Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unicorn With Bow

This image is from Cornify; "spreading sparkly happiness around the world". I just made up a rhyme to accompany this picture. God, I'm talented. LOL :)

Yellow horn, bow of green.
This unicorn looks a bit mean.
His mane and tail are full and bouncy.
I think he's a male but he looks a bit flouncy.


  1. Rofl, truly a master work of literature, that. It does look a bit poncey for a male unicorn, but if it's a girl I feel bad for it's hairy trotters.

  2. Aah, thanks for recognising my brilliance. LOL. Yes I'm well confused by the hairy trotters, too. Maybe he's transgender? Transsexual? The mind boggles :)


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