in his directorial debut. This was so creepy, with amazing acting, including welcome comedic relief from the main character's best friend. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and loving this, and I don't even usually like horror films!

2. TAG
This ridiculous adventure is surprisingly based on real-life events, and although it's not going to win any awards, it's funny in parts and comes under the category of 'guilty pleasure' viewing for me. A movie you can just put on and not think about!

Much like TAG, GAME NIGHT is 'stupid funny' but if you're a fan of Jason Bateman comedies, you'll enjoy it. There were enough funny bits to keep me engaged with the interesting storyline.

First of all, I'll watch anything with Rebel Wilson in it #fangirlalert. Even though this was quite clever, I found it to be both good and bad at the same time. Not everything works, but it is ultimately satisfying. Side note: how many times have Rebel Wislon and Adam Devine starred together now? I love these two together!

I hated this film with every fibre of my being! It was utter bullshit, not even funny and barely watchable. The characters were horrible and offensive with no redeeming qualities and I basically hated all of them. Not even Rebel Wilson could save this abomination. Also, does Isla Fisher play exactly the same crazy, over the top character in every single film, or am I going insane?

I have mixed feeling about THE BIG SHORT. It has an impressive cast, and the story, based on real-life events, is very interesting. However, I found the celebrity cameos (Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie etc) as annoying as the rapidly cut together scenes. It was good overall, but I get the feeling most people enjoyed this one more than I did.

I love watching a comedy with a female lead cast! This is quite funny, and even though I looked on in horror at some of this, I also could relate to other parts! It's an entertaining romp and I'll now be seeking out the sequel. Stay tuned for the cast with their real life Mums during the end credits. It's quite sweet!

I really enjoyed Brie Larson's directorial debut film. Of course, I'm magnetically drawn to anything with unicorns as the subject matter, obviously! This is weird, mystical, whimsical, beautiful and a bit sad. With the added bonus of Samuel L Jackson, for the win! I highly recommend this one, for something out of the ordinary.

In this Woody Allen directed fantasy-comedy, Gil, Owen Wilson's character, goes back in time to 1920's Paris, a time and place this screenwriter and aspiring author romanticizes. I should probably read the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. I keep giving them more chances, but I need to accept that I really don't enjoy Woody Allen films. Also, Rachel McAdams character in this is a total bitch, with not one redeeming quality. Ugh!

Here's a prime case of building up a movie too much in your head as you've been wanting to see it for so long, then being totally disappointed when it doesn't live up to your expectations. So I feel let down by this film, despite great performances from Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, another actor who I'll watch in anything. It was good, but not great. Oh well.

11. MOVIE 43
What. Is. This. Film? Well it's highly offensive, and it won't be for everyone. It's basically gross out humour starring an ensemble cast and split up into fourteen different stories, each directed by a different person (Peter Farrelly, Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn and Brett Ratner to name a few). Think Hugh Jackman with a ballsack on his neck and Chris Pratt with diarrhea after taking a laxative because his partner asks him to shit on her. No words. It's pretty dire and the best part is spotting all the stars who miraculously agreed to be a part of this!

I found this Melissa McCarthy comedy (written by McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone) to be incredibly unfunny, although it does improve slightly throughout. All I'll say is, thank God for Maya Rudolph.

This is an enjoyable cute and funny Netflix original coming of age story, dealing with sexual identity. Produced by Ben Stiller, it's heartfelt and very heartwarming. Recommended!

I really enjoyed this Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult starring sci-fi romantic drama. It was an atmospheric rollercoaster that had me enthralled throughout, reminding me of the classic Romeo and Juliet story in parts! It's a bit moody and slow, but if you're a fan of these actors, you'll enjoy it. Also starring Aussies Guy Pearce (with a very short haircut) and Jacki Weaver.

Zac Efron is amazing as serial killer Ted Bundy in this captivating film. It's super intense and I was seriously transfixed the whole time. Told from the point of view of Bundy's girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall, this biographical crime thriller features one of Efron's best performances and legitimately makes me want to watch Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes series on Netflix as well.

Again, it's fantastic to see an all-female lead in a film. Although overlong, this is certainly funny and entertaining, and features a few notable gross-out comedy scenes. Tiffany Haddish is the absolute stand out star of GIRLS TRIP (although you may not be a fan if you find swearing objectionable); she is hilarious and I now have to watch everything else she's in!

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Have you seen any of these movies?

Monday, July 1, 2019

Balfours Winter Warmer 165th Anniversary Event!

Hi guys! Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Balfours Winter Warmer event in Adelaide, to celebrate their 165th AnniversaryBalfours is such an iconic South Australian brand. I've grown up enjoying their pies, pasties, chocolate donuts and custard tarts and have fond childhood memories of being treated to the occasional frog cake if I was good!

Balfours website:
"Balfours Bakery is Australia’s oldest Bakery established in Adelaide, 1853. Today, we manufacture and distribute quality sweets and savouries from our oven doors in South Australia and New South Wales. We are proudly South Australian owned."

We arrived at the Grand Lodge of Freemasons building on North Terrace and went through to the foyer, which was dimly lit and mysterious! It was kind of exciting sipping on champagne whilst not really knowing what was happening. There were lots of tasty Balfours treats coming out on platters to try, from the classic mini meat pies with tomato sauce, to Thai chilli chicken rolls and sausage rolls. There was an impressive donut display that seemed to defy gravity and a charming string quartet playing in the background. Props to my husband for attempting numerous quite bad champagne glass Boomerangs with me, one day he will get it right, haha. I really enjoyed chatting to fellow food bloggers and introducing myself to new ones. It was so much fun talking with people in the Adelaide food and lifestyle Instagram community who have similar interests to me!

Before long the massive doors behind us opened and we entered a magical room filled with music, neon lights, sparklers, fun frog cake mascots, wine, beer and Balfours displays as far as the eye could see! In the centre of the room was a demonstration area where staff were putting the final touches on chocolate donuts, frog cakes and more. It was so cool to watch them decorate the iconic baked treats.

I didn't realise Balfours produced such an extensive range, but in looking around at all the displays, this soon became obvious.


Better Bites range: Pizza Pie ~ Beef Pie ~ Sausage Roll ~ Potato Pie

Traditional & Premium range: Square Pie ~ Pasty ~Beef Sausage Roll ~ Square Chicken & Veg Pie ~ Kransky Banger ~ Pork & Fennel Roll ~ Spiced Pumpkin Roll ~ Butter Chicken ~ Red Thai Chicken Pie ~ Cornish Pasty ~ Pepper Beef Pie

Bakehouse Collection: Thai Chilli Chicken Rolls ~ Wagya Savoury Rolls ~ Cornish Pasty ~ Beef Pie ~ Potato Pie

Legends range: Custard Tart ~ Choccy Donut ~ Iced Donut ~ Gingerbread Men ~ Caramel Slice ~ Cherry & Coconut Slice

Traditional Sweets: Cafe Style Cookies (Dotty ~ Choc Chip ~ Double Choc Chip ~ Fig & Walnut ~ Date & Caramel ~ Apricot & Almond ~ Ginger & Coconut) and Homestyle Muffins (Blueberry ~ Apple Crumble ~ Double Choc ~ Raspberry & White Chocolate ~ Banana ~ Choc Chip ~ Orange & Poppyseed ~ Carrot & Walnut ~ Honey & Oats)

And in exciting news, their VEGAN range was launched: Curried Lentil & Potato Pie ~ Mushroom, Kale & Leek Pie ~ Potato, Leek & Rosemary Roll ~ Roast Vegetable Pasty

After a hectic fifteen or so minutes where the majority of people in the room were attempting to photograph the same displays (lol) were we able to sample the range and enjoy the delicious beverages on offer. I found more blogging friends and delighted in catching up with them. Another bonus of these events is that you get to see the people you interact with on Instagram. It's weird and fun!

I'm going to call it; my absolute favourites from the Balfours range would have to be their yummy custard tarts, chocolate donuts (by far my 11 year old son's favourite, too!), frog cakes and Thai chilli chicken rolls. Now don't get jelly, but we were also provided with a white take-home box that we could fill with Balfours goodies, and by God was this part fun. Just like a kid in a candy store, but a baked goods fanatic literally set loose in a huge open bakery. Exhilarating!

There were lovely speeches on stage about the history of Balfours and as we sang Happy Birthday, the hugest Green Frog Cake I ever did see was carried out! It looked even bigger next to the tiny adorable mini frog cakes, check out my photo below for the comparison!

You can keep up to date on all things Balfours by liking them on Facebook or following them on Instagram!

This was such a spectacular night, I am still buzzing about it, nearly a week later! Many thanks to Callie Rose Communications and Balfours Bakery for the invitation, kind hospitality, generosity and for a delicious and amazing evening!

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Disclaimer: Max The Unicorn + guest attended on a PR invite. All food and drinks provided. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

What's your favourite Balfours baked item?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

May - June Beauty Faves!

Hi guys! It's time to tell you about the products I've been loving lately. And for those wondering, yes I do need to blog about my May Movie Challenge (30 Netflix Movies In 30 Days Challenge) so you all know how I did, that's the next post on my agenda! Back to the faves - do you love any of these? Let me know what's currently rocking your world in the comments below, I'd love to know!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer
I've recently rediscovered this in my collection and I'm so glad! I was actually getting it confused with the similarly-named Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Skin Brightening Concealer (I'm not a fan of it), which is why I neglected this baby. I've been using it under my eyes to cover my dark circles and it's really effective, and actually giving me better results than the Revlon Photoready Colour-Correcting Pen for dark spots. I still have to use my Bobbi Brown Corrector as well, because that's how bad my dark circles are, but it's nothing a solid month of 10-12 hours sleep every night won't fix, hahaaa.

Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick in Nurture
I'm forever searching for my Holy Grail nude lipstick, and I think I'm pretty close with this product! Shade-wise I can't fault it, it's exactly what I'm looking for in terms of a my-lips-but-better, flattering for my skin tone shade. Texture wise, I love the creamy formula; it's easy to wear, comfortable on the lips and not at all drying. It wears pretty well too, although you do need to re-apply after eating, as you'd expect with this type of lipstick. Another plus is the magnetic close packaging. I'll definitely be buying a back up of this and expecting it to be discontinued imminently, as with most things I love!

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Unwine'd*
I am seriously in love with this shade and think it might be my favourite deep red ever. It's sexy and sultry, flattering and suits my skin tone perfectly. It's one of those confidence-boosting shades that just makes you feel incredible when you're wearing it. It looks great in photos and I'll often apply it if I know there will be a close-up on my hand in a shot. Added bonus; it's from the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range, which means it's treating your nails as you wear it. It's a win win! I've blogged about this and more shades in the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range which you can read about here.

Aveda Thickening Tonic
I got this in a BeautyHeaven Beautorium, so it feels like it's free even though I paid postage, haha. I feel like Aveda is a high quality brand, and definitely want to look at the rest of their range. This Thickening Tonic is so great on my fine locks. It really gives me great volume from the roots without that awful crunchy result many supermarket volume boosters will give you. I'm a little bit scared to look at how much this costs for when I need to replace this bottle, because I have a feeling it will cost a pretty penny!

Mario Badescu Anti-Aging Regimen Kit
This Kit contains:
~ Glycolic Foaming Cleanser
~ Glycolic Acid Toner
~ Collagen Moisturizer
~ Super Collagen Mask
~ Glycolic Eye Cream (bonus)

This is a great Kit that has allowed me to trial five products from Mario Badescu's Anti-Aging range. The only one I'm yet to try is the Super Collagen Mask, as I've just been too busy. I'm seriously impressed with the rest of the products though, and the only downfall is that I'm now going to have to buy some full-sized versions! After only about three days I started noticing my skin looking smoother, firmer and more refined. The Toner and Moisturizer are my favourites as they leave my skin glowing and looking bright and healthy. I feel like my skin is way less textured and my complexion overall looks so much better than before. I'm so glad I bought this and as I say, I'll definitely be re-purchasing the full size of at least the toner and moisturizer.

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Disclaimer: Products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

What products have you been loving lately?