Monday, November 27, 2017

Netflix Recommendations: GirlBoss, Please Like Me & More!

I've been watching a fair bit of Netflix lately, so I thought I'd post about the shows and see if you guys have any recommendations! Although I must say, the amount of shows I want to see versus the amount of time I have to see them does overwhelm me. I'm never going to get through everything! But I will give it my best shot!

Please Like Me
I had already watched Season 1 of this and was halfway through Season 2 when  life got in the way, so I decided to re-watch from the beginning of Season 2, and I finished Season 3 just recently. There is a fourth and final season, however I haven't seen it as it's not yet available on Netflix. This is such a witty, heartwarming show! Please Like Me is an Aussie comedy/drama created by and starring comedian Josh Thomas, and it follows his life as a gay man, and his friends and family, taking real-life situations and making them relatable and funny. It's so easy to get hooked into his experiences and follow his journey. The show deals with light-hearted topics as well as expertly dealing with serious issues like mental health and suicide. You should definitely give this a go, you won't regret it!

I love a show that is only one season long, as it's fairly easy to finish it quickly. I found GLOW to be OK, but nothing to write home about. I feel like most people were way more into it than me (for the last few episodes I was just willing it to end). However I'm still putting it in my recommended shows because it is interesting and I feel like most people would enjoy it. GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, and this show centres around washed-up Director Sam Sylvia, who assembles a crew of misfits to play the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, women from all walks of life who are trying to break into Hollywood. Alison Brie (the voice of Diane in BoJack Horseman) is engaging in the lead as Ruth, an out-of-work actress, and as we slowly get to know the other female character's backstories, I guess you do get more drawn in, but this is still something I could have on in the background whilst wrapping Christmas presents (ie, not be paying full attention to).

I've been reading that GirlBoss received mixed reviews, which really surprised me because I loved this show and found it to be both inspiring and empowering! It's based on Sophia Amoruso's autobiography #GirlBoss, which tells the story of how Sophia started her vintage clothing company Nasty Gal. I'm actually keen to read the book now, which very rarely happens for me haha. I think the performances are great and Britt Robertson is wonderful in the lead, even though at times, the character is hard to like. I chose to look at her as strong and driven, rather than a selfish brat, but she does come off that way, so make of it what you will! This was cancelled after one season, and I'm not sure where they could have taken this next anyway, as it seemed to tell the whole story of how her business came about. It's a great show that's easy to watch, and won't take up too much up your time. Highly recommended!

Star Trek Discovery
Star Trek Discovery is a standout sci-fi show, that Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike would enjoy. I am a Trekkie, and have seen all of Star Trek: The Next Generation (my favourite) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and most of Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise (oh boy) and some of the original Star Trek, starring William Shatner. Oh and of course I've seen every single Star Trek movie. I can say that this series is much darker and more intense than the others, and that the writing and acting is absolutely brilliant. It draws you in immediately, to the point where I really looked forward to Netflix releasing the next episode every Monday. Oh and guys, they say 'fuck' in this show. Yes, a hardcore swear word in Star Trek! I implore you to watch this, it is so freaking good!

I have to say I've been hitting Netflix pretty hard lately and I already have enough shows under my belt to write one more of these posts! My current obsessions are Riverdale, although I've only just started Season 2 so no spoilers please, and Dynasty. It's such a guilty pleasure! I also watched all of Season 4 of Brooklyn Nine Nine within a week of it being released. My son is a Brooklyn Nine Nine fanatic and replays the most hilarious bits over and over until we can no longer stand it. Cool cool cool!

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What are your TV/Netflix recommendations?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Royal Opera House Giveaway!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my Royal Opera House Giveaway! I loved reading what your favourite ballets and operas were. There are some great films in the Royal Opera House 2017/18 season, and I really hope the winners enjoy their prizes!

The Prize:

2 x Royal Opera House double movie passes (can be used for any films in the program)
(each winner will receive one double pass)

And the 2 lucky WINNERS are.....




CONGRATS Ange and Dianne!! The Winners have already been emailed! Don't worry if you didn't win, because I'll be holding more Giveaways on Max The Unicorn in the future!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Taking Stock

After a full week of migraines last week, I have been forced to take stock, and look at my health. I definitely haven't been looking after myself lately, from the late nights, to the unhealthy eating and generally putting my health and well-being last. The only thing I'm really successful at is drinking lots of water, because I love iced water and go through a lot of glasses every day. So I finally listened to my body on the weekend, and got a lot of sleep, ate smaller, healthier meals, exercised, and cut out my bad habit of eating chocolate or lollies late at night. I already feel so much better and haven't had a migraine since I made these changes. I'm so glad I took stock and prioritized my health and I'll be continuing these new habits, because it feels so good to be pain-free and have more energy. Here's a quick look at what I got up to last week!

Monday we saw THOR: RAGNAROK at our local cinema and OMG, it's so good, you guys! It's really funny and entertaining, and probably my favourite Thor movie thus far! We went to Nando's for dinner beforehand, here's some of the food we ate!

Speaking of food, I finally started a foodie-themed Instagram account called @ImHungryMax so that I don't have to post meals all through my beauty/lifestyle Instagram account. I've been meaning to do this for a while, so I was excited to finally set it up. To establish myself, I've begun posting #latergrams with the exception of a few pics, just to get some content up. I would love some more followers if you're keen! 

I also painted my nails blue to cheer myself up in the midst of some hot weather. This is Bestival Blue from the Rimmel Rita Ora range. So pretty!

My cat spent all of Wednesday vomiting, and of course this was when the car was getting fixed for three days, so I had no way of taking her to the vet. Thankfully she was better by the next day, but thanks Pumpkin for tasking me with cleaning up after you for a full day whilst I had a migraine.

Thursday I went to town and met my husband for lunch. It was good to get out and I actually felt slightly better probably because I was walking around. I had Chinese and he had a laksa which, as usual, ended up all over his business shirt. Haha. Above is the cappuccino and carrot cake I also had that day.

Friday I felt like migrainey death, with absolutely no energy, and slept for three hours after dropping off my son at school. I had planned on cleaning the house for the weekend, but could barely walk from one room to the next. And this is what made me realize I really needed to listen to my body and start looking after myself. It's about time!

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How do you make sure you're looking after yourself?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

GIVEAWAY: WIN Royal Opera House Double Passes!

Hi guys! Today I have an exciting Giveaway, which you'll especially appreciate if you're into movies, opera, ballet and a bit of culture! Event & Village Cinemas and Trafalgar Releasing have announced a new cinema program that's screening exclusively in Australia: the Royal Opera House 2017/18 Live Cinema Season! It features filmed performances from London's famous Royal Opera House captured in beautiful detail. Six operas and four ballets will screen in Event and Village Cinemas across Australia, with the season ending in July 2018. I'm giving away two double passes that you can use to see any of the films in the program. Keep reading for how to enter!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for The Royal Ballet ©Johan Persson Royal Opera House, 2013

The next few movies are Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and The Nutcracker, with Rigoletto (sounds like a type of pasta, is in fact a Verdi opera, lol) set to screen from February next year. Christopher Wheeldon's ballet, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland is inspired by the Lewis Carroll book, and features Alice getting swept off her feet by the Knave Of Hearts, on the run for stealing tarts, and lots of weird and wonderful creatures, including a tap-dancing Mad Hatter!

Wright's The Nutcracker, screening in December nationally, is a Royal Ballet in two acts. A young girl's enchanted present leads her on a wonderful Christmas adventure in this beautiful classical ballet, danced to Tchaikovsky's magnificent score. I can't wait to see this one as I've heard it's wonderful, yet have never actually witnessed it!

The Nutcracker, The Royal Ballet ©ROH Tristram Kenton, 2013. Image by AKA ©ROH 2016

The two double passes on offer are generic and can be used for any of the screenings. Other upcoming movies include Tosca, Carmen, Macbeth, Manon and Swan Lake. For session details, please go to the Event Cinemas and Village Cinemas Royal Opera House web pages.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland is set to screen on November 25, 26 and 29, with The Nutcracker screening on December 16, 17 and 20.


Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget at the very bottom of this post. Note that being a Max The Unicorn email subscriber is mandatory. The rest of the entry methods are optional, but will gain you more entries in the Giveaway. You can subscribe via email on the right hand sidebar; don't forget to click the link in your email to finish the subscription process, otherwise your entry won't be valid! If you're already a subscriber, just pop your email into the Rafflecopter so I can match it up! Although not required, I'd love it if you could like the Max The Unicorn Facebook page!

Terms & Conditions
~ This giveaway is open to Australian residents only, and will close at midnight on Sunday 19/11/2017
~ There will be two winners, who will each win one double pass (can be used for any screening)
~ Tickets are valid even with No Free Tickets listings
~ The winners will be picked randomly by the Rafflecopter widget
~ The winners will be notified via email and given 48 hours to reply otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
~ Passes will be sent directly from the PR company.

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Disclaimer: I was gifted 2 x ROH double passes in exchange for running this Giveaway. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

What's your favourite ballet or opera?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Update: Project 30 Pan!

Hi Guys! Today I'll be doing an update on my Project 30 Pan, which I began back at the beginning of August. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. I've been dreading writing this update post, because in my usual disorganisation, my project pan items were all over the house, and I wasn't looking forward to finding them! And this is after de-cluttering the house. How can I be in more disarray after a de-clutter, I hear you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. The other day I tried to put a shoe on a foot that already had a shoe on it. Let's start!

Here's my progress so far. If I've crossed one out it means I've finished it.

1        Skin Vitals T-Purify Anti-Spot Mask
2        Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Cream* (a third remaining)
3        Alpha-H Pore Refining Mask (full)
4        Uriage Thermal Water* (half remaining)
5        Emma Organics Hand & Nail Revive Cream (full)
6        Skin Doctors Beetox (half remaining)
7        Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel
8        Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel
9        Dr Jart Soothing Hydra Solution Sheet Mask (unused)
10      La Prairie Cellular Swiss Eye Cream (a quarter remaining)
11      La Prairie Skin Caviar Firming Complex (half remaining)
12      La Prairie Cellular Moisturiser (three quarters remaining)
13      Alpha-H Daily Exfoliant (half remaining)
14      Clinique Cooling Eye Gel (three quarters remaining)
15      Skinstitut Moisture Defence Ultra Dry
16      Prevage Anti-Aging Cleanser (two thirds remaining)
17      Prevage Anti-Aging Cleanser {x 2 of these} (full)
18      The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Enhancer (full)
19      The Body Shop Facial Oil
20      The Body Shop Facial Oil {x 2 of these} (full)
21      The Body Shop Sleeping Cream (half remaining)
22      SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (unused)
23      Clinique RepairWear Cream (three quarters remaining)
24      Nip + Fab Extreme Night Fix (three quarters remaining)
25      Montagne Jeunesse Clay Mask (unused)
26      Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution Sheet Mask (unused)
27      ASAP Moisture Daily Defence (three quarters remaining)
28      Goodness Chia Seed Oil (full)
29      Tonic Microexfoliant*
30      Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream (half remaining)

In the below photo, the empties are on the outside of the basket, with the exception of the Tonic Microexfoliant, which I must have accidentally thrown out!

Not the best progress considering I've only finished six out of 30 products! The problem is I've just been concentrating on finishing a few and have not yet started at all on others! Now that I've gathered all my PP products together, I can see what I've been neglecting, and will be making more of  a concerted effort to get everything used up and out of my life! I cannot see myself doing another update on this until the challenge is over, so my next post on this Project Pan should be around the end of the year, when I see how successful I've been at finishing these 30 products! My end goal is to bugger all these products off and start a fresh Project Pan next year. Fingers crossed!

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Disclaimer: Products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Are you project panning as well? Link it up in comments below, I'd love to have a read!