Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Beauty Hauls: Sephora, Mecca Maxima, etc!

As you may know, I recently enjoyed a fantastic trip to Sydney with my family. I was incredibly patient, enduring two full days of non-shopping related activities such as playgrounds, the beach and amusement rides, before I even saw the shops. I basically waited until the third day of the holiday to shop like a Mofo visit Mecca Maxima and Sephora, because I'm just that considerate. LOL. You may see a product theme in the form of MASKS. I went batshit cray-cray for masks for some insane reason (I'm still trying to work it out?) and decided I needed every mask known to man. Check out my beauty hauls below!

For starters, a tiny lip mask haul from Cosmo Cosmetics, a small store selling luxe brands (eg SK-II) at heavily discounted prices, immediately rendering me 100% suspicious. I steered clear of those and got these fun-looking lip masks, because I've never tried a lip mask before and by gosh they look like a good time! Besides, all the packaging is in Asian symbols, adding to the excitement, because I don't know what any of it means! Also, you can put them on your boobies (I asked WTF the cartoon meant and she said you can put them on your nips, and I burst out laughing and went red).

This is perfectly normal

Items Hauled:
Pure Smile Choosy Fruit Lip Mask
Pure Smile Choosy Gold Pearl Lip Mask

Oh My God, you guys.........

Wall to wall makeup in Sephora *dies*

Next up, Sephora. Oh how I was looking forward to this experience! It didn't disappoint, even though they didn't stock Sleek or Leaders InSolution (online only, apparently). Still, it was two floors full of makeup and skincare goodness, a beauty lovers dream! I was served by a lovely man wearing a full face of makeup (you don't see that in Adelaide!) and he kindly gave me some free samples with my order, although I did have to ask. I kept the purchases to a minimum (lol, see below) since I'm better off getting the Stila, Too Faced, etc from Mecca because their rewards system shits all over Sephora's. Here's my mask-heavy haul...

Items Hauled:
Dr. Jart The Book of Masks
Sephora Green Tea Face Mask
Sephora Lingzhi Face Mask
Sephora Lingzhi Sleeping Mask
Sephora Lingzhi Eye Mask
Sephora Pomegranate Eye Mask
Sephora Lotus Eye Mask
Sephora Ginseng Eye Mask
Sephora Multi-Texture Sponge
Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Sexy Game
2 x Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap (free sample)
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye (free sample)

This was a spontaneous haul because my son wanted a nice bath in our hotel room, so we needed some bath bombs. Of course, being a huge Lushie, I don't need much convincing to visit a Lush store! The Sales Assistant let him push the buttons on the cash register and stick on the labels, so that was pretty cool, too!

Items Hauled:
Blackberry Bath Bomb
Intergalactic Bath Bomb
FUN Green
Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Swatch Til You Drop, right?

Mecca Maxima time! I was expecting the QVB store to be quite large, but it actually isn't! Anyway, I had my list ready (as I did with Sephora) and had a grand old time swatching, smelling and putting everything in my basket! I tossed up between the Too Faced original Chocolate Bar palette, the Semi-Sweet and the Bon Bons one, but I'm pretty happy I went with the original. Again, the customer service was phenomenal; I had multiple SA's helping me, discussing beauty and explaining the difference between the palettes and how to use each of the free samples.

Someone has a Soap & Glory addiction

Items Hauled:
Origins GinZing Eye Cream
Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose
Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Evangeline
Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette
Soap & Glory SoaperHeroes set
Soap & Glory Sexy MotherPucker Lip Plumping Gloss
Soap & Glory The Breafast Scrub
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer
GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment (free sample)
Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Firming and Smoothing Serum (free sample)
Perricone MD Neuropeptide Face Activator Serum (free sample)
Perricone MD Advanced Eye Therapy (free sample)

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What would you have picked up?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mani/Review: Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-In-1 Nail Treatment*

Sally Hansen Complete Care Nail Treatment contains sea salt. Freaky!

Hi guys! Today I'm talking about the Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-In-1 Nail Treatment* I was sent, but I'm also featuring a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel manicure, in Up The Ante* (which I've blogged about before here). I was excited to try out this new nail treatment, as I rarely apply any sort of treatment to my nails! I'm amazed they hold up as well as they do, given all I do is file them weekly. This product is designed to be used as a base coat, nail treatment and top coat. First up, here's what Sally Hansen say about the treatment:

"Whether your nail problem is dryness, ridges, dullness, breakage, peeling, or all of the above, Sally Hansen presents the solution: new Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment. This product helps restore dry, brittle nails making them visibly healthier and beautiful. After just 3 days, nails look shinier, stronger, mega-moisturized and brighter with ridges filled."

"The exclusive patented formula, with Avocado Oil, Sea Salt, Pomegranate Extract and Calcium, immediately protects and continuously nourishes nails, helping create the perfect foundation for any manicure. The product features a new brush for an even application and dries quickly to a smooth, hard finish."

The Complete Care treatment comes in quite a sturdy, pink, square glass bottle and contains 13.3mls of product. The treatment itself is clear and shiny, as you would expect with a top coat. I like that it's multi-use; this is great for people like me who can't be stuffed buying a top coat, a base coat and a nail treatment. Honestly, I would buy a top coat and that's it, the rest of my nail polish purchases would be on actual shades, as let's face it, that's the exciting bit!

I used this a couple of different ways. Firstly, I applied it as a base coat, then applied my nail polish colour as usual, then used it as a top coat to finish my manicure. I did this with two different manicures (including the purple Up The Ante one featured below) as I was really trying to test out the product. The other way was to apply two coats on its own. This is quite wearable and pretty on its own, given its shiny finish.

My nails with two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Care applied

I would say this treatment worked moderately well. As I said, I've used it on three separate occasions now, so its had ample opportunity to work its magic. I didn't see an immediate improvement in the condition of my nails, but over time they have gotten stronger. My nails are breaking less, but I'm still getting little bits peeling off the ends. They are much harder, appear brighter and seem like they in a good condition right now, so I'm thinking the effects of this treatment are cumulative. I'm going to keep using it and see if I get even better results over time.

This is a good product to get if you're a no-fuss person who can't be bothered with owning bottles of this, that and the other, and you just want one bottle you can use as a base coat, nail treatment and top coat.

Left bottle: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Up The Ante

You can buy Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-In-1 Nail Treatment for $19.95 from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Big W, KMart, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies.

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Disclaimer: All products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Do you bother with nail treatments? Which one do you use?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free Lush Mask with the Pot Exchange Program!

Everyone loves a freebie!

This post is a bit of a Public Service Announcement, although I'm sure a lot of you are already well aware (hi fellow Lushies), that Lush runs a pot exchange program. If you take back five clean (empty!) pots or tubes, you can select a free fresh face mask! Look out for the text and exchange symbol on your pots, as shown in the above photo. Well after being too slack to blog my Empties for what feels like an eternity, I finally bit the bullet, cleaned five out and took them in last week. The funny thing is, I have so many Lush pots collected up I can probably get one or two more free masks! (Someone has a Lush addiction).

My 5 empty pots, snapped on the bus ride into town!

I took a photo of the empty pots on the bus trip into town, because I'm nothing if not prepared and totally organised. Isn't that where everyone takes their blog photos? Here's some one sentence reviews and/or links to where I've already reviewed said empty Lush products....

  • Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask* reviewed here
  • Whoosh shower jelly, with its lime and grapefruit scents, is so refreshing, like an ocean breeze!
  • BB Seaweed fresh face mask* reviewed here
  • D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap* reviewed here
  • Cupcake fresh face mask* reviewed here back in 2013 when my text was still pink!

Beautiful fresh face mask display at the Myer Centre Lush store in Adelaide.

I'd already tried quite a few Lush fresh face masks, however Ayesha grabbed my attention with the description

'spellbinding ingredients to smooth away wrinkles. Tightening, absorbent clays, deeply effective asparagus, vitamin rich fresh kiwi fruit, bewitching elderflower and witchhazel leave the skin radiant, relaxed and refreshed.'

Ayesha Fresh Face Mask!

I read some reviews of it on the Lush site saying it stunk like a mofo, but worked really well. If I can endure the constant farts of my male housemates, some pungent asparagus fumes are a walk in the park! Besides, I'm intrigued by the wrinkle-reducing claim. Hot tip (or cold tip!): store your Lush masks in the fridge and try to finish them within three weeks, due to the inclusion of such fresh, natural ingredients.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon, come to mumma.

I couldn't resist picking up this Rose Jam Bubbleroon whilst instore, since RoseJam shower gel is my equal favourite Lush shower gel ever (the other is Happy Hippy), but it's a Limited Edition and only available at Christmas time. Aaaah, the smell, I'm so in love!

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Disclaimer: Products marked * were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. Non-sponsored. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Have you participated in the Lush pot exchange program? Which mask did you pick?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: SkinB5 Acne Control range*

A few months ago I was contacted by Michelle from SkinB5 to see if I'd like to trial their acne-clearing range. As someone who has always had problem skin, I jumped at the chance. In the past year alone, I've been dealing with a bad, persistent breakout on my face and what I'm pretty sure was cystic acne on part of my neck! Not fun, and if you're anything like me, after a while it starts to break your spirit. I had been treating this with the Paula's Choice Extra Strength Clear Kit, but I wanted to see how SkinB5 products compared. Besides, SkinB5 seemed to bring something new to the table: treating the skin from within.

The products I was sent to test out were:

  • Acne Control Cleansing Mousse
  • Skin Purifying Mask
  • Acne Control Moisturiser
  • Acne Control Caplets
  • Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets

The products were accompanied by a comprehensive folder full of product information and success story testimonials. I did email Michelle from SkinB5 with a few queries along the way and I must say, the customer service and support I received was extremely friendly and helpful. Here's a look at the products and my experience with them....

Acne Control Cleansing Mousse*

'Gentle antioxidant rich cleanser that works deep down to remove excess oil and problem causing bacteria. Soothing combination of Green Tea, Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera refines skin texture and helps heal the skin, while Salicylic Acid removes dead skin and prevents breakouts.'

This was probably my least-liked product of the lot, not because it's bad (it's not), but because I'm so used to using gel or cream cleanser, so it was strange using a foaming one. One pump dispensed enough product to clean my whole face, demonstrating great value for money. Because it's a foam cleanser it's more voluminous on the face than a gel, so my main concern was not getting it into my eyes (thankfully that didn't happen). Once I'd adjusted to the different texture, cleansing with the SkinB5 Acne Control Cleansing Mousse was a piece of cake. The claim is that this product removes dead skin and excess oil, unclogs and tightens the pores. I found it to be a satisfactory cleanser that was gentle and left my skin soft and feeling more balanced.

Skin Purifying Mask*

'SkinB5 Skin Purifying Mask is a fast-acting, unique selection of core ingredients including French Green Clay, Australian Great Barrier Reef Sea Minerals, Bergamont oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera and a hint of cooling peppermint, combined with Vitamin B5 to cleanse, purify and soothe acne prone skin. The active ingredients work together to absorb and extract oils, toxicities and impurities from deep within the skin layers helping your skin to heal and renew.'

I really love using this green mask. Because it's fast-drying, it meant I could moisten my face, slap it on, then go about de-tangling my hair ready for a shower, and by the time I'd done that, it was ready to wash off! I do love a pamper session, but I kind of feel like I'm wasting time if I'm waiting half an hour for a mask to do its thing. The mask itself is fairly thin in consistency and smooths on easily. I've been using it weekly, but I'm thinking of upping this to bi-weekly, as I think it's doing great things for my skin. It seems to work well to draw out impurities and refine my skin, giving it a healthier overall appearance. This is a great product for anyone with acne-prone skin, and one I'll continue to use.

Acne Control Moisturiser*

'A light antioxidant rich moisturiser for oily acne prone skin. Non greasy formula that is easily absorbed leaving no shiny residue. Contains powerful natural ingredients: Green Tea, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin B5 that deeply moisturise and help prevent breakouts. Completely free of Benzoyl Peroxide.'

This is another product in the range that I had to adapt to, but liked as soon as I'd grown accustomed to it. This moisturiser has a super thin and lightweight consistency. When I first dispensed one pumps worth I thought there's no way that small amount would do my whole face, but I was pleasantly surprised. One squirt's worth spread easily over my entire face and absorbed really quickly. I really love this moisturiser and the results it gives me. I've noticed:

~ Clearer skin. Existing blemishes have cleared up and I've had minimal breakouts.
~ Really even skin tone. I'm barely having to use concealer and I'm much more confident in how my skin looks without makeup.
~ Smaller pores. My pores are far less visible, as this moisturiser seems to 'tighten up' my skin (no, it doesn't feel tight, though).
~ More balanced skin. My skin's less oily and my makeup stays on better, lasting longer. Far less powder touch-ups are needed throughout the day!

Acne Control Caplets* and Extra Strength Tablets*

'Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets is one of the world’s most advanced clear skin tablets available today. It’s scientifically formulated, containing a potent dose of Vitamin B5, to treat moderate to serious facial and body acne with very oily skin from within. Suitable for all skin types, it’s ideal for teenage and adult acne sufferers. SkinB5’s advanced formula delivers proven clear skin vitamins and minerals when your body needs them.'

'Acne Control Caplets is ideal for teenage and adult sufferers of mild acne or occasional breakouts, dry skin acne, large pores, blackheads and whiteheads. Suitable for all skin types, each caplet contains powerful blemish fighting antioxidants and carefully selected natural herb Vitex that work from within to treat facial and body acne and help balance the hormones.'

Now at first, I was like 'I'm not taking those!' when I saw the size of these mothers (the tablets in particular), but the whole point of SkinB5 is that it works as a system. The products work best when taken together, and this is how you'll achieve optimal results. Having said that, I did use the smaller Caplets first, as opposed to the larger Tablets. The information sheet explains the products usage.....

Caplets: Take 1 caplet 3 times per day for the treatment of acne
Tablets: Take 2 tablets 3 times per day for the treatment of acne or take 2 tablet twice a day for the maintenance of healthy skin.

The Caplets treat mild acne and are designed to maintain healthy skin, whereas the Tablets are more hardcore, promising to control serious acne breakouts. Now you can crush these up and add them to smoothies, but frankly, I couldn't be stuffed. Once I got into the habit of adding the Caplets to my daily medication, it was a no-brainer and basically I didn't think twice about it. Once I finished all the caplets I started on the tablets, which was actually some good timing, as I had a pimple coming up on my chin.

During my time using the SkinB5 range, my skin was the clearest its been in a long time. I noticed a more balanced complexion, in that I definitely wasn't as oily as usual. My skin tone was really even and overall, my skin looked really healthy and clear. I was using far less concealer and could get away with using a BB Cream instead of a medium coverage foundation, because my skin simply didn't need to be as 'covered up'. Thinking back on it now, I might switch back to the Cleansing Mousse (I'm still using the Moisturiser and Mask) as I really liked how my skin looked. It's gotten a bit more congested since I've started throwing a few different products into the mix, and I miss my clear, even-toned, healthy-looking skin! I'd recommend these products to anyone who suffers from problem skin, persistent breakouts or serious, hardcore acne.

SkinB5 do not test on animals and their products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
You can buy the SkinB5 Acne Control range online here.

I'm joining in with the Fabulous And Fun Life Monday Makeup Madness Linky Party!

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Disclaimer: *All products were provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post, links are for information purposes only. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

Am I the only one with troubled skin? Please tell me you get the odd breakout!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Stay Lean Tea Detox Pack!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my Stay Lean Tea Detox Pack Giveaway in collaboration with Stay Lean Tea! I'm so happy with the response and I greatly appreciate the support of you guys, my Subscribers. The prize up for grabs was the 14 Day Detox Program, comprising the Lean Burner Pack and the Lean Cleanse Pack, together valued at $45!

For future giveaways, please make sure you're subscribed (you have to click the link in your email to finalise the process) as it was a mandatory entry yet some people weren't subscribed, so their entries were invalid. I do verify the entries! 

Anyway, Rafflecopter has spoken and it's ....

Congratulations to the WINNER......


I hope you enjoy your Tea Detox Kevin! Let us know how you go! Kevin has been emailed.

Keep reading Max The Unicorn for more Giveaways in the future. :)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Our Sydney Trip!

I just returned from a lovely weekend in Sydney with my family! If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my holiday snaps, but here's a more comprehensive look at what we got up to. Spoiler Alert: there was food, fun, shopping and way too much walking! (I'll be doing a Haul post on everything I bought from Sephora and Mecca Maxima. I can't wait to photograph everything so I can finally have a play!).

Pancakes & lollies in the Qantas Club Lounge! #lucky

Gorgeous view out the plane window

A cloud shot that's a cut above (above the clouds!)

Business Class flight meal #LuckyDuck

If only Batman V Superman was showing!

I was pretty happy to capture this moment in Darling Harbour

I have a million playground snaps, here's one.

Banana & Ricotta Pancakes with Maple Honeycomb Butter

The beauty of Darling Harbour

I think you know what this is.

I once won a comp to climb this but made hubby do it instead :)

Pretty sure this is Watsons Bay, taken from the Ferry. So pretty!

Stuffed from swimming at Manly Beach!

Dodgy Brow Tattoo Alert!

Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

Nothing funny about the ride I experienced in here!

Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Luna Park Ferris Wheel!

Words cannot express my joy

Walls of makeup inside Sephora <3 <3  <3

Hell to the yes. Take all of my money MM

Swatch Til You Drop

Star Wars at IMAX. E P I C.

Room Service!

Checking out of the ParkRoyal Darling Harbour.

Qantas Club Lounge; arranged my food using 'negative space' LOL #crackmyselfup

All the shit I took from the Business Lounge, including mags

Roast Chicken Salad on the flight home was yum!

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