Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tutorial: Zoya Yara Mani with Gold-Dipped Tips!

It's becoming clear I like to paint my nails. My nail polish collection has swelled recently, and I feel compelled to see what all these pretty polishes, glitters and special top coats look like on my talons.

So here's yet another Mani, lovelies!


Products Used......
Zoya in Yara
BYS in Million Dollar Baby
The Face Shop Face It in GL111
Max Factor Nailfinity Glossy Top Coat

How To Create This Look
1. Apply two coats of Zoya Yara. Allow to dry.
2. Apply BYS Million Dollar Baby to half of each nail, starting in the middle and going towards the tip. Allow to dry.
3. Apply Face It GL111 unevenly to the nail tips. Try not to cover many of the large BYS glitter pieces you've applied. Allow to dry.
4. Apply Glossy Top Coat to seal it all in and extend the life of your manicure.

Step 1: Zoya Yara

Step 2: Add BYS Million Dollar Baby to half nails only

Step 3: Apply Face It GL111 unevenly to tips

Step 4: Apply Top Coat

Close-up of the finished look!


  1. These look gorgeous! I don't have the patience for something like this, but love the look.

    1. Thank you! It actually didn't take that long - I can't do the more complicated stuff, but I'm trying to create interesting looks that are still easy to do :)

  2. How gorgeous! Now tell me how do you keep them looking nice. Mine only last a day and I'm chipping them!

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

    1. Well, the top coat helps. Normally I don't bother with it, but if I'm doing something that takes more effort, I'll whack it on!

  3. My daughter would LOVE these nails. (visiting from TUSK) x


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