Sunday, February 24, 2013

LUSH Haul and Mini-Reviews: Bigger, Longer, Lusher!

I'm unreasonably addicted to Lush products. During my Melbourne trip in January, I visited both the Melbourne Central and Swanston Street stores, and bought heavily from each. But it's totally OK, you guys, because nearly everything I bought was half price! YAY! Got to love the post-Christmas sales. Having said that, this is my absolute last Lush haul. Because this shit is getting ridiculous. 

I asked for samples with my purchases, and both times the Sales staff were happy to include a few freebies. So don't forget to request free samples (especially if you're getting a lot of products - you deserve it)!

Entire Lush Haul

Free Samples :)
Above (top to bottom):
Free Sample - Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
Free Sample - Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser
Free Sample - Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Loving the Fresh Farmacy (correct spelling!) Cleanser bar; it's calming, soothing and great if you tend to break out. Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser was a bit disappointing for me; I found it difficult to use and didn't really like the smell of it. The Fair Trade Foot Lotion is pink but it smells minty! It's quite thick and fun to use for some reason. The minty smell is delicious.

Above (left to right):
Happy Hippy Hair and Body Gel
Ponche Shower Gel

Happy Hippy has a very subtle, mild grapefruit fragrance that I'm loving. Ponche (Limited Edition) with orange and tequila is bright in colour and strong in fragrance. It's fun and daring.

Whoosh Shower Jelly

This jelly has the most insanely fabulous uplifting lemon, lime and rosemary fragrance! It's a bit hard to use though as it's so easy to drop the bit you pulled off on the shower floor.

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Packed to the brim, this sweet chocolate-flavoured sugar scrub is certainly addictive, although I don't know how essential it is. Despite the delicious taste, I'll be limiting my use to once a week in case I rub my lips right off my face!

Above (left to right):
Orange Blossom Solid Gorilla Perfume
Vanillary Solid Gorilla Perfume

Quite a heady fusion of orange blossom and neroli, Orange Blossom solid perfume unfortunately gives me a headache. Vanillary, on the other hand, is subtle and non-offensive. Great for throwing in my handbag!

Above (left to right):
Santa's Sack Bubble Bar
Captain Bubblebeard Bubble Bar

I haven't used these yet, but hooray for half price. Can't wait to try them!

Above (left to right):
Magic Wand Bubble Bar
Melting Snow Man Luxury Bath Melt

Both still untouched. Really need to take more baths so I can take all these goodies for a test run!

Above (left to right):
Cinders Bath Ballistic
Geo Phyzz Mini Bath Ballistic

Haven't tried these yet!

Above (left to right):
Party Popper Bath Ballistic
Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic

I broke off half of the blue section of the Party Popper to add to my son's bath as we had run out of bubblebath, and it made the water go a lovely light blue! Can't wait to try Fizzbanger because according to their site, it's 'a toffee-apple for your bath'. Oh yeah!

Above (left to right):
Vanilla Fountain Bath Ballistic
So White Bath Ballistic

Yet to use!

Above (left to right):
Rock Star Soap
The Godmother Soap

Rock Star is an extremely sweet smelling fun pink soap. Great lather, but sometimes the fragrance is almost too sweet for me. The Godmother was recommended to my by the Sales lady when Snow Fairy Shower Gel was sold out, as it's the product that most closely resembles this sought-after gel. Apparently, The Godmother is like Snow Fairy, but in solid form. I love this soap! It smells beautiful; sweet but not overpowering, feminine, divine. It's a happy smell!

Above (left to right):
Sexy Peel Soap
13 (Unlucky For Dirt) Soap

I seriously LOVE Sexy Peel soap! I'm a big fan of citrus, and this lemon, grapefruit and lime soap is fresh, zingy, refreshing and uplifting, complete with little fruity bits in it, great if you love that slightly scratchy feeling of a not-quite-exfoliant-but-more-than-a-smooth-soap. 13, on the other hand, is unlucky for me. I find the fragrance to be strong and unpleasant. But that's just me! You may love it.

Disclaimer: I bought all of these Lush products. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Have you tried any of these products? What's your favourite Lush product?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tutorial: Zoya Yara Mani with Gold-Dipped Tips!

It's becoming clear I like to paint my nails. My nail polish collection has swelled recently, and I feel compelled to see what all these pretty polishes, glitters and special top coats look like on my talons.

So here's yet another Mani, lovelies!


Products Used......
Zoya in Yara
BYS in Million Dollar Baby
The Face Shop Face It in GL111
Max Factor Nailfinity Glossy Top Coat

How To Create This Look
1. Apply two coats of Zoya Yara. Allow to dry.
2. Apply BYS Million Dollar Baby to half of each nail, starting in the middle and going towards the tip. Allow to dry.
3. Apply Face It GL111 unevenly to the nail tips. Try not to cover many of the large BYS glitter pieces you've applied. Allow to dry.
4. Apply Glossy Top Coat to seal it all in and extend the life of your manicure.

Step 1: Zoya Yara

Step 2: Add BYS Million Dollar Baby to half nails only

Step 3: Apply Face It GL111 unevenly to tips

Step 4: Apply Top Coat

Close-up of the finished look!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Australis Fairy Bread Glitter Manicure!

The first of the glitter nail polish mani's today! After a lot of thought I decided on Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Texture polish in Rose Cupcake for the base and Australis Fairy Bread Glitter Top Coat over the top. I actually wish I'd used a different base colour, because as soon as I applied Rose Cupcake I really didn't like it! But the main purpose was to get an idea of how Fairy Bread looked and applied and I do have some thoughts on that.

This manicure features one coat of Bourjois Rose Cupcake and two coats of Australis Fairy Bread. Fairy Bread went on easily for the first hand, but began going gloopy when I applied it to the second hand. The bottle definitely needed some shaking in between coats and from the first hand to the second. The formula is quite thick and not the easiest polish to work with, but it more than makes up for this in PRETTY GLITTER SPARKLE! And that's the main thing!

Products Used
Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Texture in Rose Cupcake
Australis Glitter Top Coat in Fairy Bread

Are you a glitter freak too?

Disclaimer: I won the Bourjois polish and paid for the Australis polish. Opinions, as always, are my own.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WINNER of the $45 Personal Planner!

Thanks for all your entries into the Personal Planner Giveaway! Just wanted to quickly point out that all entrant's names only went into the draw once, even if they left more than one comment, to keep an even playing field. I've drawn the winner, verified that they like both Facebook pages and follow via GFC. So without further ado....

The Winner of the $45 Personal Planner is ........


Congrats Jody! Hope you have fun designing your Planner. I'll be emailing you and informing the people at Personal Planner of your win shortly so they can organise your prize.

Look out for more giveaways here on Max The Unicorn in the future  :)


Sunday, February 3, 2013

MAX My Movies: January 2013

All the films I saw in January, including three re-watches (Pretty In Pink, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown). The Amazing Spider-Man was a complete let-down. Conversely, my most favourite first-time watch was probably The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Give me some hairy oversized feet on a short man with pretty braided hair and I'm in Middle Earth themed heaven!

Pretty In Pink
John Hughes '80s classic teen romance starring fresh-faced trio Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy. This is my favourite flick of the '80s, with The Breakfast Club a close second. Some Kind Of Wonderful is practically the same story, but flipped gender-wise and with a more satisfying ending!

The Amazing Spider-Man
......... was not so amazing. Pointless, cringeworthy, and only picked up slightly towards the end. Not worth it, even for Emma Stone!

Fun, feel-good Easter flick combining live action with animation. Lively performance from James Marsden and witty voicework from Russell Brand. This is great for kids; my five year old son loved it!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Overlong but captivating adventure. Beautiful scenery, great makeup, well acted by all. Looks awesome in 3D. I loved the ride!

How To Train Your Dragon
I'll be honest and say I can't remember much of this. My notes say "quite good animated dragon caper" but I suspect I fell asleep half way through. Bad movie reviewer!

Die Hard With A Vengeance
Not as great as the original, but still action aplenty. Bruce Willis doesn't disappoint plus it's got Samuel L Jackson. Who I fucking love because of his performance in ........

Pulp Fiction
Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece, and my favourite movie ever. The movie I've watched the most, out of every movie I've ever seen. It's beyond cool, with smart dialogue, fantastic performances and it famously revived John Travolta's career. Be cool like Fonzie as you try to work out what's in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase.

Jackie Brown
Pam Grier is wonderful in this story-driven Quentin Tarantino crime drama, adapted from Elmore Leonard's novel Rum Punch. I mostly loved the scenes between Jackie Brown and Max Cherry, the bail bondsman; Robert Forster did a great job with his character.

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Great lead performance from Elizabeth Olsen but I didn't care about any of the characters. I found this film annoying and disappointing. Cult schmult, put your tits back in and get over yourself!

Red Riding Hood
From the dialogue to the acting, this was pretty lame. A bad film wearing long blonde hair, wide eyes and a bright red flowing cape is still a bad film, it just looks good. It was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, of Twilight fame, and you can see the similarities (hello one girl, two boy love triangle, and werewolves) but it's not as good. At least they had enough twists and turns to keep it a secret who wolfie was. Although by the end, I really didn't give a shit.

What movies have you seen lately?